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A true fantasy epic

Elfangorax | Oct. 9, 2013 | See all Elfangorax's reviews »

Dragon Age: Origins is one of those rare games which profess to offer a deep, meaningful degree of choice and then truly deliver on that claim. Here you will create your protagonist and forge a clearer picture of just who they are with every decision they/you make. But they won't be going it alone. A handful of diverse companions will become available as you progress, each with their own agendas and intricacies. The campfire conversations had with this bunch are among the most memorable in the game. The gameplay is also worth noting. The selection of abilities available as characters level up means that two of the same class can be made to suit very different roles, allowing multiple playthroughs to feel genuinely unique. Combat against large numbers of powerful enemies can result in some very satisfying use of the tactical options to achieve victory, particularly in the higher difficulty settings. The story's central conceit -- a shattered kingdom under siege by a great and powerful darkness -- is incredibly well written, and sets up countless opportunities for the protagonist to make defining moral choices. To summarise: Dragon Age: Origins is absolutely not one to miss.