Reviews for FIFA 13 (NA) [Legacy]


An Excellent Game of Football

Narazumo | Jan. 17, 2013 | See all Narazumo's reviews »

Having played my fair share of previous Fifa titles and many of the bevy of imitators and legitimate competitors(looking at you PES) for console, I would think I have a fair knowledge of what a football game should offer. This game offers it all. While providing players with all of the major football leagues in Europe, along with some of the minor European leagues, and providing some from the Americas and Asia. You will never really find yourself unable to locate a team to represent. The graphics are solid, not gorgeous, but they are pretty tight nonetheless, ie: many players look like their real life counterparts, good resolution will allow you to make out names on jerseys from afar and even the stadiums themselves are highly recognizable. The gameplay has improved from previous iterations. The physics has been reworked a tad so you can avoid some of the more hilarious collisions and frustrating ones as well. The AI has improved for the most part and will better make runs, play balls into space, and generally have a favorable offensive buildup and defensive coordination. The Referees will also make better calls and more fair calls; fewer phantom red cards, and fewer penalties given away. Online is the same as always. Plagued by latency issues I would recommend NOT playing outside of your region unless you have a great internet connection and an above average machine. The online leagues are great for playing your buddies and seeing how is truly the best fake footballer. Overall this game is worth the modest $40 and with a discount voucher it is an even better deal at times. If you are hesitant at playing a sports title with a mouse and keyboard, the game features full support for a compatible XBOX 360 controller, though I am unsure about the support for third party hardware.