Reviews for Hitman: Absolution


Fantastic game and the best in the series!

britishlad | July 31, 2013 | See all britishlad's reviews »

Hitman Absolution is in my opinion the best in the series. It showcases some very well-constructed scenes. Controlling Agent 47 is very intuitive and easy. Another feature that is awesome is the instinct feature. With instinct, Agent 47 can detect enemy locations in surroundings, blend in when under disguise to avoid suspicion and the best being the ability to use instinct to point shoot. One can either play Absolution or Contracts. In contracts, you can either play featured contracts or even create your own contract for others to play. All in all, for all Hitman series fans out there, Absolution is a must-play. In Absolution, the game starts with the mission to kill Diana. All in all, Hitman Absolution is a thrilling edition in this series and I have so far enjoyed every minute of the game. Very Highly recommended!