Reviews for Max Payne 3


A Great Action Packed Game/Story

ThomasG101 | Sept. 13, 2012 | See all ThomasG101's reviews ยป

Many people complained about thing game containing too many cut scenes but I don't really understand why. Yes, there are a lot of cut scenes but the game needs them. I would almost call this game an interactive movie because I thought the cut scenes flowed so well into the game play. I've never played either of the previous Max Payne games but I still found myself feeling sympathetic for max and enjoying how the story was progressing. The characters are all well thought out and add something to the game while the voice acting is superb for most of them. The visuals are top notch and really there isn't much to complain about. The combat is fast paced and enjoyable without being difficult to grasp.

I never played the online of this game as I rented it for 6 nights and the online requires an online pass though this game's single player is obviously the focus. It's a great game, and as I said almost a movie. In my opinion there can never be too many cut scenes in a game as long as they are done well and don't get boring.