Reviews for Shift 2: Unleashed


Good has fantastic visuals but poor gameplay

britishlad | June 16, 2013 | See all britishlad's reviews »

This game has fantastic graphics! Visually the whole experience is refreshing, the cars are modelled well enough although I've seen much better, the same goes for the tracks but where Shift 2 stood out for me was with everything else. Bits of tarmac and tyre rubber are strewn across the tracks and are kicked about by passing cars, crash modelling is very nice with parts falling off and panels caved in. Crash animation is also impressive, think Burnout but a little more realistic and you may get an idea of what you'll experience. Sadly the game is let down by poor gameplay, or more accurately, controlling your vehicle. The adjustments are extensive including steering, throttle, brake and clutch sensitivity and deadzones, but whatever settings you settle on your vehicle always feels like it's racing on ice. Same goes for tuning, Engine, body, steering, suspension, turbo, nitros, visuals, racing mods and tyres(including tyre pressures) are all upgradeable and adjustable, but again you cannot get a setup that feels like a race car stuck to the tarmac. In conclusion, it looks great, it sounds great (repetitive music but outstanding sound effects), but it plays awful. Which spoils an otherwise potentially great racer.