Reviews for Endless Space: Emperor Edition


More than just a sci-fi Civ

Zaggeta | Oct. 23, 2014 | See all Zaggeta's reviews »

Civ 5 in space is the simplest way to describe Endless Space - and even if it was just that, it would still be awesome. If one is to play it, however, they'll realise that Endless Space is a unique 4X unto itself. Pick from a list of unique alien races with amazing artwork and distinctive art styles and then expand your empire accross the stars. Engage with AI or real player civilizations for diplomatic or military dominance or isolate yourself with galactic barricades. There are plenty of different strategies and tactics which makes every game completely unique. A must play for fans of 4X or Science fiction.


Take me to your leader

runnerx | July 3, 2013 | See all runnerx's reviews »

I've waited for a long time for a modern 4x game set in space. A lot of people complained about the simple graphical interface and while i do agree it's simple in that regard(though the space battles do look great) that's not what's important in a turn based strategy game. The UI is brilliant and it's easy to keep track of a large interstellar empire and with 10 races( 11 with the new DLC) it will give you weeks of fun. Plus the game is actively supported with new stuff such as races or other perks in games added as free DLC. A game worth buying and supporting.


Very great idea, fun game

draculrosu12 | March 3, 2013 | See all draculrosu12's reviews »

This game is very similar to turn-based strategy games like Civilization (except in space, which is better) and real-time strategy games like sins of a solar empire. It is one of those games that is inbetween, like Total War for those of you familiar with the series. But, as total war is primarily an rts game, Endless Space is primarily a turn-based game. The quick real-time space battles are very simple instruments added for elegance. Now, many people accuse the ai of cheating, and it does seem so sometimes, but other times not so much. If you feel the ai is cheating, all you have to do is change up your tactics a little bit and be more random. Out-playing the ai will lead you towards victory even when the ai does cheat. In the real time battles, countering what your enemy does gives you a bonus, but does not neutralize what they do. The ai often has inferior ship designs so when you design your own, you will definitely notice the difference and realize that once you become good at the game, the ai will have to cheat to have any chance of success or even mere survival. If you are new to the civilization-like turn based strategy genre, then do not play this game, do not buy it. If you are a veteran or casual gamer that really found enjoyment in the civilization franchise then defintely buy this game, play it, and love it. It is a great change of pace and you will find yourself immersed in the game play.


This year's coolest strategic surprise

pyton | July 26, 2012 | See all pyton's reviews »

Endless Space is a great return to the golden era of 4X strategy, carried out in a very modern way. If you dreamed that someone sat down, pulled himself together and created a new version of the iconic Master of Orion, the no frills, no innovation in power, playable like that one, only better ... it looks Endless Space is the fulfillment of these dreams. At the beginning at least, because then, after several hours of play, the more clearly seen that, however, is more than just a little differently, entitled "remake" the classics. This is a new standard for the genre, the pattern of Sevres for games of exploration, expansion, exploitation and extermination.


A new breath for the 4X

Eiensakura | July 23, 2012 | See all Eiensakura's reviews »

Endless Space is a breath of fresh air into the 4X category after the disappointing Sword of the Stars II. Endless Space has very distinct races that really varies from one to another, such as the mechanoid Cravers to the ancient Amoebas, each faction having their own unique background and play style. Graphic and interface wise, Endless Space is rather astounding for an indie developer. The game UI is easy to use and pleasing to the eyes, and even the planets have their distinctive feel as you zoom into your systems. The tech-tree is a wide interconnected web of research and developments which you can either specialize, or be average in everything. Space fleet wise, the fleet composition is quite limited, with about 6 to 7 choice of classes are available to each faction. With no ability to modify the appearance of the ships, battles with multiple ships of the same class with different weaponries gets rather hard to differentiate. Weapons are the typical rock paper scissors mode, with some other selection of modules to specialize your ship with. The battles pans out in an automatic manner where by ships trade pot shots through 3 different phases. The inability to control your fleet movement is a personal blot to me, and the card system in place is rather simplistic. However, the battles are beautifully done. One thing of importance with Endless Space is the Game2gether philosophy used by Amplitude, whereby the community has a say in the development of the game, and this is a right direction to go in terms of dev-player interaction. Endless Space is surely one of the better 4X to look out for in 2012.


Endless Space has the basics down, but more depth is needed...

fable2 | July 20, 2012 | See all fable2's reviews »

Endless Space is a great game. It has gotten the basics of management and diplomacy down, the graphics are pleasing, and the soundtrack gets you in the mood for some galactic exploration... but I just wish there was more depth to it. The game overall is fun and a decent purchase for $30, but it seems lacking in some elements. The planet management, battle system, and diplomatic relations part of the game all seem to be missing the same kind of depth that Civ has. Planet management is pretty interesting in this game because you don't manage every single planet in every single star system, but instead you manage the entire star system. If you build an improvement, the entire system gets the bonus effect, while building a ship takes the effort of the entire system. While this does make the game feel less tedious at times, it makes it much simpler. The management gets boring after a while and I end up making most of my planets convert work into gold or science. While the card rock, paper, scissors combat system the game has is a "fresh" new take on combat, it all boils down to luck. From my experience, the cards don't really turn the tide of battle, because whoever has the higher strength usually wins, making the cards seem useless. I might be spoiled by the depth of other 4x games, like Civilization, but it just feels like Endless Space could be something more, something better, and something much more fleshed out than what it already is. Overall though, the game was pretty enjoyable.


One of the better 4x games to date

lightfellow | July 12, 2012 | See all lightfellow's reviews »

Endless Space is an absolutely stunning 4x space game. Unlike its closest competition (Sins of the Solar Empire), this game focuses less on the individual unit control and battles but offers a more deep research tree and development of colonies and ships. Alot of attention has been put into the balancing of research and development options to make them very balanced and deciding which path to select first a real (fun) challenge. This said, the space battles are still existent and fun. There is no control over movements of troops during battle phases like in many other games. The entire phase has been replaced by a card system, where each player picks out a single card action per each 1 of 3 parts of the battle, like a very complex rock paper scissors. It is still fun but does take some of the complexity out of battles. The game makes up for this however with the ability to customize your ships to your liking. This means the battle is more decided on how you choose to outfit your ships than ever before. A player must plan ahead based on what types of weapons and shields an opponent has, and locate resources, research, and develop the corresponding weapons and shields to counter that. As to if the emperor edition is worth the extra $5, I would personally say yes. You do get a nice skin and also extra Hero and some online bonuses. I would also show some appreciation to this small developer for creating such a nice game. So in conclusion, if you are a fan of games such as Sins of the Solar Empire, or other 4x games definitely worth taking a look. A nice small jewel that you should not pass up.