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Good game

britishlad | June 12, 2013 | See all britishlad's reviews »

I really enjoying this game but at first it was difficult to find my feet and learn the ways of the game and fighting smoothly. But after a while and understanding the game play, using pawns, and the special attack system, i really got into the game it because one of my favorite addictions. I decided to pick the staff at the start of the game to become a mage and i made the right chose. As the story progressed and your skill levels enhanced from fighting the amazing systems creatures you were able to purchase spells and attacks with the points you earned from battles. I was amazed how graphically rich the game and fighting was i loved using spells like Maelstrom and Levin to destroy all my enemies. My favorite monsters were the chimeras and cyclops to fight but i also loved the harpies and goblin groups all over the world map. It was fun and exciting and the battling system with your three pawns was really interest and intense to play at times. The graphics and sound are good but nothing special. A great game and if your up for a long interesting adventure then this is a perfect fantasy game for you - Highly recommended