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I am the Mob

cavalcade | Dec. 13, 2012 | See all cavalcade's reviews »

Mafia 2 is a little uneven. It's uneven in tone, content, gameplay and graphical fidelity. It's also short, boring, repetitious and vapid. But it's the very flag bearer for games that are greater than the sum of their parts. Pull Mafia 2 apart and it's easy to hate it. It gets a great deal wrong. But it gets one very important thing right - atmosphere. Perhaps it's the relative novelty of the setting, but Mafia transcends a lot of its gameplay limitations through providing a very tangible, interesting environment in which to mafia about in. The game splits between driving about (slowly) and trying to avoid the police and short fist or gun battles. So like a slightly more structured GTA. Neither the driving or shooting/fighting is particularly brilliant, but again, it's somehow possible to overlook the problems because there's a sort of cinematic air to how things play out. The game has a sort of confidence, or swagger. It's cinematic, which is more than a lot of games aspire to. If you can look past the gameplay deficiencies and just ENJOY it, then there's a lot to love here. If you can't? Well, as Donnie Brasco said FURRRRGEDDABOUDIT!