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A tale to enjoy

eRe4s3r | Aug. 2, 2011 | See all eRe4s3r's reviews »

Fairytale #General Ramblings Theres these odd games around, games that make you rethink what you played in your life. Games that make you remember the "good" age of Adventures and PoC's, or maybe even the Stories of your childhood. This game is one of these. Fairytale tells a pretty popular mish-mash of old eastern-European tales which will, if you like the genre at all, draw you in like only few other games of this type. Theres not much else to say without spoilering anything, with the exception of the fact that the game is often quite hilarious, sometimes sad and downright evil. (as tales go..) If you are not a child, then the main driving force behind this game is the nostalgia factor. As someone who's been told these stories playing them like this was an interesting and entertaining experience. Naturally, you should not expect anything that would net other games R18 or M ratings. It remains at all times a more or less light hearted tale which only rarely sways into the grim and dark moods that eastern European tales so often contain. #Audio The music is by far the best thing about the audio, it has very catchy tunes, many of which will have you humming along - the music always hits the right tone too though the particular tracks are very short. Still as the game is short as well you'll not grow tired of the music. The voices are a mixed bag, it really depends on what you expect from voices though. This game approached the VA in a "normal people" style with certain things getting a bit of audio effect tuning, that means no high paid VA and professional voice alikes. Nevertheless the voices for the 2 main characters are quite well done and will not make you bring out the pitch forks. The other voices are acceptable and never bad enough to make you cringe. #Graphics Now, the graphics are cruel. Not in a "low res" kind of way, but literally cruel, sloppy done, and pixeletion due to the technical (scaling) reasons is abound. Theres very few scenes where you say "wow" which is really a mystery to me, even children would appreciate nice looking and detailed backdrops and as the game has so few of them there was no reason to skimp on this. The game also employs, very rarely i might add, animated transitions, for some reason ONLY in 1 place in the entire game, but there everywhere. These are *ok*. Still, if you look for nice graphics you might continue looking. #Conclusion While i had to choose a score, the reality is this game is 100% dependant on you. If you played Point and Click games back yonder *AND* find eastern european tales interesting then give this game a try. With the trade-in system here you won't regret it (much) in any way.



rascallion | April 29, 2011 | See all rascallion's reviews »

This game makes me very nostalgic, as when I play through the game, bits and pieces of russian fairy tales come flooding back to me from when I was told these stories as a child. This game was originally bought for my little brother's birthday, but as soon as he got off it, I hopped on and fell in love with the gameplay, the storyline and the retro look of the pictures. Fairytale takes lots of elements from traditional russian stories and puts them all into the game. Very interesting take on Russian fairy stories, and lovely to play.