Reviews for Resident Evil 5 GOLD Edition


Good game but has lost it's survival element

britishlad | May 16, 2013 | See all britishlad's reviews »

This game is more action packed than than the others in the series however I felt this game was loosing its survival horror element and just going for a straight up shooting game. While the graphics were very good and it had some impressive bosses this game lacks anything original, Its pretty much Resident Evil 4 in Africa. The game seemed rushed and its a shame Wesker is only in it for such a short amount of time it seems. The enemy AI I will say seemed pretty good and I was also shocked to see that the partner AI was also very good (Sheva only let me down once). There are no scenes in this game that strike fear and its also very predictable. Chris however was developed nicely and even though he seemed to be on steroids (He punched a bolder into lava. Really?) kept his humanity through it all. Ive never been a fan of partner systems but this game I kinda had fun with it. It's a good game and very well made but I just hope Resident Evil 6 goes back to its roots