Reviews for Warriors: Legends of Troy


Good game but very repetitive

britishlad | July 2, 2013 | See all britishlad's reviews »

This game was overall a good game but this game is a pure beat em up game you repeat the same thing over and over and over until the end of the game.The thing I thought was stupid was that you varied in characters including Achilles , Hector and other soldiers from GREECE AND TROY.I don't understand why you defend both countries so I was kind of confused playing during the game.I don't understand which side you were on during the game either.Another issue I had with the Legend of Troy game was how they left their topic a lot which also got people confused such as one minute it will talk about Achilles and Greece and then you will be Hector and then do his story which I really did not like in this video game. Also the boss fights in this game I thought were horrible every boss fight felt the same which was like a beat em up.I just don't understand why they made the boss fights feel no different then the other boss fights or the main boss fight in the video game.And the last issue I had with the Legend of Troy video game was that the difficulty of this game was very easy and barely gave you a challenge during this game and the same thing with the boss fights they gave no challenge or trouble while playing the game. It's a good game but only for a few hours