Reviews for Steel Battalion Heavy Armor


Below average game

britishlad | May 16, 2013 | See all britishlad's reviews »

I mostly play mostly first person shooters and for ten pounds I took a shot on Steel Battalion game. A few of my friends bought it, too, so we can play co-op. First off, you cannot play co-op until you complete the game single player campaign which is stupid! The graphics are average and your AI partners in the game were so so sometimes they are helpful and other times they were useless. You are the driver of the machine and you have 3 others with you inside. Sometimes it seems like they are incapable of doing something, and they shouldn't be...because you cannot do everything and the games expects you to. Using the Kinect is absolutely horrible. I found myself getting frustrated QUITE often. The missions are pretty easy. Nothing to write home about. I honestly don't think I would even spend the ten pounds on this game, and would probably not recommend it to anyone.