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Crouching Tiger, Hidden Gem

DowntimeGuys | March 28, 2014 | See all DowntimeGuys's reviews »

Let me start by explaining that True Crime: New York City was one of my favourite open world games. It's story was both ridiculous and serious at the same time and was a welcome alternative to Grand Theft Auto. True Crime was extremely buggy though, and could have done with some more time in development. Sleeping Dogs beautifully creates a modern day Hong Kong that players can interact with to their heart's content. The graphics are beautiful (especially if you play on a high-spec PC) and the game's long development time is apparent by the incredible voice acting and attention to details in the characters and world. If you're a fan on police dramas the story in Sleeping Dogs will have you captivated throughout. It's a story of loyalty and honour which creates an emotional connection between the players and the protagonist. The combat is probably the game's biggest strength, with a counter-attacking style similar to new Batman games produced by Rocksteady Studios. It's a vast improvement on the True Crime games and a step above the button-bashing mechanics that you might find in other open world games. It's worth mentioning that although there are guns in this game they are few and far between. There are incredible set pieces where you're given a weapon with unlimited ammo and all hell breaks loose. It's the lack of weapons throughout the open world that makes you appreciate the moment you are given a weapon, which makes the set pieces all the more entertaining. To summarise, if you enjoy open world games and Chinese culture this game was made for you. The combat is satisfying and makes you feel like a badass, whilst the story is gripping and will keep you coming back for more. This is easily my game of the year (I played it in 2013) and I'd thoroughly recommend you give this a try. You won't be disappointed.


Love it

WestheadUK | Feb. 8, 2014 | See all WestheadUK's reviews »

This game was/is my first game that I'm playing fully through on the PC. I'm new to using the mouse on actual fully free-roam games and I thought it would be hard to get used to how the games works, but it's really easy. The game itself takes time to get into, but I do highly recommend you stick to watching the cut-scenes so you can understand fully what is going on. With a few games you can get some cool extras, such as Just Cause (not sure which one) you can get the Rico costume and I think you can get the rappel at some point in the game, but the costume does give you free weapons when you wear it. I would give this game a 90/100, it's such a fantastic game with a nice and unique story following the triads. Definitely buy if you like a good gang-themed story.



maddocks2379 | Jan. 22, 2014 | See all maddocks2379's reviews »

Sleeping dogs is one of the best GTA style games available and in my opinion is better than GTA (not played GTAV) the biggest standout feature is the close combat which is the same as the batman arkham series and flows nearly as good. The story is good, graphics are great and its a decent length. In my opinion its a must buy game


Sleeping Dogs = Batman Arkham Asylum + GTA

belchism | Jan. 9, 2014 | See all belchism's reviews »

Last week, Sleeping Dogs became free to download for Xbox Live Gold members, so I took the plunge, adding another game to my hoard of games. I had heard lots of things about this game and was actually looking into getting it during the Steam Sale, but thankfully I didn’t. Sleeping Dogs left a very good first impression on me, with the tutorial actually feeling like part of the game, not just a tiny section made to teach you how to play. The chase sequences, the fighting style, the dialogue, this game had me from the get go. When I describe this game to anyone, I call it a mix of the Batman Arkham games and GTA. Obviously, the free-roaming exploration in cars and on bikes resembles that of GTA, while the battle mechanics and “Minigames” resemble that of Arkham asylum. The battles are fun and diverse, using much of the environment as your weapon, and painful executions of haymakers and flying kicks. I actually feel like I’m watching a classic martial arts movie. The unlocking mechanisms for the hacking and lock boxes are familiar, but different. Like in the GTA games, there are things to find, but this game actually rewards you for finding them, like giving you a health boost every 5 shrines, or giving you new clothes in certain lockboxes and even new fighting moves. The driving is interesting and feels alien to me, which I guess is a good thing as we are in Hong Kong. Driving on the left hand side of the road while getting in on the right? What is this madness!? Ironic, really as I live in the UK where this is commonplace. But it adds for a change in playing style, as I always find myself veering onto the right of the road, only to be met with a face of truck. The driving is more sensitive than its GTA counterpart. While you are able to screech round corners without breaking, you might want to drift, to save your Police EXP during a mission. The story and voice acting are both very well done and actually have substance. With a large variety in the NPC phrases, dialect, and even language. IT would’ve been easy for the devs to just use solely english, but they actually took the time to record cantonese lines for many characters. The story, though I have not gotten far, is fun. While it doesn’t seem real, it is very convincing. Like a good movie. That is what this game does well: It is very cinematic. The levelling system is fun and actually makes me think about how I want to play the game. I try my hardest to drive carefully and cleanly so I can reap the rewards of the Police EXP, while i try my hardest to mash the closet thugs face into a urinal to gain more Triad EXP. The further you level, the more skills you learn and the more diverse the game becomes. The game also rewards you for taking time out and actually doing side-quests, to increase your “Face” (I assume this is a re-iteration on reputation, though it is used in battle as a sort of rage meter). I also really enjoy how the game gets me to explore and meet new people. and the Karaoke minigame is actually quite fun. I’ve never enjoyed listening singing to someone cover “Reeling in the years” more than when playing this game. I thoroughly enjoy this game and cannot wait to get back to it. I am almost definitely going to buy the DLC so I can continue playing the game past its ending. The game is fleshed out and immersive, rewarding you with bonuses and perks, while punishing you for failing with hefty fines. At times the game feels too easy, but then I get dropped in a clowder of gangsters and get my ass handed to me and remember why I love this game. This is one of the best game open world games that I’ve played in a long time and I sincerely hope they make another.


GTA in Hong Kong

rjb789 | Sept. 24, 2013 | See all rjb789's reviews »

This game takes everything that Gran Theft Auto does right and puts all those elements into a gorgeous version of Hong Kong where you can do pretty much whatever you want. The graphics are simply stunning and the neon signs of Hong Kong stand out beautifully on the landscape. The storyline is a fairly generic undercover cop but by the end I did feel lots of sympathy for the main character (Wei) and his supporting characters. The gameplay is very fun and the gunplay and driving is both rewarding and over the top which adds to the sense of mischief that you can create.


A martial arts sandbox

PaulLFC | Aug. 23, 2013 | See all PaulLFC's reviews »

Have you ever played a sandbox game and thought "It'd be even better if the melee combat was half decent"? Well if you have, Sleeping Dogs is the game for you. Stop reading this and go and buy it. Right now. Oh, why are you still here? Need more convincing? This is the best open world game in years and you owe it to yourself to go and play it. Now go.


At first I was skeptical

DanJamesStone12 | Aug. 12, 2013 | See all DanJamesStone12's reviews »

I must admit, I was at first slightly unsure about this game, but soon my assumptions were proved completely wrong. Sleeping Dogs is an open world game based in Hong Kong which seems to incorporate all manner of features from games such as GTA and Saints Row. The graphics in this game are good, the story is first class, and there are plenty of side missions and favours to complete- and as it's a free roam, the fun still continues once you've finished the main quest line. The combat in Sleeping Dogs is great, you can use a whole variety of martial arts moves which you can learn throughout the game, and combine them to take on a whole group of enemies with deadly precision and accuracy. This, along with the counter/blocking system, makes for responsive, fun combat. One of the only bad things I have to say about this game is the driving, don't get me wrong, it's not too noticeable- but with most cars you do find it quite hard to maintain control, and often drift into other cars or people. With that being pretty much the only drawback, this game is a must buy. Would 100% recommend it.



xSh4d0wXx | Aug. 9, 2013 | See all xSh4d0wXx's reviews »

This game is great. It has really good story which has twists and turns you don't see coming and the gameplay is just great. I have had hours of fun on this game and still haven't completed it. The melee fighting in this game is really good too. Great game!


Arkham City meets Grand Theft Auto

Avesomeofthat13 | Aug. 6, 2013 | See all Avesomeofthat13's reviews »

Sleeping Dogs is an incredible game that incorporates the open world styling of Grand Theft Auto, and the combat efficiency of Batman: Arkham City. As a fan of fighting games and open world games alike, this game brings the two together in an amazing way - the open world aspect draws me in so much, and the combat system is just pure excellence. In Sleeping Dogs, not only do you utilize an array of martial arts, but you have access to handful of police and gang weapons, which make the game very interesting. The game features an upgrade system, for both your police identity and your gang identity - giving you around twenty different upgrades in total. You also have a 'face' identity - which lets you unlock various clothing and 'flash' merchandise to show off. I literally love this game, and highly recommend it!


Hong Kong cinema meets GTA.

Brlghtslde | July 4, 2013 | See all Brlghtslde's reviews »

The game doesn't really do anything new, but what it does, it does well. All three types of its gameplay is polished to a very high and very fun standard--the shooting, brawling, and driving are all extremely tight and a joy to play (this is often where open-world games fall short). There's plenty to do outside the main missions, with brawls and races dotted across the city. The main missions and story is very satisfying, ticking all the right boxes for a grimy Hong Kong flick. The game proves to be quite a time-sink, with quite a lot of content. This is definitely worth a purchase.


Never gets dull

Eskimoseb9 | June 14, 2013 | See all Eskimoseb9's reviews »

Sleeping Dogs is open world at its most refined, blending the best elements of a variety of genres to make a fun, if not entirely original, action game. The voice acting and dialogue is top notch, making full use of the talented cast, but just as important is the story, which is powerful and gripping to the very end. Game play is a must in any open world game, and Sleeping Dogs really doesn't skimp, successfully blending entertaining car mechanics (courtesy of Need for Speed programmers), well realised hand-to-hand combat, and a surprisingly fun bullet time shooting mechanics too. Overall highly recommended - good fun with a high replay value very well optimised for the pc.


A great rival to the GTA/Saints Row genre.

Shoxy85 | June 10, 2013 | See all Shoxy85's reviews »

When making this game the developers must really have had a wide selection of games in front of them that they wanted to take features from to incorporate into this one. Unfortunately the driving game they must have had in front of them was seemingly an early Ridge Racer title. That said, they did a brilliant job with the rest of the game. The open world is always a winner, the shooting is as you would expect with these kinds of games, not brilliant, but certainly not bad. The fighting is EXCELLENT by taking the Batman series 'counter' system and combining that with interacting with the world around you during fights just sets this game off. As stated, the driving is poor but once you're used to it it's really not that noticeable. The story is fantastic and there's plenty of little side missions to get your teeth into. While not as good as GTA 4 it is as good as Saints Row 3. And that's an achievement for a first attempt because SR3 was not a bad game at all.


Great game

ScousaJ | June 3, 2013 | See all ScousaJ's reviews »

Easily one of the best games I played last year(and start of this year). Whilst the story is rather short if you only play the story missions, the gameplay is one of the best I've seen in a game. The lack of guns in this games (they are there, just not as readily available as GTA or SR) did, at first, annoy me. However, the combat system was so great that I never really found the need for a gun - although driving a motorbike whilst shooting the tyres of other vehicles had a strange charm. This is not the type of game you're going to sink too many hours into compared to other sandbox games such as Skyrim, Saints Row and GTA. However, the mechanics and a change of scenery (nice to be outside the US in a real city) really do make up for it. Despite this, the predictability of the story line and the speed in which it can be finished may have worked against what is otherwise a great game. Missed and under appreciated when it was released. This game is a gem and one well worth buying.



mikeper94 | June 2, 2013 | See all mikeper94's reviews »

One of the best games I've played in a long time. The story is long enough to keep you entertained for a good while and there are plenty of side missions to extend the game time further. The fighting mechanic is challenging to get used to, but once you've mastered it, its by far the most rewarding I think I've seen in any game. The car physics are slightly arcade-like, but very enjoyable nonetheless and the environment is sprawling and immersive. Would definitely recommend, although the Nightmare in North Point DLC isn't quite as good value as this original game.


One of my favourite!

ScopedEvil | June 1, 2013 | See all ScopedEvil's reviews »

Have had this game since day one and had been keeping my eye on it long before then.. even after having beaten it to 100% completion I still find myself draw into it's lush representation of Hong Kong.. a must own!!


Sleeping Dogs

StevieOnline | May 24, 2013 | See all StevieOnline's reviews »

Sleeping Dogs really is a must own game. It looks amazing, especially at night with the rain. The fighting is competitive but not complicated. Missions are fun and the city is a joy to immerse yourself into. There's plenty of hidden items to locate and missions to replay. Once you start playing Sleeping Dogs you might just find it difficult to stop.


Grand Theft Batman meets China!

LycanSoldier | April 23, 2013 | See all LycanSoldier's reviews »

Combat reminded me a lot of The Batman Arkham and Assassins Creed series, while the open world is more comparable to GTA and Saints Row. Has an enjoyable story of an undercover cop working his way through the Triad ranks with a nice variety of missions and collectibles! Definitely recommend if you enjoy open world games, the combat and gunplay is satisfying. Didn't get as much attention or praise as it deserved.


Fantastic game.

Tensketch | Jan. 4, 2013 | See all Tensketch's reviews »

This is one of those games that may have flown over quite a few peoples radars in 2012. Other people may have skipped it because they didn't want to buy what appears to be 'another GTA clone'. This game may have lots of inspiration from GTA but it stands out on its own very easily. Originally True Crime: Hong Kong, Sleeping Dogs has you playing an undercover cop trying to infiltrate the Triads. The storyline is very well done, pulling you into a tale of a person clearly torn between the loyalty of his job and the loyalty of his new found friends. The gameplay itself takes an interesting turn as you'll find yourself in a lot less gun fights and a lot more fist fights. Thankfully, the game adopts a very Arkham Asylum style of combat, in which Wei flows smoothly between opponents, offering different moves and counters which can be upgraded as the game goes on. The only downsides to this game for me is the soundtrack is a little too authentic, offering a small amount of radio stations each with a handful of songs. Furthermore the missions at times don't tie in very well, you'll play one and find the characters talking about someone as if you've seen them throughout the game when in reality, you have no clue who they are. Finally, they made a big deal of having Emma Stone in the game, but I must warn you, she shows up for all of 2 missions, beyond that, nothing. Overall I would recommend this game highly to anyone who wants to play a great story and a sandbox game with a slight twist in gameplay elements.


Sleeping Dogs Review

Ryuzakii93 | Nov. 30, 2012 | See all Ryuzakii93's reviews »

Bought this of GMG awhile back, got my key instantly and was plesently happy with the price etc. I had so much fun with this game that it annoys me when I ask people if they've played it and they're like "nope never heard of it". This game is a similar style of GTA but at the same time they're nothing alike. I gave this 100 just because of how overshadowed it is. If you're a big fan of the whole gang, action, drama like GTA has, then seriously buy this game. As soon as I hear about any other sequel to this game I will be putting a pre-order on it instantly.