Reviews for Heavy Rain - MOVE EDITION


An interactive adventure unlike anything else

Mattiebo | Aug. 7, 2012 | See all Mattiebo's reviews »

Quantic Dream have spent the last decade trying to make great interactive adventure experiences, and Heavy Rain is the result of that work. Some say this that Heavy Rain is more of an interactive movie than a game, but you cannot simply put your controller down during a scene as the game will constantly require your input. I have completed this game both with and without the PlayStation Move controller, and the play-style is completely optional with neither Dualshock of PS Move dampening the experience, however, the Move controller can make the game more emersive as you will be reaching for door handles and examining objects by moving your hand. The graphics are great and the characters are too, and as long as no one has spoiled it for you, the ending can be truly shocking. This isn't a game for everyone, but it is certainly not just an interactive movie.