Reviews for Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City


A big letdown!

britishlad | May 16, 2013 | See all britishlad's reviews »

I have always loved Resident Evil game but this one is terrible! I remember biting my nails, hearing my heartbeats, jumping up and down even running through an empty street if there's going to be a sudden action. Now, when I'm playing Operation Raccoon City, I just feel like enemies, zombies, enemiess, zombies, more zombies. Kill, run, kill, run... Nothing to explore, nothing to do... So, nothing to feel and appreciate in this game. Just a pure disappointment. The average graphics, useless AI teammates, jerky movement and buggy gameplay don't help either.... If you're playing this online or with friends, you then may have some fun. But even then, the game won't be meeting the demands and hopes... Avoid!