Reviews for Counter Strike: Source


Great Game, even better as a bundle

jackjack7386 | Oct. 21, 2013 | See all jackjack7386's reviews »

This was one of the first fps games I played and I can still say now that it is my favorite. It will run on pretty much all pc's (even your old laptop) and it is by valve so you know it is a good game. There is a lot of variety and it is very immersive and fun to play with friends. What makes it better is garrys mod. With this and garrys mod you can play TTT and other games with ease as you have all the guns and models. There is a new CS game which is CS:global offensive but in my opinion this is better.


Very very good

rjb789 | Oct. 2, 2013 | See all rjb789's reviews »

This is easily one of the finest first person shooters I have every played and I feel I have played a wide range of them, from Call Of Duty to Far Cry 3. This game is so well made it is unbelievable. One would expect that kind of extreme quality from such a respected company that Valve is but you have to play the game to really appreciate how people get so addicted and immersed in this version of the great Counter Strike series. The gameplay is skill based (no auto aim here) and challenges you to improve your accuracy and play style as you level up thorough the different ranks. This game is easily one of the hardest, but best first person shooters ever


The best fps ever made

ncorbin | Sept. 11, 2013 | See all ncorbin's reviews »

Many people still play cs 1.6 but with the release of source there was a divide between the best fps ever and now with global offensive it is split between all 3, personally I still feel this is the best of the three and has everything you could wasn't in a fps including still to this day one of the largest fps multiplayer communities. you cant afford not to have this in your game library!


Arguably one of Valve's best games

Avesomeofthat13 | Aug. 6, 2013 | See all Avesomeofthat13's reviews »

This game redefined first person shooters for me, and I don't regret buying it. It changed the way I played games, this is my favourite shooter going - screw Call of Duty and Battlefield - a HD remake of this would sell ten-fold. It truly is one of those defining moments of gaming history - it got me into gaming. Another good point to consider with this game, is that the original Garry's Mod modification used this and Half-Life 2 while it was still in it's humble beginnings. The physics sandbox game we all know and love wouldn't be here without this game. It was, and still is, amazing.


A bit dated but still an excellent game

britishlad | May 30, 2013 | See all britishlad's reviews »

Though this game is over five years old - It's still an excellent game with a active online community. This game has no single player component- Multiplayer is what this game is all about. Very addicting game that requires teamwork. No one man verse all! Gaming is fast-paced with a variety of weapons and gear. ( The Awp is a sniper that is a one hit KO. A little cheap but people can live with it and not get killed) . Graphics are dated but if you can past that then you will enjoy this game Game modes are rescuing hostages and planting bombs and defending it. Even though those are the only two, people can really play with them a lot and not get bored out of their minds. That is because even though you play a lot of the same game map and mode, you still get a different experience each time. I really recommend this game because you never ever get bored. I've played ever since it came out years ago and it's still a great game. Highly recommended