Reviews for Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit


Finally, a GOOD NFS game

Dagexon | Aug. 7, 2012 | See all Dagexon's reviews »

The last need for speed game that I actually enjoyed was need for speed hot pursuit as that was just about you, the road and the police, no stupid story spoilt the fun and there were no stupid challenges. This game goes back to that style of game play, i's roots and that's certainly for the best but at the same time it's been improved. You can now free-roam, customise cars and there''s a great multilayer mode where you can challenge your freinds via EA's new autolog system. The police's AI has also been improved since the old hot pursuit game, they set up different types of road blocks and send out different types of cop cars. This game is great fun and if you're having doubts because there's no story I assure you, it was for the best.