Reviews for The Ratchet and Clank Trilogy: HD Collection


One of my favourite game series to date! :D

kikokaldea | Sept. 8, 2013 | See all kikokaldea's reviews »

Since the first game came out on the PS2 I have been in love with the ratchet and clank series, the platformer gameplay, a wide variety of weapons, upgrades and creativity of the characters as well as the planets and stories remain original to the game. To get the 3 first games is a great deal for the price on offer, especially in HD A must buy for anyone is love with platformers or just gaming after a great game(s) with hours of fun. The main drawback is that it never included the spin off series. Which was a tad disappointing but the games are still worth the price tag! :D


A must buy for PS3 owners!

Devil_Mish | March 3, 2013 | See all Devil_Mish's reviews »

One of the best series from Sony ever, follow the story of every ratchet and clank in the PS2 era with this amazingly beautiful up scaled HD version of the games. This is one of the most exciting and fun series I have ever played and to get 3 incredible games for a really cheap price is amazing! I seriously can't say enough about this series, you have to buy it to understand why I'm giving it such praise. It's fun no matter what age you are, I had a blast when this game out during my childhood, I had a blast replaying all of my favourite classics in HD, in todays age! The game doesn't feel like it's dated at all which was so refreshing because some HD collections do.