Reviews for Jewel Quest Mysteries: Curse of the Emerald Tear


Decent Puzzle Game

lachking | Nov. 2, 2012 | See all lachking's reviews »

Curse of the Emerald Tear is a decent puzzle game. The story is not bad but the gameplay gets repetitive rather quickly as you generally just find items and engage in emerald mini games. The finding item game mode is interesting at first and encourages you to use your eyes closely rather than mass clicking as time is deducted for 3 wrong clicks in a row. However, it can get frustrating trying to find the last item. The main problem with this game mode is that you often play the same level multiple times, meaning that you’ll start to remember where particular items are. The music in the game is decent, but nothing outstanding and same can be said for the graphics.


A decent HO game enhanced by Jewel Quest puzzles

erasion | April 24, 2011 | See all erasion's reviews »

As a fan of both hidden object and Jewel Quest games, this should have been a sure thing, but somehow the whole is less than the sum of the parts. The HO rounds have many imaginatively-hidden objects, but locations are repeated and the charm does wear off. The between-level puzzles in which you have to place pieces to assemble a Jewel Board are fun and challenging, and are the highlight of the game - I'm not sure why game containing just this element has not been released. I have had the 2nd chapter of this series on my PC for some time but have yet to play it as other games have attracted me more, and this I think summarizes my feelings on this game. A decent game, with probably more appeal to JQ fans then HO gamers.