Reviews for Endless Space: Admiral Edition


A good intro

Imjustabirdytoo | June 13, 2013 | See all Imjustabirdytoo's reviews »

I had never really played a 4x game before this let alone know what one is. However my curiosity and a sale prompted me to buy it and I don't regret it. It actually got me very interested in the 4x genre. However playing a few others from the genre I can see this one is pretty stream lined. Its good for quick pick up and play and great as a introduction to the genre but is lacking endgame or much racial diversity. This may sound like an insult but it is not. It would be a great tablet game. It got a clear and easy to navigate UI. Everything has descriptions when highlighted and everything is easy to manage and use. Graphics don't play a big part but are nice and clear. Battles are more of watching than actively playing. Diplomacy is a little shallow and even if another race really likes you it doesn't seem to influence the negotiations much at all. A nice large 4 tiered research tree influence how your game (mainly early game) plays out. I must say I really like the soundtrack a nice little added bonus that fits the game perfectly. Over all I am glad i picked this one up and I'm glad its the first of the 4x i really played so i wasn't to overwhelmed and gave up on the genre.


Short review

karnage10 | May 31, 2013 | See all karnage10's reviews »

Since there are a lot of reviews, i chose to focus my review in a few points. Positives: ->Good gameplay ->reletevely cheap ->ok soundtrack ->gets updated often negatives: ->end game is a tad boring ->tech tree is almost equal to each race ->not much of a diference between races -> diplomacy is much less important then war


Great entry in the strategy, 4x genre

draculrosu12 | March 3, 2013 | See all draculrosu12's reviews »

From the 4x games I've played, the most similar game would be Galactic Civilization 2, a great 4x game in itself, in both its gameplay and background. If you already like GalCiv 2, this game should be right up your alley. Its execution and amount of content on the usual 4x elements range from good to great. There are 8 races, lots of civic options (buildings/improvements), research options, and a little weaker on diplomacy. Several victory conditions that cater to different play style. While some say the battle is merely a "card game", it needs to be considered in the context of 4x, in which the strategy is determined and executed *before* the battle, i.e. having a strong production or producing the right unit for the situation. Not to mention, in most 4x games, the combat involve little besides dragging units to the desired location. The only thing I find really lacking is the UI, which gets really cumbersome as your empire grows larger. It needs to do better to preset both information and access to users to manage large number of systems (equivalent of planets or cities). For example, there is no GalCiv 2 style production manager, meaning towards the end you'll be clicking thru 20-30 systems to build x. Hot keys are curiously missing--as in none at all. All in all, a great strategy, 4x game that could use a better UI


Lacks depth, but does a lot right

Mikester7 | Jan. 22, 2013 | See all Mikester7's reviews »

Played this game a fair bit when it had the free weekend of Steam, but did not end up purchasing it. The game feels like it took many elements from the Total War game Shogun 2, but falls short due to a lack of depth in the skill trees, combat and management sides. Endless space has some charming visual, detailed planets and spectacular ship models, something that I really look out for in space games (I'm a bit of a space junkie). The races were varied and the customization of ships was something I enjoyed. Sadly, battles in Endless Space were lacking and strategy did not come into play when fighting the fleets of your enemies. Instead battles were just predetermined by a computer calculation, though you did get to watch the battle, which is better than nothing. Grand strategy game fans who don't mind a bit of space will probably enjoy Endless Space a lot more than I did, but personally, the new Sins of a Solar Empire feels superior.


4X Fun but where's the End Game?

twinnuke | Sept. 14, 2012 | See all twinnuke's reviews »

Let me start off that with all the patches, mods and expansions to come this game will get increasingly better as time goes along. Unfortunately at launch the End Game was rather lack luster and more of an attack this planet as you fend off this amount of ships. Unless you were really playing against hard opponents things didn't really get heated. [Graphics] Let's start off with the U.I. - It was wonderful, most of the time it worked perfectly and was easy to read and nice to look at. The planets have nice color palates and texture fidelity. While the ships in Map Overview mode aren't anything to gawk at.. Combat mode is surprisingly pretty. The atmosphere with the ships warping in and the models are all stunning even if they don't do much in the way of maneuvering. [Gameplay] Everything to expect from your average 4X but insanely polished up until things start to slow down at the end. I don't mean slow down in the frame rate / turn times but slow down as in I have to fight 75 battles this turn at this one planet because this army decided to move their entire fleet in at once. The Tech tree on slow gameplay can take a pretty long time to get through, but anything faster and you'll be at max with everyone spamming ships before you know it. Which really takes a drag on the game as everyone essentially becomes the same even though they have different traits. Navigating the U.I. is really easy and makes the game flow nicely and is rather uncomplicated. There are a few things you have to learn before you can really get into the game and what techs are absolutely needed but other than that you can jump right in. [Sound] The sounds in this game are pretty standard, they don't vary between races and the music score while nice is nothing to shake money at. [Issues] Other than the occasional turn end stuck bug which can be fixed by the last player to press his turn leaving the game or the can't select planet until turn end bug it was pretty well debugged.


Endless Entertaiment

Wredniak | July 5, 2012 | See all Wredniak's reviews »

Amplitude Studios did a really good job developing Endless Space. One of the best things the made is User interface, there is not a single thing I would change there. All the informations necessary are easy accessible, nothing is missing and what's more important there is nothing there for the sake of being which sometimes happens in 4x titles. Player isn't buried under countless tables feeling more like accountant than leader of star empire. Visual side is also good. In strategic view map is easy to read and in the battle backgrounds are simply gorgeous. Sadly it shows this is small studios as there is no great cinematic intro, instead we get few images with a short story of the faction we chose to play. When we met new faction we get same message as with any other, diplomacy is just a table. It isn't bad but I wished for more like each race having unique greeting, declaration of war etc. Economy is simple but this is a good thing, food makes colony grow quicker, production helps build things, science allows to invent things and dust is currency allowing to buy things. What makes it interesting is each planet gives different amount of those resources (called FIDS) per capita. "Friendly" words like Terrain, Ocean and Jungle tends to give FIDS equally with small differences, Lava and Tundra are good for production, Arid and Desert helps commerce while Gas Giants depending on type gives huge boost to one resource but at the expense of others. To further complicate things you can choose one of 4 complexes on each planet that gives a boost to one of the resources generation. Farms will give more food on every planet but if build on Terrain or Ocean there will be additional bonus, Research centre will help every planet type but barren and Arctic planets get a bonus. And sometimes ideal matching isn't possible for example when you have 2 lava and one barren planet in the system building farms on one of them is necessity to increase population despite neither of them is ideal for this. Later as you research technologies there are other options to boost the food production but each star system installation cost set amount of dust to maintain every turn. In this game it's better not to build every available installation as the cost can put the empire in debt especially early on. Also here is a little flaw in the making; you can build any installation you researched even if it doesn't make sense like additional dust per explored moon if there is no moons in the system or additional population slots on tiny and small planets where there are only large planets in the system. There is 13 planet types in game:Terrain, Ocean, Jungle, Tundra, Lava, Arid, Dessert, Arctic, Barren, Asteroids and 3 types of Gas Giants. Each of them can have anomaly; some are good like metallic waters giving additional production, some can be mixed like shattered crust giving boost to production but impairing dust and negative ones like Keppler Syndrome reducing both research and dust. With research you first learn to remove negative effects of mixed ones and later to get rid of the negative ones. On first it is better to avoid if possible because unsuitable planets like lava tend to give huge negative approval bonus and if coupled with negative anomaly entire system can go on strike almost halving it's FIDS. Aside of anomalies each planet can have poor (1), moderate (2) and rich (3) deposit of resource. Luxury resources gives various bonuses to the planet and empire, additionally acquiring monopole (4 of 7 resources) gives huge boost to those bonuses (+20% food production of empire, +40% ship defence etc.). Strategic resources are discovered through research and usually give production bonuses. Research is divided into 4 non linear tech trees: Diplomacy and Trade, Applied Science, Military and Exploration the later generally being the most important as this one unlocks new planets for colonisation, new ship types, moon surveys, allows removing anomalies and terraforming. Diplomacy and Trade helps with income, approval rate and allows bigger fleets. Military unlocks new and more powerful weapons and defences. Applied science helps with production and research and also unlocks strategic resources needed for more advanced projects. Although it is possible to focus only on one tree it's impractical. Without Trade research empire will be unhappy crippling production, without exploration military will have tiny ships and colonisation will be limited, some military research is needed to deal with pirates efficiently, applied science offers bonuses that speeds up developments. Diplomacy is interesting in this game. All factions start in "cold war" which allows fighting outside of faction territory and taking outposts (outpost turns into colony in 30 turns and starts generating are of influence then) but doesn't allow to cross territory of enemy faction or attacking their colonies. If faction likes you the will be willing to trade with you if they don't getting a deal requires a lot more resources. If you expand to much, have too many ships for their liking or there is border tension between you it will be harder to even negotiate peace not to mention open borders or trade agreements. It is interesting that factions will dislike you if you have better overall score than they. Combat was designed in interesting way; You outfit your ships with whatever weapons, defences or support modules you want as long as they were unlocked and some techs increase maximum tonnage. There are 3 types of weapons: rockets, beams and kinetics with 3 corresponding defences. Nothing says you can't build a ship with only rockets on board but if enemy has decent amount of anti-rocket systems on their ships combat is going to be one-sided. Each ship you build can be modified in the military overview and then retrofitted using dust on the field. This allows flexibly changing it's systems depending on the enemy... if you can afford it. Combat is real time but only action player can take is picking a card that boosts your ships stats or lowers opponents. Those cards works like more advanced rock, paper, scissors. If you pick right card enemy card will be cancelled and you will have advantage which can determine a winner. On the other hand if you have advantage picking repair card can allow you to massacre 10 times more enemy units than you have yourself (Only set amount of ships can take part in battles depending on the command points of empire which allows one advanced empire to destroy countless number of enemy ships using only few). This all means that when it comes to ships bigger is better in this game. Once you unlocked dreadnoughts you don't really need other ships. Out of 8 factions every one plays differently and this time it is true. Craves need to expand quickly and destroy other factions, Sophons should try to remain peaceful early and then they can either destroy others with advanced fleet or try to win technologically. Empire +40% HP for ships is huge difference and strong economy allows them to build a lot of ships making military victory the best route. Sovers ability to colonise every word at the beginning gives them advantage while trying to win expansion victory. Every race can win but each has one or two victory types it is better at. When I played this game many times I thought "this could be better" or "I wish developers added this" as there are many minor things that could be improved but this doesn't really matter. The fact is I played this game till 5 A.M. because sine 2 A.M. this was the last turn. This game is probably the best 4x I played in a long time. And if the developers keep there promise that release is not the end but the beginning it can become one of the best of all time. So far I have spent 15h with this game and I know it will be 150 soon. For only $30 the game is worth every penny. It probably would be worth 60.