Reviews for Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare


A fun, but unnecessary piece of content

Mattiebo | Sept. 15, 2012 | See all Mattiebo's reviews »

Red Dead Redemption is a brilliant game in many ways; the single player is full of twists and turns, the open world is full of life, the free roam multiplayer mode is simply amazing and the in-game minigames serve as a fun pass-time. For some reason, Rockstar decided that this game would be better with zombies, and thus, Undead Nightmare was born. Undead nightmare, available as DLC for the full game or as a standalone seen here, throws the world of RDR into a zombie apocalypse. The game features a new story, a completely new gameplay experience and new attractions within the game world. The story features Marston trying to find the cause of the zombie outbreak after his wife and son were infected. During the story you'll see plenty of the characters from the main game, along with other people getting chewed up by the brainless undead. While the core gameplay mechanics are still in place, you'll find yourself playing Undead Nightmare very differently. There are several types of zombies all of which can be taken down in different ways, but you can usually just ride past them on a horse. The world also feels very different. It's always dark and key areas of the game have been changed to give them more of a horror game feel. If you're looking for more RDR, this is a great addition, but you should be aware that this is really quite different. There are few things more satisfying than riding your horse through a crowd of zombies.