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A good game, could have used a tighter focus

DRodders | June 4, 2013 | See all DRodders's reviews »

As racing games go, Codemasters knows what it's doing. Way back I used to play the Colin McRae series of rally games, and thoroughly enjoyed them, and sections of this game does feel like that. I initially picked this up after played F1 2012 (which is another well made racing game from codemasters), and overall I'm happy with it. The handling is done well, and AI are interesting, with each having their own personality. The courses are well put together, and generally the environments look fantastic, considering this was released 2 years ago. However my biggest gripe is that it doesn't focus on rally driving. About 50% of the game is pure point to point racing, just you against the course. For the rest of it there's an odd hodgepog of race types, such as head to head, grandstanding and a straight up race with multiple AI opponents on the same track. Whilst these game modes are fun, they're not what I got the game for, and seem a bit out of place in a game that seems to want to rally, but doesn't want to commit. Whilst the game overall is fun, and I recommend getting it, it's certainly a game that could have been better with more focus. I get the feeling that the team behind it wanted to go pure rally, but had to put in the other modes to appeal to a wider audience. Whilst this can be a good thing, I personally would have enjoyed it more with a tighter focus on the rallying.