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Good but the first game was better

britishlad | May 10, 2013 | See all britishlad's reviews »

I really enjoyed the first prototype even though the graphics were average and the gameplay whilst very satisfying was very repetitve - Prototype 2 just doesn't reach my expectations. The first problem I had with prototype 2 is it's protagonist, Sgt. James Heller. He is a loudmouthed,hotheaded badass. The badass part I like,but he doesn't quite have the personality Alex Mercer had. I don't know about others and this review is just my biased opinion,not any constructive criticism. So it's safe to say,I didn't like the protagonist and it made a poor impression on my mind. Game play is almost the same as the first one. Mutation is a good pathway to make James a demigod. And it feels good as James powers up and turns into the ultimate killing machine. One of the best abilities In prototype 2 is that you can glide and it makes for a joyful ride over plagued Manhattan. It feels almost as if you were flying. And it's always a pleasure to crash into a fight with style. The story felt ruined. Prototype had an average storyline which felt interesting because of the memory collected. But prototype 2 doesn't offer something a lot new. Instead,I felt as if it was ruining the whole prototype story. Characters aren't that memorable but fighting other prototypes are. And they give you new weapons which feels good. Ultimately,it isn't something entirely new or it's protagonist won't make a hell of an impression,but the gameplay is very much enjoyable. And that is enough. It's worth a playthrough at a cheap price but if you didn't like the first game then avoid