Reviews for Mortal Kombat Komplete Game of the Year Edition


A reboot done right

Mattiebo | Aug. 7, 2012 | See all Mattiebo's reviews »

I've never been much of a fighting game fan, but have always been willing to try them. I'm usually terrible of them and get bored after about 10 minutes, but Mortal Kombat has always been different. I may not still be good at the game, but even if I lose I'm happy to just watch my character's head roll around the floor, and there's plenty of that gore in Mortal Kombat. This isn't a traditional series reboot as the story actually involves Raiden travelling back in time after the events of the last MK game. However, if you played the original MK games then you'll see plenty of familiar scenes. Along with the story mode (which is presented through cut-scenes between fights) you can play through the Challenge Tower which is full of challenges which will test you in many ways. The Krypt returns in this game, providing a shop presented as a huge graveyard. Using koins earned through the story mode and challenge tower you can unlock alternate costumes, finishing moves, concept art and music and there's a lot to unlock. As you would expect in a fighting game, MK also includes a multiplayer mode. You can play 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2 and also a special King of the Hill mode in which 8 players take it in turns to fight and the winner stays on. The game is hard and as a result it can be very frustrating. Then again, that could be just because I suck at it. I still had a lot of fun with it.