Reviews for Majesty 2: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim


A Nice Twist on Traditional RTS

Kratzer | June 3, 2013 | See all Kratzer's reviews »

In the game of Majesty 2 you do not directly order your units like you would in Command and Conquer this and that. Instead, there are monsters and horrible monster dens that will inevitably come to ravage your kingdom. To defend yourself (and go on the offensive) you must assign bounties to the monsters and their spawning areas to entice the heroes to destroy enemy encampments. I like this mechanic. It adds some depth to your heroes, too. Some monsters will be strong enough that only very strong heroes would consider toppling them.


Pleasant Game!

Plasros | June 3, 2013 | See all Plasros's reviews »

This game was a pleasant surprise. I expected another Spellforce-type rpg/rts, but this was something different... but in a good way! + Controlling your heroes through monetary incentives = revise your usual rts strategies :) + Heroes level up, buy inventory, find artifacts, but become pickier about jobs with time + You can save the best heroes and rehire them later in the campaign = time not wasted + Not short at all: campaign+single maps = almost 40 hours i have on record + It was fairly challenging for single maps too, i had to restart/rethink some a few times


A fairytale that falls short on laughs, but maintains being fun.

TimothyD | May 30, 2013 | See all TimothyD's reviews »

The way the writers designed the storyline of the game did a good job of transporting this new revamp of the series into the modern video-gaming realm. Without too much study, the story fits into the flow of time from the past game years earlier, and requires no knowledge to continue the story, other than figuring out that you are a king, and you have an old codger of an adviser. The gameplay sticks true to it's roots, a sims-esque control scheme where you, as king, must plop out, manage, and upgrade the buildings in your territory, and trick your heroes out onto quests to achieve your aims through hefty gold rewards. It's a formula almost never seen in gaming. If you are looking for something new on the table to rejuvenate the stagnated formula of click'n'go, this is it. The game was worth a purchase at full market price. It is inexcusable to let this gem slip by, at it's new price. A certain buy for anyone that enjoys a decent laugh and unique strategy-sim games.


I wanted to love this game, but I can't.

sethxdeath | Sept. 10, 2011 | See all sethxdeath's reviews »

And the reason I can't is because it won't let me. The game was crashing often when I try saving (I'm not the only person experiencing this), and when I tried reinstalling, the game wouldn't recognize my saved games. I put about 20 hours into this game and have to start all over. Don't waste your money until the developers address the bugs with it (which they haven't been doing and show no signs of intending to do). I'll give it a 50 since I did enjoy the game, but was left sorely disappointed with the failures in the code.



hotmando1 | Sept. 4, 2011 | See all hotmando1's reviews »

Basically, Majesty 2 will play and feel like the first game. Really, it plays out on it's fine points and tries to fix it's flaws. It does that, to an extent. First off, you can already tell Majesty 2 has made SOME improvements via graphics. An improvement engine really shows. The lines are more evenly smoothed out and the terrain detail is much better. Higher details can also be seen, much better than before. Small stuff like barely noticeable bugs have been stamped out. Patch notes will show that. Gameplay is more or less the same though. Combat hasn't changed much. Plot will be as you expect it to be, the next chapter in the series. And if you ever get bored of single player, you can always go online. A neat game for the price tag it carries.


Original and funny game, but not for everyone

ZippaLip | April 11, 2011 | See all ZippaLip's reviews »

Majesty 2 has an original mix between an RTS gameplay whit some elements of GDR and simulation too. The player is a king of a fantasy reign but he control no units he can only give orders and make quest for the heroes, there is also a small economy part. Graphic is good and simple but maybe a bit old for 2009 (is similar to Age of empires 3, or worse), even if it can work on every system. The game is very humouristic whit strange situation and a general parody of the fantasy games. Sometimes can be hard, especially the final missions, and the campaign is not so long but it has multiplayer. So think a lot if you want to buy it, maybe it's not a game fit for you.


Playing to their strengths

Prince_of_Cats | April 4, 2011 | See all Prince_of_Cats's reviews »

The first thing you should know is that Majesty 2 plays like an updated version of the original game, but this is not a bad thing. As a fan of the original, it was good to see that the developers were obviously fans of the original game. While it would be easy to think of this game as 'more of the same', there have been a number of small changes to improve the gameplay. The design team have obviously used the time they saved by preserving the original feel of the game, tweaking and streamlining the game to suit a modern audience. As well as a 3D engine with more control over the camera, the character classes and their guilds have been modified in what I think is a positive way. In conclusion, I think this game was made by fans of the original and certainly seems like it was made for fans of the original too. Most of the changes are subtle and leave you saying 'I prefer it this way' when you even notice them, while the engine changes make for a smoother experience. In all, a very good effort at bringing a classic to the modern audience while still letting old fans recapture their sense of wonder.