Reviews for Sleeping Dogs Digital Edition


Not Perfect, But a Fantastic Experience overall

MangoTangoFox | Sept. 25, 2014 | See all MangoTangoFox's reviews »

The setting is excellent, and honestly nothing like anything I've played before. I'm quite fond of Asian culture, and it seems to be featured quite rarely. The voice acting is surprisingly good, and the story has enough twists to keep you interested. Graphically it runs well and looks great, very much like many of the other recent Square Enix PC titles (Hitman, Tomb Raider). It doesn't exactly look "next gen", but good enough to not have any real complaints. It controls very well with controller, as well as mouse and keyboard. The driving feels a tad jerky, even with controller, but the fighting and gun play feel excellent. Tomb Raider and Hitman feel better on the gun-play side, but the martial arts combat is incredibly satisfying. My only real complaint comes after the story is over. The mission variety isn't absurd, but it will keep you interested throughout the main storyline. The amount of things to do in the open world sandbox is a bit limited. With GTA, and even open world car games like TDU2, I spent hours just doing whatever I wanted, playing with the environment. While I did that a bit with sleeping dogs, the systems in place don't really make it that enjoyable to go on a rampage, killing people or doing other crazy random things. And as far as collectibles, I completed some of the more interesting ones, but some of the other activities aren't interesting enough to do over and over again. It's a great game that you really should experience, but it definitely lacks the long lasting appeal that some other open world titles have. Most players probably wont want to play for more than 50 hours at the most. 20-35 seems more reasonable, at least according to myself and the people on my friends list


Best Open World Game of the Previous "Generation."

tedesco75 | Sept. 15, 2014 | See all tedesco75's reviews »

When I think of the great open world games from the last "generation" I don't think of GTA 4, Saints Row or Assassin's Creed. This is the game that really did it for me. I was skeptical at first because it is always on sale but I highly recommend it to anyone that is looking for an open-world game but doesn't want to do the same thing over again. To start with the setting is nothing short of superb. You can practically smell the pork buns as you are walking around in downtown Hong Kong and while I've never been there friends of mine who have say that the setting does a great job of the spirit of the city. The graphics are superb, they look amazing and of course with your pc at 1080p you are getting some of the sharpest graphics I've ever seen. The cityscapes are beautiful, the weather effects and lighting are great and the violence is nice and bloody without being too over the top. The thing that really does it for this game is the fighting. It is practically a Bruce Lee simulator. No open world game this generation has even come close to the competence and outright fun in the hand to hand combat in this game. Whether you use a melee weapons (which includes everything from knives to fish), the environment or your fists this games fighting delivers in spades. The gunplay on the other hand is serviceable but it is not worthy of the same praise as the melee combat. The voice acting is great for the most part. I would have preferred the game to be entirely in Chinese though, the switching back and forth from English was a bit grating but having never been to Hong Kong maybe that is just how it is done there. The story is pretty good, it's a cliche undercover cop story but there are just enough twists, turns and betrayals to keep everything pretty interesting. The story DLC are also great, I recommend you grab all of them if you pick this up as well. Overall I can't think of another game I would recommend more from the "last gen" games.


Great GTA alternative

wuks | Aug. 18, 2014 | See all wuks's reviews »

While you are waiting for GTA V to come out on PC, you can buy this game. It's very refreshing because of the setting (Hong Kong) and diverse characters. It focuses more on melee combat and has great and fun mini games. Graphics are very detailed, and the city looks amazing. Only drawback is its repetitiveness.


Best dogs are the Sleeping dogs =)

hateah | July 23, 2014 | See all hateah's reviews »

I have over 20 hours in that game. It has very interesting quests which are making you go through the whole town, following the main story, going from quest to quest, making "hits" with the gang, the fighting system is what took my attention. You have big choice of fighthing mechanics to use, the melee system is very good integradet with the whole atmoshere and the main character. The graphics are extremely good for game at 2012, I expected worse graphics, but they are amazing. The cinematics are also awesome! The only, and only thing i didn't like is the vehicles movement, it's too "wooden" for me, it might be just me, but that's how i feel about it. Except that, the shooting,the kicks, the combat system is very, very good! Some of the scenes might make you cry or upset you.. You have your own hotel room from where you can control the camers, there are quests with tracking the signal which will lead you to the location or target which is kinda hard, but entertaiment. If you have played the Grand theft auto series, well this is close, but with much better storyline and combat and quests. And what makes it even more fun and entertaiment - It's open world. You will have much more hours than me once you taste the atmosphere in the whole game


Kinda GTA, but not GTA (in a good way)

DragosLoL | July 16, 2014 | See all DragosLoL's reviews »

Sleeping Dogs is one of my favorite open world games out there. The gameplay style functions a bit like Grand Theft Auto but not exactly. Sleeping Dogs has its own unique "kink" to its gameplay. You could learn martial arts or using a bat or a gun to finish off your enemies. The game is very customizable when it comes to its RPG elements. The story is intriguing too as you venture as a undercover cop and have to deal with the triads of Hong Kong. There are a couple DLC available for the game as well but most of it consists of additional costumes and separate storylines. Unfortunately though, what you complete in the main story doesn't carry onto the DLC because the DLC are completely new stories and environments, which was a bit disappointing but wasn't too big of a issue. Overall, the game is great and you should give it a try if you want a good story and a open vast environment to play around in.


Sleeping Dog, Hidden Gem

Darlus | June 22, 2014 | See all Darlus's reviews »

Sleeping Dogs is a game I enjoyed from beginning to end. Some of the story elements seemed a little cliche from overuse in gaming and movies, but I felt immersed and involved with the story's main characters. I cared what happened to them, and it wasn't always clear how situations were going to pan out. There were a fair amount of side missions and events to keep me busy in the city if I wasn't following one of the games 2 paths for the main story. The upgrades system felt familiar and natural, encouraging me to complete optional tasks to achieve the best possible fighting combos and fully utilizes Wei's abilities. I was also impressed with the driving mechanics as I was able to easily maneuver through the streets of the city avoiding traffic and firing weapons or dismounting a vehicle in favour of another. That being said, this is an open-world game that resembles GTA, and, if you aren't a fan of that style of gaming, this may not be the game for you; however, I had a tons of fun playing, and would definitely play through it again.


A Refreshing Change of Perspective

Khrada | June 13, 2014 | See all Khrada's reviews »

It is inevitable for players to compare this with GTA series, but they will soon find them comparing two different kinds of games. As we can already see from the screenshots, the graphic of this game is beautiful, and the PC version comes with a free DLC that introduces textures with higher resolution, should one finds the textures in game too blurry. It also offered a wide range of graphic options for users to tweak the game to their own liking. I have never been to Hong Kong, so I cannot say how closely it resembles it, but I have lived in another Asian country for some years, and it reminds me a lot about the place. So I would say the atmosphere of the world they're making is rather nice. The greatest difference of this game from GTA is the fighting mechanic. The player is not allowed to carry more than one firearm, and most of the time they will be required to discard it. We can see here a huge emphasize of martial art fighting from the developers. Most of the times in the game you will find yourself relying on your martial fighting skill to tackle a large number of enemies, with other weapons lying around in the level once in a while. For the players to do better, the game has various places for the player to practice their fighting skills, and even learn new skill sets to spice things up in the fight. This makes the martial fighting one of the most exciting thing in the game. The feature that comes as mixed to me is the reputation system, the system that scores you base on what you have done in missions. Base on your action in the mission, you may gain your reputation with the triads by showing your cruelty and skill in dealing with your enemies, and remain your reputation with the police by being careful not to harm the civilian and public property. While this encourages the player to do their best in every mission, knowing they can unlock goodies once enough reputation is reached (or maintained,) it does not affect you in any way once you're outside of a mission expect for the perks you have unlocked. Rather inconsistent, probably due to outrage of limiting mindless killing spree all together. Side missions are also a mix for me. While there are many interesting side missions for the player to play, many of them ended up to be reputation padding, should the player find them short of reputations of a certain side. Overall, this game is very enjoyable, and constantly on sale with great price. Although not without flaws, the good storyline, good fighting mechanic, and the good atmosphere they have created makes should cover up the flaws pretty easily.


GTA But In Hong Kong

Dodec1 | May 7, 2014 | See all Dodec1's reviews »

This is just like GTA, but in many ways better! I feel that the setting is amazing, and the characters are wonderful, the story of a undercover cop infiltrating a Triad is one to remember! I think that this game along with that its amazing fighting system and the driving is worth a pick up.


Perhaps my all-time favorite crime game

JesusIsMyLordy | April 22, 2014 | See all JesusIsMyLordy's reviews »

This game quite possibly surpassed GTA San Andreas for the best crime game I have ever played. Pros: -Great Vehicular Gunplay -Interesting Main Missions -The Motorcycles -Martial Combat -Parkour Cons: -Mouse Lag is still somewhat present -Lack of Motorcycles -DLC isn't very interesting. -Somewhat hit-or-miss, inaccurate physics with on-foot gunplay or just gunplay in general.


I love this game

Skudly | April 19, 2014 | See all Skudly's reviews »

My personal GOTY for 2012... This game is amazing. The best sandbox experience I've had since Red Dead Redemption. The atmosphere in this game is amazing. It reeks style at every turn. The controls take a little getting used to, but for a PC port they're actually pretty great. The only gripe I have with this game is it's performance on my older, now mid-range system. It's not the best optimized port, but even on normal settings it looks and feels fantastic. The story is engaging, although some missions are a bit repetitive. But the setting makes it all enjoyable.



FURHAM | April 15, 2014 | See all FURHAM's reviews »

Sleeping Dogs is one of the best sandbox games I have ever played with its great story, amazing combat, and really fun activities. The story in Sleeping Dogs is about Wei Shen, an undercover cop who's trying to take down a group of criminals called the Triads from the inside. He becomes too close to his new found friends in the Triads and must choose between the Triads or the police. He is incredibly skilled in fighting and uses that skill to help Winston, the leader of the Triads, to complete tasks for the Triads, varying from fighting goons to stealing drugs. The combat system in this game is great, there are many combos that you can learn later that will help later when you will most need it. There are dangers in the environment which you can use to your advantage, these are one of the best things in this game and they can vary from sticking someone's head in a vent to throwing someone in a furnace. I know, that's pretty crazy but also awesome. There are several activities you can do when you just want to chill after killing 20 guys. You can go to the club and do some karaoke or go join a race and win a few thousand Yen. These activities are what make this game more alive and more fun. It is amazing and was worth every penny.


Batman Meets GTA

damodarko | April 15, 2014 | See all damodarko's reviews »

This game is superb. A comparable to GTA but with a twist. Wei is a damaged undercover cop, embedded in the seedy underbelly of the Japanese crime scene. He tries to infiltrate the notorious Triad that he hold personally responsible for deaths in his family. Wei has spent so long in this way of life that it has taken a mental toll on his character and morality starts to become blurred and his motives unclear. The fighting in this game really sets it apart. An open world game that is not focused around gun, sure they are there, but the game beautifully sways you from their use. It's gritty and very engaging and certainly makes every encounter engrossing. It really has that fluid motion that the batman games have recently captured. The driving may be a bit tedious at the beginning, but I find like all games, you just have to learn what's best for you. Once you get the hang of driving, you are in for some spectacular car chases, it is one of my favourite getaway games. I highly recommend this for any GTA/Batman/Saints Row gamers.


Great story, boring combat

Funtaine | April 15, 2014 | See all Funtaine's reviews »

This GTA clone, like many others, explores the criminal underworld. The story is highly enjoyable and there are many things to do other than just follow the main storyline, which makes it really enjoyable. However, the combat is boring and repetitive. You just have to go through the same motions in every combat situation, with a few different factors such as environment. The gameplay of car races is also quite boring, making your driving skills less important than your "get first place right away" skills. It gets a 80 though, because I fully enjoyed the game. The combat mechanic is keeping it from a higher score though.


Very good game

san383 | April 14, 2014 | See all san383's reviews »

Very good game I played it and I really have fun Its was a good story and nicley graphics I give this game rating of 87 if you see this game on sale buy it and buy the dlc Its very good game


Great Alternative to GTA

cedarson | April 14, 2014 | See all cedarson's reviews »

I really liked the way this game made you feel like you were an undercover cop. The story is well paced, and there is enough variety to keep you entertained. The DLC was great, too. It takes on a sort of supernatural twist. The combat is fine - a little reminiscent of Arkham games. I also liked how it gave the ability to alter Wei's appearance with Valve items like Left 4 Dead shirts, Portal shirts, etc. In all, a great experience I recommend.


Great combat

TalonProudhawk | March 29, 2014 | See all TalonProudhawk's reviews »

Sleeping Dogs has the combat I've always wished the GTA franchise could have. What surprised me most was how much more I got into this than the GTA series. The story is really quite good for this style of game and is fitting for the premise. It is easy to get sidetracked from it for a while (which is a good thing, who doesn't like more content) because there are so many things to do. I found myself getting really engrossed in the combat as new moves were learned and the driving really feels great. For anyone who loves open world games this should be a blast. The only issues I had were that sometimes the streets felt really narrow and led to slight claustrophobia feelings at times. This is mostly due to no fault of the game but more in the developer being true to the setting which makes it more immersive so I can't count that as a big deal. I also wish that when you started a big long string of moves that you could interrupt them when being attacked. It does sometimes lead to getting hurt when you totally saw it coming and would have blocked. Otherwise this is a really solid game that was greatly overlooked and at the current price if very worth a play.


GTA: Hong Kong

afonsobsousa | Feb. 17, 2014 | See all afonsobsousa's reviews »

If you're into open-world games (GTA, Saints Row, etc.) you surely won't be disappointed with Sleeping Dogs. Pros: + The story is surprisingly good. You play an undercover cop and have to make your way up the triads to basically get their trust and destroy them from the inside. + The main missions are really fun and varied. So are the cop side-missions. + The city is very lively and atmospheric. It's really fun to just drive around. Even further atmospheric are the Cantonese-English voice acting and the Hong-Kong radio stations. + The graphics are gorgeous. Make sure you get the free HD texture pack DLC on Steam. + The combat is really good and is one of the game's most proeminent features. It's similar to the Batman Arkham games, with less gadgets and more environmental kills. Gunplay is present but has a lesser function in the game. Cons: - The driving is a bit weird, too "arcadey" for my taste. You can however do "action sequences" where you jump from your car to any other car in front of you, allowing you to take it over, which I thought was pretty unique. Couldn't bother with non-essential racing missions. - The radios repeat the same songs too often. Could have had a few more songs in there. But they respect and contribute to the atmosphere of the game so it's alright. - The game itself is a cakewalk. I died very few times. Would have liked a bit more of a challenge. Game time: about 24 hours. PS: Get the Nightmare, Zodiac Tournament and Year of the Snake DLCs.


One of the best open world games out there

AeroPhobic | Feb. 6, 2014 | See all AeroPhobic's reviews »

As an open world action game Sleeping Dogs is in a class of it's own. A great combat system (reminiscent of the Arkham and Assassin's Creed games) combined with a huge city to explore on foot, by car or by boat, tons of sidequests and activities will surely make you have a hell of a time with this game. The story, while not as memorable as for example a GTA game, will still keep you hooked with it's twists and turns until the very end. Wei as an undercover cop infiltrates a Triad gang and finds himself befriending this group of people, which makes him somewhat question where his loyalties (should) actually lie. The city of Hong Kong is beautifully rendered and feels like an actual bustling city with crowds of people hanging around at the markets or walking by the storefronts. The car handling in Sleeping Dogs is also much better and action packed than in most of its competitors, letting you ram into cars by pressing a button and direction and allowing you to slow time and jump onto another car to overtake it. Finally, something has to be said for the great job that has been done on the PC version. Great optimization and high resolution textures along with a slew of customization options should let it run very well on most modern systems. It's an absolute gem of a game in my opinion and definitely worth the money.


GTA meets Arkham

comicnabster | Feb. 4, 2014 | See all comicnabster's reviews »

When the live action trailer starring Brian Ho first aired, I KNEW I had to get this game. I enjoyed the first True Crime Streets of LA on Xbox despite its flaws (I didn't play True Crime NYC because of bad reviews though). I love GTA-style games, but too many of them end up feeling like clones. Sleeping Dogs on the other hand manages to distinguish itself fairly well, a feat only Saints Row has accomplished (in my opinion) before. From the start, it's clear that unlike GTA or Saints Row, gunplay takes a backseat to Hong Kong martial arts. Guns are only given to you in linear sequences and are immediately lost by the next cutscene. Most combat sequences instead have you facing off triads Arkham-style, but with a few "bonuses" like the ability to snap limbs and use the environment to kill in hilarious ways. Impaling on swordfish? Check. Slamming head with car door? Check. BBQing face in oven? Check. Bashing with a public phone receiver? Check. The list goes on... and I almost forgot to mention the random pick-up weapons, including tire irons, handbags, and umbrellas! Driving also feels unique, mostly because it's on the wrong side of the road (kidding!). The action hijack maneuver is pure win. I like how the Rico Rodriguez outfit buffs that move - very appropriate. Also, I personally drive on the right every time I play this game, just because I can :P If I have criticisms, it's with regards to the replay value. While technically open world, Sleeping Dogs feels as linear as Mafia 2 much of the time. There are few random events or side missions. There aren't GTA-style 911/taxi missions to kill boredom for 5 minutes. Once you find all the collectibles to buff your police/martial arts moves, there is little reason to revisit the game. I thoroughly recommend this game, but with the warning that one shouldn't expect the super-addictive random replayability of GTA.


Very nice action game

johnpsonny | Feb. 2, 2014 | See all johnpsonny's reviews »

This badboy is similar to the Grand Theft Auto series but with more hand-to-hand melee action. Character customization is not very in-depth but it is still nice to be able to level up something as you progress. Pros: -Hand-to-hand melee actions -Great story -Great dialogue -Nice visuals Cons: -Not a lot of customizable vehicle -Small map I give this game an 85. If you see this game on sale, buy it immediately.


Be the star in this Hong Kong masterpiece

taigatsu | Jan. 30, 2014 | See all taigatsu's reviews »

If you haven't played Sleeping Dogs yet, then you have been seriously missing out. While it's easy for an open-world game to get lost in comparison to bigger titles like Grand Theft Auto or Arkham City, this is a game that can easily stand shoulder to shoulder with those behemoths. Almost every aspect of the game feels like it's been tended to with care and talent, and the result is a title that is an absolute blast from start to finish. The variety of activities is always engaging. Careening around in cars, vaulting over tables in slow motion and enjoying the spectacle of the scenery is always a great way to pass the time. Shattering kneecaps with a well placed spot of kung fu never gets old; the combat is crunchy, balanced and oh so satisfying. The story missions manage to keep you interested and excited, and somehow even invested in the characters themselves. And there's always another street race, drug bust or unlock around the corner to occupy your attention. Finding a serious complaint about the game is very difficult. The acting is all top notch. Roaming around Hong Kong is a refreshing change of pace. Sleeping Dogs manages to capture the spirit of the city very well and has a fair number of surprises in store when you explore. Both the radio stations and original score are well done and supremely catchy, with traditional Chinese folk music co-existing peacefully with some stellar underground artists. There are a wide array of options to tailor your look, from track suit wearing street thug to designer thread sporting boss. Credit to the developers need to be paid as well. They have gone above and beyond when it comes to the PC port. In addition to detailed control over the graphics settings, they released a free HD texture download and the option to increase the density of people and vehicles in the world. As an extra bonus, you can even unlock a free vehicle and some cosmetic options in the game! Few games manage to do so much as Sleeping Dogs, yet remain as cohesive and captivating. If you've ever been vaguely interested by what you've heard about the game, then you owe it to yourself to start playing it today.


Why don't you have a Pork Bun in your hand?

sonicchaos | Jan. 27, 2014 | See all sonicchaos's reviews »

I simply love open-world games and I had tremendous fun with a lot of games that others didn't seem to enjoy. For example, I always like to admit that I genuinely enjoyed The Godfather 2. Don't get me wrong, that alters not my perception of the quality of a game. Godfather 2 was pure awfulness, but still I enjoyed it for what it was. Sleeping Dogs is however amazing to its core. Sure we lacked planes and helicopters, sure we needed more varied and longer missions, but for a brand new IP it completely delivers. I know it was originally a True Crime game, but now it's not. Let's get over it. True Crime was a bust, still not a complete bust, given the impressive voice cast. Even so it had no chance. Setting this game in the same universe would of only hurt it, and Sleeping Dogs really doesn't deserve that. So here you go, there are open-world games that I do hate, including Urban Chaos. Wow, was that a mess or what!? In Sleeping Dogs we play as Wei Shen, a cop specialized in undercover assignments who's transfered from LA to infiltrate a Triad gang. He meets and old friend and things slowly become personal parallel to the war between rival gangs. Wei Shen is a great character, has a ton of personality, the voice actor is fantastic and the supporting cast of characters and voice actors are doing a splendid job in creating a believable, yet over the top violent world full of intrigue, betrayal and honor. And another downside comes from the fact that you get the feeling throughout the story that you (the player) might be confronted with the choice between your sworn duty as a policeman or dedicate yourself to a life as a Triad mobster. Well, there's no spoiler when I say that there's no choice whatsoever, but that's just how the story is. You might call it linear, but it's still a good story, and fairly long I must add. Make no mistake, this is no role-playing game, but I wouldn't call it shooter either. Yes it's in a third person perspective and yes you shoot enemies occasionally, but you'll be amazed to find out how little time you do spend time shooting and instead kicking all kinds of a... Wei Shen is simply a martial arts expert. Many see a huge resemblance between the combat in Sleeping Dogs and the Batman Arkham series, with the added effect of kung-fu, but that can only be a good thing. Visceral, quick and flowing. I would also compare the gunfights, the jumping over tables in slow motion, disarming and knocking out enemies with the amazing work of John Woo, Stranglehold. Too bad the rest of it was soo derivative and poor, I'm still in shock that Stranglehold failed so hard. Anyway, car physics are obviously arcardey, but the best kind. I mean, you get slick, fast cars with amazing grip and a sense of speed only seen in games like Need for Speed. Shooting out of the window and bailing out from cars in slo-mo while shooting the car, watching it explode in a huge ball of fire that engulf your foes never gets old. There's even an achievement for that. Reminds me of another decent-ish open-world game, Wheelman, featuring none other than Vin Diesel. What else? Boats? Check! Customizable clothing and safe houses? Check! Romance? Ehh...Check! Karaoke? Oh boy, do check! Racing? Auto and moto, clearly have to check! Get rough with your police brethrens? Check! Pork Buns? Definitely check! I've praised the voice acting enough. The music is perfect. The score is terrific and the radios are immersive and superb as they can get. You find yourself driving around this gorgeous Hong Kong island city just listening to music and testing out the horses under the hood. The graphics are simply astounding, even on consoles it has been praised for the clean and beautiful textures, especially the vehicles, but the game shines on PC with the HD textures installed. And once the main campaign is done, you'll have a hard time parting ways with it. Fortunately you can continue the free roaming, finding all collectibles, hunting achievements or try the amazing story DLCs. To me, United Fronts show how to make a good value DLC that you won't be sorry for buying, but there are "sad" DLCs too, that I really discourage. Nighmare in North Point, Year of the Snake and Zodiac Island offer a good expansion to the main game, but stuff like car packs, clothing, money and experience boosters are simply shamefull. Anyway, I hope United Fronts learned from their mistakes, however small and bring us a worthy sequel. Seriously, we want more Wei Shen.


If you are a GTA fan, this game is for you

elliah | Jan. 25, 2014 | See all elliah's reviews »

This is one game which I played till 2am every night for a week (even though I had to work the next morning) just to finish the game, all the while thinking, just one more mission. The thing about Sleeping Dog's missions is they do not feel repetitive, so you don't get tired of the missions quickly. The game mechanics are polished, and the hand to hand combat system is responsive and effective. I also appreciate the fact they got voice actors who actually speak fluent Cantonese, which adds to the authenticity of the game. Some movies or TV shows don't even bother (or probably are unable to) to do this and we end up with some broken Mandarin or Cantonese phrases which really spoils the scene. The story is pretty well-written, and there are some parallels to the famous Hong Kong under-cover cop movies like Infernal Affairs or On The Edge. This game is definitely worth your time.


Good open world game.

TommyAngelo | Jan. 24, 2014 | See all TommyAngelo's reviews »

Sleeping dogs is quite enjoyable open world game with shooting, parkour and fighting. Fight system is similar to batman arkham, it's pretty cool and give lots satisfaction. Story about undercover cop and triads it's interesting and we are curious how everything end. Characters aren't as memorable as in GTA 4, but there aren't boring too. Game is much quicker than GTA, we shoot with bullet time, jump to others cars and other things like that. There are a lot of side quests and dlc so if you can look for game with every dlc. Although even without them game provide you hours of playing if you want do every missions like races, chicken fighting, poker and friend's mission. I recommend this title.


Asian Gang? Hell Yeah!

chataolauj | Jan. 24, 2014 | See all chataolauj's reviews »

I'm Asian so of course I had to try this game out. I don't usually like these types of games though. I've never played any of the GTA games and this game is sort of like GTA, so I wasn't gonna try it. I'm glad I did though because this game is fun man. You basically move your way up the gang by doing these crazy things for your boss and making everyone fear you. It's fun being evil in games because being nice is sort of cliche. You always have to do things the right when it comes to being nice and all heroic. I'm surprised this game didn't really that much of Asian accent. I thought it was going to be like straight up Asian accent like that guy from South Park that owns the Chinese restaurant. Definitely get this one; Asian or not.


GTA Hong Kong

Mscigniew | Jan. 23, 2014 | See all Mscigniew's reviews »

Sleeping Dogs is a GTA - like sandbox game taking place in Hong Kong.You play as an undercover police officer,on a quest to bring down the triads.Story is an action packed,wild ride through the streets and underground world of Hong Kong.If you ever liked John Woo`s movies,you definitely gonna like the atmosphere of the game.There`s plenty of funny easter eggs,bringing old Hong Kong movies to mind.Character customization could have been a lil better,cause its limited to outfits and jewellery. Fighting and shooting are very well done,as you lvl up and progress with the story you learn new skills and fighting moves,that comes in handy on your adventure.Overall the game is very good,worth attention and I cant really find any serious flaws in it.


My absolute favorite open world game of all time!

codename4711 | Jan. 22, 2014 | See all codename4711's reviews »

This game is just....Amazing! The combat is spectacular, and visuals are wonderful, and I was drawn into the storyline! It lasts you for a while, and there's a lot of side quests! The game also features a large, beautiful map! This might sound weird, but the DLC is also worth purchasing. All of them are great for their value, and they add really fun replayable content to an already long, amazing adventure! The only gripe i possibly have is after you've done EVERYTHING (And I mean everything), there's not a huge amount to do. It will take forever to get to that point, but it makes you wish there were more activities to have done. But in the end, you definitely shouldn't miss out on this experience!


My personal favorite game of 2012

Sganotak | Jan. 20, 2014 | See all Sganotak's reviews »

This is probably one of the very best open world crime games of this generation. It may not bring anything new to the table but it combines a lot of different and fun gameplay elements into the same package. The graphics are fantastic. If you have a high end rig you can also try downloading the free HD textures pack to enjoy the game at its fullest. The rain effects are amongst the best I've ever seen in a videogame The story is pretty good albeit a bit predictable. The characters however are very well written and brilliantly voiced acted, as a lot of famous Asian actors lend their voices to them like Lucy Liu, Will Yun Lee,Ian Anthony Dale, Byron Mann, Robin Shou etc. The gameplay is a lot of fun and it makes you feel like you're starring in a Hong Kong action flick, which was what the developers were aiming for. The fighting system is very fluid and reminiscent of the Batman Arkham games, The driving despite being a bit arcadey fits the game well and introduces some concepts rarely seen in open world sandbox games like jumping on other moving vehicles and hijacking them . Shooting is also very fluid and responsive despite it being a minor part of the game with guns feeling more like temporary power ups. The player movement in the world is pretty limited however and the parkour sections are linear. The game would benefit a lot from a system like the one featured in the Assassins Creed game. The main story takes around 12-15 hours to beat but the game offers a wealth of side content. There's also no multiplayer mode which is a huge plus for me since the developers focused 100% on the single player experience The true crime games have always been a guilty pleasure of mine and I wasn't expecting much from Sleeping Dogs. However it turned out to be my favorite game of 2012. Can't wait for the sequel


Not a bad open world game

gforcesa | Jan. 1, 2014 | See all gforcesa's reviews »

Sleeping Dogs is great.I really like the character and the fact that the game is more focused on the fighting mechanics.When you fight a bunch of bad guys you can grab them and kill them in different ways.The graphics are pretty damn good and the city is very colorful and it just looks amazing.It's not short and you'll play it for a good 20 hours.Should you buy this ? - Yes buy it, it has great story and some dlc content adding more hours to the game.


Good but Dull at Times

ROKET | Jan. 1, 2014 | See all ROKET's reviews »

I know theres a lot of praise for this game but I feel like a lot of it comes from the fact that it was better than expected. The True Crime series wasnt very successful back in its day and Sleeping Dogs was more an attempt to save the company than anything else. Its a good game but still leaves much to be desired. Story: The story is alright. It isnt bad and it isnt engrossing either. You dont find yourself totally caring for the characters and you dont really spend much time with them either. There are quite a few stereotypical themes and plot points in the game and I found that really lame. The story is a decent length and is presented in an okay fashion but it starts to get lost and old as you progress. Gameplay: Theres a lot of good a few bits of bad in this game when it comes to gameplay. The fighting mechanics are nearly identical to the Batman Arkham series and feels both nice and satisfying. The gun mechanics, on the other hand, are pretty lame and sluggish. Driving mechanics are also a meh experience. Sure it easy to drive and you can go mighty fast but the cars dont feel different aside from different accelerations and top speeds. They tried to copy Just Cause 2 with the driving and hijacking but then forgot to include some of the great physics you got in JC2 as well. Presentation: With the settings cranked up and SweetFX included this game can look REALLY good. The models for both characters and cars are a little on the bland and generic side but that is the common theme with the whole game. Voice acting and textures are really well dont for the most part. Overall meh but worth it on sale: 75/100


A bit short

PowerGreen | Dec. 31, 2013 | See all PowerGreen's reviews »

Not really as open world as many of the other open world games, seeing as there isn't all that much to do outside the main story line - which you'll finish pretty quickly. The graphics do look great though, and I enjoyed whizzing round a vibrantly coloured city. The fight sequences are also nice, with the occasional splatter fest thanks to some environment object that can be used. The combat itself is slightly up on the likes of the early GTA-style games, as it has a martial arts flavour to it rather than just point-and-click gunshots (or rocket launchers). If it is on offer, then go for it - you should get a good 25 hours gameplay out of it.


True Crime Hong Kong Returns

mulletov | Dec. 25, 2013 | See all mulletov's reviews »

Sleeping Dogs ranks up there with the best open world sandbox games. The main difference with SD is that your main weapons are your melee attacks. Yes you can use guns but your martial arts skills are way more fun to use. This game has environmental kills so you can throw enemies into dumpsters, bury their heads in fan blades, and impale them on swordfish heads. The great thing about this game is its Hong Kong setting. It provides so much more diversity from what you'll typically see in other open world games like GTA or SR. Street vendors speak broken English. You can check out the knockoffs and interesting foods just like you were in Chinatown. Get this if you liked Stranglehold and Saints Row.


The unexpected journey

razperry | Dec. 9, 2013 | See all razperry's reviews »

If you like GTA you might love this game, the feeling of driving is pretty cool and the fighting system is awesome. The story is in my oppinion a lot better then in any of the GTA (or alike) games i have ever played, with a very nice touch of Asia Its not the genre that Square Enix (Final Fantasy) usually makes but i must say the really did a good job here, the only con i can think of is that the roaming could have been better but its still got a good 10-20 hours of interesting gameplay at least, dont miss out!



MisterRay97 | Nov. 26, 2013 | See all MisterRay97's reviews »

Sleeping Dogs was one of the open world games that got me intrigued. You play as Wei Shen, the person who is on the both sides, the law and the gangs. The game is actually the latest game of the "True Crime" series, which offer similar dual-sided gameplay. The dual-sided gameplay is amazing and innovative. I really loved the story of the game, it felt a bit short to me, but it was impressive. The open world is lively and wonderful. The graphics are wonderful. The collectibles are good for free health upgrades. The entire game's ecosystem was well made. The cutscenes and the surprising sudden game elements make it wonderful and not boring. I always enjoyed playing this wonderful game. There are various side-quests, like racing, collectible collection and some people on the street asking you for help. The only downside of the game is the terrible driving handling, provided that you'll have to use vehicles in this game a lot and they've also featured many racing side-quests and have made wonderful variety of cars and bikes and beautiful car models. In spite of that, the game is pretty much enjoyable. Sleeping Dogs is a really wonderful game with a well made single-player that you must play. If you don't, you're missing out something. This game has the magic that will be in your memory for a long time to come.


An Open World Worth Exploring

Wiesler | Nov. 26, 2013 | See all Wiesler's reviews »

“Open world” has never really been a selling point for me in video games. I liked San Andreas and some Saints Row, but it was never the open world that appealed to me. Most of the time, this space feels empty, ruins the pacing, and can take away from the fun. This was even an issue for me an Arkham City; I feel like some games are open world for the sake of artificial lengthening. I feel like Sleeping Dogs handles its open world setting well. Sleeping Dogs takes place in a unique contemporary Hong Kong setting. You play as an undercover police agent infiltrating the criminal underworld of China. You will be fighting, shooting, and driving. The latter two are not worth mentioning really, they do their job, but the combat system is great. The combat feels powerful and brutal. You will use throws, counters, punches, and so on, against your opponents. You can upgrade your moves, use the environment and unlock some really brutal combat moves. Along with the combat, the story is told fairly well and has its moments, and this is a game worth buying.


Not GTA, but it's own genre defining fun

imasquare | Nov. 13, 2013 | See all imasquare's reviews »

...Buy this game! Ok, so you'll often go into this game thinking it's GTA. It's not quite GTA and honestly I'm glad it's not. The more you play this the more it's own unique styling, gameplay, story telling and characters will grow on you. If you're like me the martial arts combat aspect is something you'll need to work on, and finding all the statues to upgrade your combat moves is necessary to make combat 'easiest'. When fully upgraded you are a master of kick ass, and it's enjoyable to see opponents grimace as you break bones and twist leg joints in the opposite direction with satisfying 'crunches'. The characters of the story are clichéd at first, and the settings are fairly low key and atypical, which is what makes the later scenarios more exciting. There are some moments when you will genuinely smile or sympathise with characters like Mrs. Chu, and be pissed off when your friend #spoiler# is brutally killed. There are plenty of fun diversions to be had and you can spend many...many...many...many hours playing. Graphically this game is a wonder to behold, stunning polygon counts and polished DX shaders. This game has top notch programming and I never encountered a bug during the entire game, a lot of people don't appreciate these things, but this is a genuinely well made game. Hm...anything else about this game... Oh yes, buy it!


Great Open-World Game!

eddy514 | Nov. 11, 2013 | See all eddy514's reviews »

This game is very GTA-style and will draw many comparisons but what puts it above the rest is that it is high caliber game design. It is interesting to play, the story is focused and full of twists. The internal dilemma that the main character faces in intriguing to watch. At points I was actually wanting my character to switch sides to the gang life permanently. Well made game, realism and action are a huge plus!


unexpected AWESOMENESS

nixyjane | Nov. 4, 2013 | See all nixyjane's reviews »

this game was on sale on steam during Halloween this year and i decided that i really wanted to try it, so i did! ITS awesome, i really enjoy this game, i really want to enjoy the dlc but im not rich but ill get there and im very excited about the game. i reallly like this game and i dont get bored ! another awesome mode, i really love the combat style XD and the city' appearance is the best!



XGpredator | Nov. 4, 2013 | See all XGpredator's reviews »

If you haven't played Sleeping Dogs, really, you missing the best game of 2012, still played till now. United Front's game is a Original GTA-like, which will take you in an amazing journey into the heart of the exciting world of Hong Kong Triads. It has one of the most remarkable, story, gameplay, and most importantly.. fighting system, maybe some AI glitches, but i'm sure all the fans of the genre will not regret playing this game, it's worth the price, so go grab it.


Hong Kong cinema meets Open World Action

BavarianGod | Nov. 4, 2013 | See all BavarianGod's reviews »

Every now and then a game comes out and defies expectations. When Activision canceled True Crime: Hong Kong and Square Enix purchased the rights it seemed to be a bad omen. If making the necessary changes and polishing the game was not worth Activiaion's time than what hope should gamers have? It's not as though the first two True Crime titles set the world on fire―they merely served as appetizers for Rockstar's next release. Thankfully, Sleeping Dogs turned out to be one of 2012's biggest surprises. It's far from perfect but it offers a competent and open world game with some thoughtfully fleshed out mechanics. Fans of film directors like Johnnie To, Ringo Lam and John Woo will feel right at home in Sleeping Dogs. You take control of Wei Shen, a Hong Kong native who has just returned home after spending some time in the United States. He is working as an undercover cop under superintendent Thomas Pendrew and his handler Raymond Mak in an effort to take down a powerful Triad gang known as the Sun On Yee. Wei's assignment positions him as a lowly thug under the wing of a 'roided out hothead named Winston Chu and follows his ascension to a prominent figure within the Sun On Yee. Things become complicated however, as the line between undercover cop and criminal blurs. Wei becomes deeply entrenched in the criminal underworld, building friendships with his gang-mates while witnessing signs of corruption within the police force. The yarn spun by Sleeping Dogs is solid enough but it's telling stumbles. Pacing is all over the place, and many important elements seem undercooked. Sleeping dogs has issues integrating plot points into missions and providing build up. For example, Winston has a fiancee that is revealed when you have to run a few errands for her as part of a mission. She softens Winston's image and makes him a little more human but, unfortunately she exits the plot just as abruptly as she shows up making her little more than a tool to develop Winston. Thankfully the finale builds in a satisfying way and there are some sections that are really effective and engaging in the middle portion of the tale. Its just a shame that it couldn't be more consistent and better developed. Being an undercover cop Wei must straddle the line between right and wrong and missions reflect this. Good guy Wei finds time between running errands for the an police inspector to help with some of her cases. Triad missions are strait forward affairs that usually involve collecting protection money, stealing stuff, beating the hell out of other gang members and maybe shooting a few people. Cop cases play out more like multi-stage quest chains commonly associated with RPGs. Wei also earns experience for both a cop skill tree and a triad skill tree. You earn both types of experience in both mission types but being a public menace and destroying public property or killing civilians will take away from the cop experience you can earn in a mission. Throughout the course of Sleeping Dogs Wei hacks cameras, races, sings karaoke, cracks combination locks, plants bugs, triangulates cellphone calls, bets on cock fights, plays mahjong poker and picks locks. The game does a great job of mixing these elements up and missions are generally interesting with only a few lame ducks. All of the aforementioned elements are secondary to the driving, fighting and shooting you will be doing to make your way through the game. The fighting system in this game really shines. Wei relies on strikes, grapples and counters to dispatch his foes. Enemies come in varieties as well, some specialize in strikes and block many of your attacks, grapplers are burly chaps that you want to keep at bay with power strikes, some enemies wield knives and tire irons and later in the game you will find enemies that are really only susceptible to counters. If you want to live in Sleeping Dogs, you will have to prioritize your foes and time your attacks carefully. Your wushu can be supplemented by finding Jade statues that can be returned to the Kung Fu master in the game. These moves are valuable tools and you will find yourself utilizing most of them. They allow you to snap your opponents limbs, deliver powerful blows and disarm your foes. It's a great system and is evolves enough during the course of the game to remain engaging. Driving is similar to other open world games with cars that handle differently based on weight and size. The one unique addition to the driving mechanics is a button that allows you to throw the car sideways by pushing the appropriate button or key and moving in the direction you wish to go. This allows you to ram vehicles that are in hot pursuit of Wei. Motorcycles, scooters and boats are also among the vehicles you will pilot. Shooting is of the cover-based variety and Wei can vault from cover and enter slow motion as well as blind fire. It's solid but the mechanics are not as unique and engaging as the hand to hand combat. In light of this most of the game focuses on hand to hand confrontations. Sleeping Dogs' interpretation of Hong Kong is an efficiently constructed playground. There is an unusual amount of verticality in this game despite the lack of air vehicles. Wei can climb the ledges and scaffolding around a number of the building and access rooftops. Pedestrian overpasses on the streets also provide access to high places in which numerous collectables are tucked away. Free running is also a part of Sleeping Dogs' bag of tricks. At certain points Wei will have to pursue targets on foot through a gauntlet of barriers and other impediments. These sections involve the player running after them and timing button presses to clear obstacles gracefully, poor timing results in fumbling over an obstacle and loosing ground. The animations for these sections don't flow together as smoothly as those in Assassin's Creed but the extra input required to complete them is a welcome addition that adds a small layer of interactivity in what is usually a passive experience in other games. It's just a shame that the camera is not exactly stellar. It seems to have a knack for being in the wrong place most of the time. Strangely absent is the ability to center the camera with a button press that's so common in third person action games. On the PC, Sleeping Dogs is a really pleasing game to look at. Square Enix has also made a high resolution texture pack available for those with decent rigs and includes some DX11 features. Hong Kong is wonderfully detailed with neon signs glowing, power lines forming webs overhead, air conditioning fans spinning on the sides of buildings, and plenty of pedestrians and traffic to make the city feel alive. Also, the game wisely uses rain to give everything a nice sheen--as it rains the wet pavement reveals reflections of neon signs and characters appear wet. The handful of interiors are also detailed and pleasing to look at. NPCs are not too detailed and are a little more robotic as a result of a low poly count and the cars are not tremendously detailed but these are technical limitations that are to be expected. The main characters however are richly detailed, making the cutscenes a treat. Skin textures are very detailed and the tattoos that adorn the bodies of the gangsters add quite a bit of character to each of them. You can also customize the clothing that Wei wears and wearing certain combinations of clothing can provide stat benefits. Cloting options are rather varied accounting for both ridiculous looks and strictly business attire. The auditory presentation of this fictionalized version of Honk Kong is pretty solid. There is a good mix of hip hop, rock, classical, electronic, and some Chinese tracks to add some local flavor to the the soundtrack. Likewise most of the commercials and DJ speak Cantonese. Characters generally speak English but throw in some Cantonese which, given the strong western influence in Hong Kong, isn't entirely out of place. The stereotypical accents usually add a small degree of authenticity but can be a bit ridiculous at times―particularly the pork bun vendors. Lines that will have you giggling in the first few minutes in the game are rather grating in the last few hours. The vocal performances by Will Yun Lee (Wei) and Tom Wilkinson (Pendrew) are particularly strong however. Many of the other voice actors turn in solid performances. For a game that was almost canned, Sleeping Dogs is quite impressive. The story fumbles around before ending on a strong note and the camera can be irritating but these faults are offset by great mechanics and strong visuals on the PC. Sleeping Dogs isn't ready to dethrone Grand Theft Auto as the best open world crime game but it's robust mechanics and numerous diversions make it a strong addition to the genre. It appears that Square Enix stuck gold by reviving this dead dog.


Amazing game

Ofor77 | Oct. 30, 2013 | See all Ofor77's reviews »

I always enjoyed open world games like GTA. After reading some reviews and watching videos, I thought this game was going to be a nice add to my collection. And it was. And it surprised me in many ways. Nice gameplay, decent story. The combat mechanics are pretty awesome, resembling the combat at Batman series. Different types of thugs require different approaches. The side missions are nice too and a lot of activities to do, like Cock Fights and such. The only negative point I have to make is the driving. When I played the game, the driving was pretty bad. A very nice game though.



ct639 | Oct. 29, 2013 | See all ct639's reviews »

Sleeping dogs is an awesome game. It focuses more on hand to hand combat over gun play which is a very nice change. You can find numerous environment interactions when fighting such as electrical boxes, dumpsters and phone booths. It has a good story although there aren't as many free roaming activities as GTA and Saints Row. Definitely a game worth checking out.


The Best

Alfa8789 | Oct. 29, 2013 | See all Alfa8789's reviews »

Shenmue Grand Theft Auto? Yes please. Fans of either genre of games will be pleasantly surprised by this title. The combination of third person beat-em-up/martial arts games and the open world fun and randomness of a Grand Theft Auto type game is a sure winner here! And for an added bonus the story is well-crafted, involved and interesting. Voice acting is superb and the attention to detail culture-wise is nothing less than impressive! Can't lose with Sleeping Dogs.


Much more than the Asian GTA

Kalmado | Oct. 26, 2013 | See all Kalmado's reviews »

From the beginning to the end this game is action packed with a story that pulls you in. Graphics are excellent and player interaction is extremely fun. Combat is very refreshing since you don't just grab an automatic gun and blast everyone. There are many side quests to do and lots to achieve that will keep you playing while not becoming repetitive and boring. The music is also an excellent feature. A great game worth the money spent.


Great Game

rafaelias | Sept. 24, 2013 | See all rafaelias's reviews »

Really great game with great plot. Shen is a really deep and charismatic person. The audio is also great with great sync. The graphics are amazing, the detail of the players, shadows, city, it's really nice. The gameplay surprised me, high variety of quests, body to body combat with nice style, a lot to do besides main storyline, and I like the reality of driving in the town too. Just a great game!



Sebastai | Aug. 13, 2013 | See all Sebastai's reviews »

The story is very interesting, the gameplay and the graphics are pretty good, the game has a lot of quests and things to do, in a large sandbox world to live up to their promises. You need play it!


Underrated Masterpiece

msalvatto123 | July 30, 2013 | See all msalvatto123's reviews »

I have completed this game and found every collectible. The story is solid and entertaining. The characters are awesome. The missions are EPIC and long. You have A LOT of things to do in this game. The "Free Mode" is awesome and really funny. Sidequests are entertaining and you will find a lot of them to complete.... The collectibles are well hidden and finding them represents a challenge. The melee combat is totally mindblowing... I have never seen that before in an open world game. You can also learn new skills by finding the collectibles! Also, you can buy vehicles and race with them. Verdict: This game is a must buy if you like the open world games. It's really cheap for what it is. I really love this game, and will totally complete it again.. 10/10


Underrated game

re_watanabe | July 4, 2013 | See all re_watanabe's reviews »

Sleeping Dogs is one of my favorite games. It has a very interesting story that pays tribute to many kung fu movies from 70's-80's. It has a nice combat mode (rarely you get a gun) and a decent driving skills. The main story can be beaten in 20 hours, but it´s really easy to play more than 60 hours, just checking the city out, completing side quests and playing the DLCs missions. By the way, pay attention to the DLC. Some of them brings very nice side missions that will elevate the replay factor, but some of them just brings new clothes, cars or guns that are really dispensable. Many sites underrates this game, comparing with GTA. Honestly, I think this is unfair. Sleeping Dogs has his own personality and worths the price.


Funny combat, great graphics and amazing storyline

Galfred1000 | May 7, 2013 | See all Galfred1000's reviews »

If you are a fan of John Woo's movie you're gonna love Sleeping Dogs. Full of stunts, action moves, cop thriller and gang fights. A amazing dilema between being a cop or a gang member. Hong Kong is very real and convincing. The combat reminds me of Batman Arkham series, so you can be sure it's good! Enjoy your asian GTA!


Excellent game

TurboMotionZ | March 23, 2013 | See all TurboMotionZ's reviews »

Playing Sleeping Dogs kept me on the edge of my seat, but not for the reasons you might expect. Sure, Sleeping Dogs’ melee combat and gunplay provide plenty of thrills, the driving is extraordinarily fun in all of its arcadey glory. But at the end of my nearly 30-hour experience, none of that mattered to me as much as the story did. It’s that story, coupled with rock-solid mechanics and a task-heavy world that sets Sleeping Dogs apart from its competition.


Easy to waste a lot of time on

mugaro | March 10, 2013 | See all mugaro's reviews »

Very fun game, nothing too difficult to do, lots of stuff to kill time & do. The story was pretty interesting, an undercover cop posing as a criminal, they tried to do the duality of cop vs criminal and have morality be important, but failed on that. It's blatantly obvious which side of the law your character is on. However, it's still fun to watch. Gameplay is great, controller needed. Nightmare in North Point is short, easy, silly but fun and the only DLC I would recommend buying w/this. Year of the Snake is upcoming w/more achievements so I'll get that. 8.5/10


For fans of melee combat and HK action movies..

bninja | Feb. 20, 2013 | See all bninja's reviews »

Keeping this review short and sweet, Sleeping Dogs was well worth the purchase price. Granted, I got it on a sale on GMG, but I think even at full price this one would've been worth it. I thoroughly enjoyed the story and the pacing was such that I kept coming back for more without ever truly being bored. The voice acting was great and the experience was quality. The melee combat was a lot of fun, though I could see it becoming a little repetitive. Personally I found it enjoyable enough that it remained a positive for me throughout. Definitely a title I'd recommend! (And this coming from a guy who was never quite able to make it through a GTA game..)


Melee Hong Kong Style

jrod7405 | Feb. 13, 2013 | See all jrod7405's reviews »

I just finished this game and it was a load of fun. At first I was frustrated with the melee combat because it was harder than Batman AA, but *man* the challenge makes it all that much better when you win. It's harder in the beginning when your health is not really high and you've got no specially earned moves. Once you get the hang of it, just learn to block first and play around with your special martial school moves to get the bad guys. There is a lot of driving, so if you don' t like driving I would think twice about getting this game. The courses are not easy and it's a full blown driving game, does not feel like a useless add-on at all. You can progress with driving a ton. I saved up enough for an Etalon and that makes it alot easier to win with a prime car. Cycle races are hit and miss for me, try out different bikes to get the one you like as the fastest ones can be a bit hard to control. The main story is great - really as good as any Hong Kong feature movie. Voice acting is superb. I wish the girlfriend/dates part of the game was more involved or personal. The lockboxes I found to be annoying with all the dialing for lock combinations. Screwing and unscrewing screws for hidden cameras just seemed tedious. Gunfights - which is roughly 1/4 of the action is okay. Not super hard and in general fun without feeling repetitive and areas are designed well for cover. Being able to shoot without standing up would be a nice touch, as I got shot a lot simply shooting back. Wished I could just crouch-peek over a bit and shoot rather than a full standing position. The best part is the city, which is REally good in capturing Hong Kong ( I've been there twice ). Music is great and the generall pacing of the story, well written dialogue, and fairly challenging gameplay make it a good choice. I'm still going to go back and play the Zodiac Tournament as well as finish up a few drug busts. Plus I really like hijacking armoured vans and stealing cop cars. You can even bust up cars by fighting. I think there was a Steam achievement for most reckless driving that i got too. It's a great sandbox, good story, good acting, well paced, fun gameplay, and great experience overall.


Like GTA with decent combat

GordonFreechmen | Feb. 2, 2013 | See all GordonFreechmen's reviews »

If you have played GTA IV, and Arkham City. Image sticking the two together. That is essentially what you have here with Sleeping Dogs. Now of course it isn't an exact mix of the two, and even the elements it takes it changes. The story may interest some but I founds driving around the city, and getting into fights to be more entertaining as I do in most open world games. And in that regard it is certainly more fun than the recent GTA games. The city is a lot more fleshed out. There are more people, more cars. Some of the mechanics it introduces I don't really like. Such as the whole face mechanic, not allowing me to buy cloths because my rep wasn't high enough. Seriously who cares. All my grips with it are small though, and can largly be ignored. This game is pretty good. I wouldn't miss out on it if I were you.


Pretty good sandbox

auronkast | Jan. 31, 2013 | See all auronkast's reviews »

The setting is a nice break from LA/NY we got on GTA for a while now I understand it's pretty accurate too so it offers a nice opportunity to very superficially know a representation of a culture we don't usually see in games. The combat handles pretty well and the cars though not realistic at all are fun to play with. Sleeping Dogs is actually a spiritual sequel to the mostly successful True Crime games and I'd say it makes a better job than it's predecessors, the game manages to tell a pretty good cop story while keeping true to the sandbox tenets of non-linearity and freedom. Overall it's a high score for me.


Flawed but in all the right ways.

PM_DMNKLR | Jan. 29, 2013 | See all PM_DMNKLR's reviews »

Like a lot of folks say, this is like Grand Theft Auto, but with martial arts. Sure, that's a fun combo all on it's own, but what makes it even more fun are all of the hilarious glitches. No this isn't a joke either, I'm serious. Despite the fact that this game isn't designed to be funny, it actually is very much so. From launching people with your car as though from a cannon, to smashing them into a wall and not a thing gets damaged (including them), to how you can play bowling using a crowd of enemies and a Land Rover, this Dog is not Sleeping at all, it's just tweaked out a little, lol. All-in-all it really is a fun game. If you don't have it, you're missing out, honestly.


GTA with kung fu

Jray264 | Jan. 22, 2013 | See all Jray264's reviews »

Sleeping Dogs is more than just an average GTA clone. It doesn't do anything new or unique, but by god is it fun. Think of GTA with Batman melee combat and you basically have Sleeping Dogs. The game manages to spice up most of the action by adding things like the ability to ram your car in any direction instead of just steering into a car and by slowing down time whenever you vault over cover. The game encourages you to stay on the move while in a shootout, but that's not where Sleeping Dogs shines. It shines when you put down your gun and engage the enemy in hand to hand combat. It doesn't flow as well as Arkham City, but it still manages to be fun. The game also boosts an impressive sountrack and voice acting. Some aspects of the game feel rushed, but that doesn't deter Sleeping Dogs from being one of the most fun games of 2012.


Fun Game

ashiva8910 | Jan. 21, 2013 | See all ashiva8910's reviews »

I clocked in around 30 hours when I got the last Steam Achievement. The game is short but it's still fun. The combat is similar to the Arkham games but with the add effect of enviromental kills. The driving is not realistic (that a plus in my book) but the cars controls tight. If you meet the requirements the PC port is solid.


Fun, original open world sandbox

DeweyDTruman | Jan. 20, 2013 | See all DeweyDTruman's reviews »

Sleeping Dogs takes something that's done quite a lot these days (open world sandboxes) and goes in an original path that hasn't been seen before. The story, of an undercover cop in China, varies quite far from, say, any Grand Theft Auto title. The open world, separate from the story, feels new too, in a way. This mostly has to do with the fact that, unlike many so called "GTA clones," it focuses on hand to hand combat rather than gunplay. The various open-world sidemissions, between drug busts, gathering statues, and praying at shrines, feel right at home. The clothing selection, along with the face meter, both work great and the variety is amazing. If you like open world sandbox titles, I'd heartily recommend looking into it.


Can you say Kung Fu?

masterenric0 | Jan. 19, 2013 | See all masterenric0's reviews »

Have you ever wanted to feel like you were in a martial arts movie? Well look no further. Sleeping Dogs is a great game with a beautiful world to explore. I bought it when it was on sale for just under $20.00 and that was a steal. If you are considering purchasing, I would recommend waiting for a sale. But if you can't wait go ahead and buy it. You won't be disappointed.


A serious GTA clone

kairegister | Jan. 14, 2013 | See all kairegister's reviews »

This is another GTA-clone, big world where you can do whatever you want in a big beautiful city. Unlike most, this game has a serious plot. No over-the-top action or jokes. This game also primarily focuses around martial arts combat rather than guns. you punch, kick, counter attacks, sweeps, and learn more moves as you go along. There are times where you'll have a gun to fight other gunmans, but not too often. There are tons to do, a lot of side missions and collectables. and more than just action, like racing missions, and some fun hacking mini-games to gain control of a camera or picking a lock. Also, the graphics are amazing and the game is extremely optimized.


Short? Only if you didn't play the game.

greenasp | Jan. 12, 2013 | See all greenasp's reviews »

I have to refute something here. If you finish this open world game in 15 hours, you didn't play the open world game. You played the main story line, and you rushed it. That's it. I had over 50 hours in the game and had not completed the main story line. I play open world. I do what I want, roaming, exploring, doing side quests. I play the game. While the game isn't perfect, it's one of the best games I've played in a while. The combat, racing and story were all great for me. Currently, I have over 85 hours in it. Main Story is complete, but I'm replaying older missions that I enjoyed. Doing more racing. Some of the races are really fun, and Enduro (dlc) is quite challenging for me to do well. I love the melee combat and I've done the fight clubs several times. One of the dlcs has a fight at the monastery which, if you're good enough, never ends. It's a fun challenge, and overall a very enjoyable game.


Pretty Good

Sentyroth | Dec. 27, 2012 | See all Sentyroth's reviews »

While the story is not as perfect, the gameplay is pretty solid. If I were to choose between Grand Theft Auto and Sleeping Dogs, I would definitely choose Sleeping Dogs.


Pretty, but forgettable

puppymang | Dec. 23, 2012 | See all puppymang's reviews »

From a technical aspect, sleeping dogs is a great game with lots of shine and polish; As a game, sleeping dogs fails to make a big impression. While i was able to immerse myself in the streets of Hong-Kong as an undercover cop, I noticed that the story felt rushed and the characters were mostly forgettable. The side quests just kind of stopped and a lot of things felt unfinished by the end of the game, despite having done all the ones available to me. The story was pretty predictable and the only character worth remembering was your buddy, everyone is pretty unlikeable and irrelevant. The game also becomes a bit too easy once you find the wonderful tea shop and the food vendors because that magical Chinese tea sure works wonders and that roast duck gives you amazing healing abilities so I know what I'll be having if I ever visit Hong-Kong. Aside from the flaws, there's plenty to do in-game to make it worth the time and money spent, at a discount of course.


Short but Decent

Damuel | Dec. 22, 2012 | See all Damuel's reviews »

The game is pretty good. It's got awesome melee combat, decent gun fight mechanics, and some alright racing. But underneath all that, the game leaves a bit to be desired. The main story can be completed very quickly, in around 10-15 hours. And the ending was a huge let down and felt very cliche. It's pretty good while it lasts, but a 10 hour open worlded game is kind of... bad. And a lot of the side quests are just flat out awful. Many of them felt like minigames that just kept getting harder or just really felt pointless. For instance, to unlock new melee moves you must find old statues and return them to a martial arts teacher. While this sounds cool and rewarding at first, it ends up being almost a joke with 90% of the statues being in plain site and being placed in the same areas you'll visit during the story. On the plus side, although it's short, you can repeat missions. So if there was a mission you really found enjoyable, you can do it over again, which is nice while in games like GTA and Saints Row you have to start a new game over and work to get to that mission again. The graphics are pretty good, and there's some cool character customization. It's neat that your vehicles stay in your garage without you having to put them back in. It really includes all the good things GTA and Saints Row did and mashes them together. The game is fantastic while you enjoy it... but the experience is so short and ends so flatly you end up feeling a little cheated. There's an extreme lack of content for the game but what's there is mostly all of high quality. It's definitely worth it on sale, but at full retail price the game won't give you your money's worth.


Unexpected from a GTA clone

Kyuss023 | Dec. 22, 2012 | See all Kyuss023's reviews »

The setting really puts this game apart from other GTA style clones. There's plenty to do and the streets of Hong Kong are always filled with people. The story is entertaining, being dramatic while still not taking itself too seriously. The combat is similar to Rocksteady's Arkham style with counters and different combo moves you can learn. The graphics look great, highly recommend the HD pack if your PC can handle the textures. Overall an unexpected, pleasant surprise and sleeper hit of the year.


Amazing underated title

DPhase | Dec. 9, 2012 | See all DPhase's reviews »

Game kind of came out of nowhere, and I had never gave any interest into it when it had first released but then had seen it on sale on GmG for extremely cheap and had to pick it up. It's quite the game a mix of gta,Arkham asylum/City for combat and an action move. really recommended.


Way better than I expected... by far.

setoraven | Nov. 25, 2012 | See all setoraven's reviews »

This is at least for me, the best game of the year, and by a far margin, it not only expands the idea of what a sandbox game should be, but it truly feels like a living city where you are just part of it and not just some sterile place that orbits around you, the graphics are also amazing, and there is just so much to do that it made me feel like I was playing GTA III again, overwhelmed by the open world that showed up to me, and I must say, this game gives me feels, the right feels, and the right kind of mood for me to say this will be one of my favorite games ever. Buy it, you won't regret it.


Probably the best "GTA-style" game in years

Layton | Sept. 25, 2012 | See all Layton's reviews »

Sleeping Dogs is a rare type of game that manages to combine a great story, fun gameplay, and awesome graphics all in one place. The game features an intuitive combat system based primarily around melee rather than guns, and there are lots of combos available for you to learn and use. Sleeping Dogs is probably the only game to use an XP system properly all year, letting you constantly feel like you're getting better instead of just making you feel like you're never going to reach the top. The game is also a graphical powerhouse, featuring DX11 graphics and an optional official HD texture pack to really make the game stand out. Overall, if you're a fan of open-world games and hong kong gangster tales you really can't go wrong with Sleeping Dogs.


Sleeping Dogs is a Sleeper Hit

Fkpuz | Sept. 8, 2012 | See all Fkpuz's reviews »

The old phrase "let sleeping dogs lie" does not apply in this game. You play as Wei Shen, an undercover cop who seems to have trouble following him wherever he goes. The story is well written for what it is and it doesn't take itself too seriously. The characters are engaging, each having their own troubles and personality quirks. The only thing that may take you out of the immersion is the average voice acting. Gameplay is where this game shines. The gun-play is very fluid and the melee combat is addicting. Every attack feels like it's from a martial arts action movie and everything from combos to counters flow very well. Driving is not a drag either. Sleeping Dogs is a technically impressive game as well. The detail in the world is phenomenal even on medium settings. You'll be amazed at how well this game looks compared to how well it runs, especially if you're on a lower end computer. A great game to just turn off your mind and have some fun.


Finally, an open world game that's not silly

Xeneize395 | Sept. 4, 2012 | See all Xeneize395's reviews »

First, let me clear up what I mean by open world. When I say open world, I'm referring to games in the style of Grand Theft Auto and Saint's Row. Not in the sense of The Elder Scrolls, or Fallout. What attracted me to this game in the first place was what appeared to be a well written, gritty, Hong Kong police story. And that's exactly what it was. The good folks over at United Front sure as hell put out a solid game. Big thank you to the shakers and movers over at Square-Enix for picking up this masterpiece. The story line in the game may be a tiny bit predictable at times, but that's only to be expected out of almost everything made these days. Whether be it in video games, or in cinema. Regardless of those small parts in the plot, the story as a whole is very well written and even better acted. The voice cast chosen for the characters is phenomenal! In particular the voice actor for Jackie Mah who was dead on for that role. As you progress through the story, you become involved yourself. The characters come to life like in no other open world game. You want to continue and see what happens to Wei. Game play itself was great as well. They really made the game accessible to anyone and everyone. Though this might seem like a turn off to some, it's actually a good thing. Keeps the missions at a fast, cinematic pace without some players having to switch the difficulty. The fighting mechanics are very similar to that in Batman Arkham Asylum and Arkham City which adds to the fighting by making it feel almost like you're Jet Li. Adding to the brutality and no sense of mercy that Triads have been known for, the environmental attacks are brutal and awesome at the same time. Now, the guns. Though gun play isn't a major factor in this game, it is there, and it works just fine. Weapons are a little inaccurate at first but you end up getting a perk to help compensate. Driving is a breeze in this title! The cars seem to have a more arcade style of handling which is fine. Not many bad things (if any) do I have to say about this game. All the good things about the other games are mashed together in one title that plays wonderfully. This Hong Kong isn't too big and it's not too small. Some may complain about the absence of flying vehicles, but they're of no importance in this game. All in all, it's a great title to own. I really hope they support this game with added content towards the story and some background stories for certain characters. If you have a proper rig to run the high resolution pack, please do so. It makes the game look so much better. The only real complaints I have is the weird and awkward controls when using the mouse and keyboard. I just plugged in my Xbox 360 controller and it worked just fine. The music in the game is forgettable for the most part, but no where near as bad as GTA IV nor Saint's Row The Thirds soundtrack. There's also a lack of Canto pop which I found a bit disappointing. As well as no option to be able to play it with mostly Canto voice overs (which is understandable as most of the voice actors are Asian Americans, and in the case of Wei's voice actor - of Korean decent). Those are probably my only complaints. Now go! Buy this game! The Sun On Yee need you!


Great Story and lots of fun.

AirborneOps | Aug. 21, 2012 | See all AirborneOps's reviews »

Sleeping Dogs is an open world game done right. The story is great, the actors are great and the Cantonese dialogue is also done very well. The game has a ton of things going for it. For starters its relatively long compared to other open world games such as mafia 2. There are more things to do and the city itself is very vibrant. Most people wonder what the driving is like, it is a mix of grand theft auto and saints row. The melee combat is very satisfying and done well especially with the environmental kills. Only downside to the game is the fact that the keyboard controls are a bit wonky and aren't very intuitive. I had to pull out an Xbox 360 controller to fully enjoy the combat. The game is great so make sure to grab it.


Great open world game.

blackscot | Aug. 20, 2012 | See all blackscot's reviews »

If you were a fan of True Crime you'll love this game. The world might not be as big as GTA IV's but it does have a lot of detail in the world akin to Yakuza. The Batman-like combat is great and focuses more on timing and maybe waiting for the opponents to make a move rather than button mashing. The shooting mechanics, when you have a gun, are way better than any GTA game has ever had and it feels smooth and the cover system is ok. Driving is awesome, it does have a sort of car combat and you can press commands to ram people off roads and cause slo-mo explosions when you succeed. All in all this game mashes up many game mechanics from different franchises and it succeeds.


Worth Your Time

NinjaDegu | Aug. 17, 2012 | See all NinjaDegu's reviews »

Sleeping Dogs does everything right. The writing in Sleeping Dogs is excellent. The characters, each tragically flawed in his or her own way, fill the thoroughly-engrossing story with a sense of life and vibrancy that has been sorely missed in the industry over the past few years. The combat in Sleeping Dogs is good. Very good, in fact. The melee system is intuitive and rewarding. Every counter and attack feels natural and the combat rarely gets stale, even after several hours of playing. The gunplay is nice too, with a balance of slow-mo vaults and cover shooting. Visually Sleeping Dogs looks quite good on PC, with plenty of DX11 features and texture packs available. The sound is quite good too, especially when it comes to the voice acting, which is a unique blend of English and Cantonese. In all, Sleeping Dogs is worth your time.


Fun but not for everyone

Darkslayer16 | Aug. 15, 2012 | See all Darkslayer16's reviews »

Sleeping Dogs is an open world sandbox game that is fun imo but not for everyone. The combat / gameplay is good, can get pretty repetitive and a lot of the voice acting is terrible. If played in short bursts, it's a great game tho and it runs really well and looks fairly good.


A Masterpiece, plain and simple.

KenpoJuJitsu3 | Aug. 15, 2012 | See all KenpoJuJitsu3's reviews »

This game is, so far, my top sleeper (get it) hit of the year. United Front Games doesn't exactly have a lengthy pedigree of making games in this genre or any genre. Tack on to that the fact that this game was in development longer than was initially planned and it was cancelled by it's initial publisher. This had all the signs of being a disaster. And guess what? United Front made one of the better games of the year. This game looks great, sounds great and plays great. It borrows HEAVILY from other games but it does it well and makes those borrowed elements fresh. The story is interesting as are the characters and the voice work to sell the story is top notch. There were fears of this game being a weak console port. Rest assured, it's not. The game runs great and has all of the options PC gamers need. Fully customizable video options, custiomizable controls, support for keyboard & mouse as well as gamepad with the ability to switch back and forth on fly (and the onscreen icons switch on the fly as well, how many games do that?!), and a built in benchmarking tool. This game is simply great. It falls just short of receiving the highest mark I give out (95) for three reasons. 1) Some of the texture work is noticeablly inconsistent despite using the high def texture pack, 2) the framerate dips at times which shouldn't be happening on my rig (never dips below 40, but going from 80+ to 40 is noticeable) and 3) they claimed to have enhanced performance for crossfire but in my case it's been the opposite. I get better performance from single card mode. Yes, those are nitpicks, but I have to minimize how many 95's I give out. Buy. This. Game. It's well optimized and it's a blast.


Solid with minor flaws.

lok0812 | Aug. 15, 2012 | See all lok0812's reviews »

Sleeping Dogs puts player into a vast open world of Hong Kong. The player can choose to explore the world, helping NPC on different type of side quests, or work on the story mission. In addition, there are hidden things you can find within the world of the game, like boxes and health shrines. Unlockable within the games rewards you with different types of outfits that will grant you perks or better stats. Combat itself is remarkably fun, especially if you favored the counter system of Arkham City. The player can use the environment to damage your enemies. Downside is that sometimes camera angle can be bad during fights and cause the player to unable to see anything. Regardless minor flaws were not enough to drag the game down.