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A very good free roam shooter.

wildster30 | May 31, 2013 | See all wildster30's reviews »

A great single player game, Far Cry 3 shows that shooters don't have to be based around multiplayer. Daring to step away from the standard shooter storyline, Far Cry 3 sets itself aside as a brilliantly fun game with an excellent storyline and near perfect single player free roam experience. However, veterans of the Far Cry series will know all about the Map Creator feature that all Far Cry games offer, and may sadly be disappointed by what Far Cry 3 has to offer in terms of multiplayer and user created content. While there are many additions to the actual content of the map creator, with a much wider variety of buildings and some useful new features such as varied water levels and caves, vehicles make the map invalid for multiplayer, as well as the great new feature of being able to place AI controlled NPCs. What could have been a utility for creating awesome party maps such as races, or horde mode style co-op survival maps has been ruined by a terrible decision to make the multiplayer a more serious experience, which fails rather miserably. However with that said this is still an excellent game. Get this game for the superb single player experience and you will not be disappointed, simply view the multiplayer as a poorly tacked on addition rather than a great experience.