Reviews for Motostorm Apocalypse Platinum


Good fun, but lacks depth

Mattiebo | Nov. 16, 2012 | See all Mattiebo's reviews »

Motorstorm: Apocalypse aims to take the series in a new direction by adding extreme destructable environments which can alter the race in massive ways. The game is very fun and this new mechanic can help to shake up the races to no end. With 12 vehicle classes, every type of racing fan can feel at home, but the larger vehicles (like the monster truck) don't really seem to work as well in the in-door areas, of which there are many in this game. The campaign ultimately lacks depth as it feels like you're just playing race after race with no real progression or purpose. It's fun, and if that's all you want then it's perfect, but some people may want a bit more interaction from characters than just a few lines of text in the loading screens. The music is a little bit disappointing as Mostorstorm games usually have a good soundtrack while this one only features original songs used to set an apocalyptic mood. Fortunately, you probably won't notice the music over the sound of your vehicle. It's a fun game and one that Motorstorm fans will definitely enjoy, but if you're looking for a racing game which is driven by narrative nad has a large online community, this unfortantely isn't it.