Reviews for A.I.M. Racing [Playfire]


Good game but many others are better

Freako | Feb. 4, 2014 | See all Freako's reviews »

A.I.M 1 is a good game but my honest opinion would be buying A.I.M 2 because it is so much more worth it than buying A.I.M 1 Since there are exisiting issues in AIM 1 in their sequel AIM2 issues have being addressed and gameplay is so much smoother and nicer to play with. I feel the only reason you want to play AIM1 is unless you want to know how the game has involved. So basically go and buy AIM2 and play the proper game.



robertification | June 2, 2011 | See all robertification's reviews »

This game has been astonishingly made, with a bit cartoonish graphics, good graphics. The AI is superintelligent, so you're going to have a hard time beating it. You are a android robot in a world where humans have been wiped out by the robots. You're sitting on some kind of anti-gravity aircraft and flying over the planet. A planet is huge, so that means that also the game worlds are gigantic. There are many types of weapons and vehicles, so you won't get bored there. There's even room to upgrade them... Bottom line, this is a great game, so support the developers and buy this awesome game.