Reviews for Hidden Mysteries: Titanic


Acceptable At Best

chrisdolman22 | May 31, 2013 | See all chrisdolman22's reviews »

While this is certainly an interesting concept and the Titanic idea hasn't been used enough in games, there just isn't a huge amount to like about this game in terms of gameplay. The puzzles aren't particularly complex, which in turn meant that they weren't particularly interesting to me, and for a game which is based pretty much entirely just on puzzles and the occasional mini-game, it doesn't really make a case for me to play this more. Graphically I'm on the fence about this one, for a (I assume) low-budget game I suppose they're reasonably good, but nonetheless the characters still look quite angular, and some of the animations are questionable to say the least. The sounds of characters amd the ship are fairly well-done, but something about them still doesn't really make this game immersive. This seems very much like a 'you get what you pay for' game. It's okay and will entertain you for a while, but equally I can't see myself going back to it in a hurry, and I wouldn't really recommend it unless it was really cheap