Reviews for Need for Speed: The Run


Good game

britishlad | Aug. 9, 2013 | See all britishlad's reviews »

This game is fantastic! The career mode (A.K.A, The Run) starts off with a bang. You are trapped in a Porsche Carrera and you are about to be dropped into a machine that can kill you and destroy you're car. The person you are playing as is Jack Rourke. He is wanted by the mob because he owes them a lot of money. The first race you participate in is when you have to escape the mob. After you escape, you meet a nice-looking woman named Sam. She tells you about a race that is from San Francisco to New York. That is over 3,000 miles! Making this game the longest NFS game ever. If you win the Run you get $25,000,000 dollars. Jack needs that money to pay off the money he owes the mob. During the run you meet some drivers that are as desperate as you are to win the race. These are called Rivals. They drive faster and more aggressively. I give the career mode a 9/10. The multiplayer in this game is awesome. There are over 20 kinds of race types you can do. Except for the bad-mouth voice chatters and the losers who always want to make you lose by ramming into you, the online component is awesome. And, for all you people who had hot pursuit last year, Autolog is back and better that ever! Highly recommended!