Reviews for Crusader Kings II: Sword of Islam


Greetings from the Muslim Kingdom of Denmark

palmtreebearer | Aug. 18, 2015 | See all palmtreebearer's reviews »

This is a great expansion, in addition to what some others have said, you can pretty much make anywhere in Europe Muslim if you know what you are doing and also have the Old Gods expansion. Just go down to Muslim Africa, raid some coastal cities, and you have Muslim concubines you can use to convert to Islam. Both fortunately and unfortunately, being a Muslim in Nordic lands provides for a "target rich environment." But yeah, you can also be a normal Muslim and just enjoy the different Muslim gameplay mechanics.


Makes Muslim nations playable

ConorEngelb | Aug. 1, 2013 | See all ConorEngelb's reviews »

Any DLC that makes an entire group of nations playable is a DLC worth buying. And a DLC that makes the entire southern half of the map playable is definitely a DLC worth buying. The rules for playing as a Muslim ruler are slightly different, and initially quite challenging to adapt to. But it's worth it once you get it under control.


Even more meety content for you to enjoy!

HolyGigi | July 16, 2013 | See all HolyGigi's reviews »

Are you bored of being a nice christian ruler? You wish the pope would just stop messing up your plans? Get this and enjoy a totally different perspective and style of play. I know that must have sounded like a bad car commercial, but really, you get to play the "other" side, you get to experience a new set of challenges.


Crusader kings 2 is perfection,how can you add to it? LIKE THIS

WildWest123 | June 6, 2013 | See all WildWest123's reviews »

It takes the whole perfection and joy of Crusader Kings 2,but now it allows you to play the muslim faith,with re-made UI fit for muslims and new game mechanics,this is just a MUST have expansion for CK2.


Try out new nations with new mechanics.

kaleid0sc0pic | May 28, 2013 | See all kaleid0sc0pic's reviews »

This DLC enables the player to play as any Muslim character on the Crusader Kings 2 map, thus meeting one of the most requested features by players of CKII. The Sword of Islam (SoI) also introduces mechanics in an attempt to model medieval Islamic government. Mostly this is successful as you get into the mindset of an Islamic emir, both trying to win prestige and piety while attempting to manage your unruly and all too often murderous kinsmen, children and wives. For me, as a great lover of the base game, this DLC did add a lot by added more playable characters and introducing some slightly different mechanics. On the other hand it doesn't radically alter the gameplay by using SoI to play a Muslim character. Nevertheless, if you loved the base game of CKII, then SoI is well worth spending the money on.


A must have expansion for CK2

DaiMonPaul | March 23, 2013 | See all DaiMonPaul's reviews »

Sword of Islam is the first major DLC expansion for Crusader Kings 2, and it's almost a must-have. It expands the map, adds the important and unique "decadence" system for Muslims, and (most importantly) allows you to play as Muslims! With the systems and interface set up in this DLC, playing as a Muslim ruler feels very different than playing as a Christian. Having to balance the pressure to expand with the hassles of managing the family dynasty to avoid decadence offers a unique challenge with lots of flavor. If you're even going to think about playing a Muslim dynasty in the game, then you need to pick up "Sword of Islam."


Adds more nations, but not a huge game changer

murgo23 | March 3, 2013 | See all murgo23's reviews »

The more I play Crusader Kings, the more I find myself thinking that the programmers think themselves entirely too clever. This DLC definitely helped dramatize that for me. The truth was that I found that this didn't add as much as I expected. With this expansion you can now play nations that start with an "Islamic" government. These nations operate under slightly different rules (such as receiving a prestige penalty for not having multiple wives.) But after you get around the few new quirks, the game is much the same. Through a combination of alliances, military actions and patience you are attempting to take your ruler's dynasty and make them rulers over as much of the world as possible. I found this fun, but only for a while. In the end this DLC was not a huge boost to the playability of the game. Overall the game is fun, but in solo play it doesn't really keep ones attention for very long.


Expand your options

igzaustion | Jan. 7, 2013 | See all igzaustion's reviews »

At first, this DLC was a breath of fresh air, as you could play "the enemy", and therein reverse the gameplay a bit. Also, the bonuses from more wives sounded quite nice. Now, the expansion just feels like a part of the game. That is not a bad thing though. A real Paradox game excels in availability of playable territories, and the options this DLC gives you is definitely worth the ten Euros.


A refreshing point of view

Maniacal | Aug. 16, 2012 | See all Maniacal's reviews »

Crusader Kings II was already a pretty fun and very moddable game, but Sword of Islam is an excellent and inexpensive expansion DLC. While the gameplay is of course quite similar, the experience of playing as a Muslim character is a very different flavour (at the very least) than the European christians with numerous different and interesting events (especially religious themed ones) as well as being allowed to have up to 4 wives (which is expected for a Sultan). Depending on whom and where you play as it can be quite challenging to fend off crusades but the rewards for a successful expansion are generally worth the risk.


What this game needed.

TheRealMoremir | July 12, 2012 | See all TheRealMoremir's reviews »

I'll start by saying I loved Crusader Kings II. It was one of the best strategy games i've played in years. If for some reason you don't own it yet, and you like the Total War games, especially the Medieval ones, you should check it out. That beeing said, one of the few features that I didn't like was the fact that you couldn't play the muslims. But this expansion takes care of that. It adds a whole new experience to the game. If you liked the original game, be it single player or multiplayer, you are gonna love it. Especially since one of the things that make this game so grate is the multiple political interactions between factions.The interface update, on the other hand, is also a nice touch and proof of the overall nice desing of the game.