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Not as good as the previous games

britishlad | July 31, 2013 | See all britishlad's reviews »

Compared to SSX3 this game isn't as fun as the others in the series where you could go to big air or half pipe events and even most of the levels on SSX3 had that big air fun on this SSX you just fall off the cliff an its all over not to mention the AI level is WAY to high for even people who have followed the series an I don't get the point of the rewind option when it doesn't include the other player. I can understand in Trick It levels an even multilayer. I just loved the others from getting new broads racing down the mountain with a 60% chance of coming first on this new SSX the AI knows where to go an "If" it makes a mistake it still has a big chance at winning like it had infinite boost. On the others it wasn't a problem falling off the the map on this one they seem to want it to happen there are just to many cliff holes to do any tricks off especially on the deadly descents it kinda feels like a huge glitch when you cant even change the difficulty (I think they were trying to hard with the 9 DD) one more thing is you cant get any gear that's better if you want a really good one you need to spend over 1 million creds for one to pop up. Levelling when on level 4 or 5 slows down by 80 %. To me SSX tricky an SSX3 are still the best. I hope the remake them into HD so we can play on the 360 The new SSX is only fun if you turn down the AI by 15 to 20 % and take away the 9 deadly descents. or put the abilities in SSX3 as combos an ways to out trick out ran out race opponents. If the new SSX had more of Tricky an SSX3 where levels are out of this world like one of the levels on tricky I would love it. It's worth getting at a cheap price or you are a fan of the series