Reviews for Victoria Complete [Legacy]


Really good game, but...

klaros | July 28, 2011 | See all klaros's reviews »

This strategic game has many options and is really customizable in many aspects (internationl strategical, political, military, economical, technological, prestige-cultural, sociological) them will surprise you letting you think that it is the best modern state simulator (like keeveek wrote in his review) but we also have to remember some important issues. I found it really fun and decisively worth to buy (you can buy it for few money too because it is quite old). I surely suggest you to get it if you like strategic games, also if there these "issues". Pro: it is really detailed, you can chose general, admirals, various army and navy type and options (they will evolve with tech), you have to balance your economic state and caring about education/science and cultural level, crime, taxes (for rich, middle and poor classes), nation's debt, tolls (it will influence your protectionistic policy, so your internal development), social reforms (you can risk a revolution if people isn't really happy and reforms cost enough). There are colonial wars or normal ones. Will happens to you events where you have to do a choice that will have tiny or great influences. Con: As many Paradox strategic game, similar to Europe Universails, it has some rules that undermine its realism and let it resemble more to a complex risk. For example you can't have more diplomatic relations than your relative diplomatic score (that let you "how damn do they think these limitations?"). Due the fact that if you don't take care about diplomatic relations other nations could start hating you, at this point you understand that the limit is important, expecially if there are nations much more powerfull than your or if you remember that you have to have relations with the whole world, so few points can't be enough. If you started a war, conquered some or many provincies and you have a powerfull ally, could happens that this one will make peace before you would want to or you achieve your objectives. The problem is that your ally making peace could obtain some provinces YOU conquered or you wanted, also without sending a tiny army (expecially if it is a war far from its borders). AI isn't really intelligent, I won wars where I was weaker simply because I used better my troops. Seems the AI bases its strategy on spreading many troops on your country to subtract you your resources. If they are a great number they can succed, but if you keep winning battles the war could be really really really long without going anywhere, just keeping you repiting your defensive moves. At that time industrial worker didn't need a really high specialization but in this game you have to pay to promote them as industrial workers (craftmans) and you have to do it for every province you own and repeat it on the whole game, infact social situation changes with population grow and emigration/immigration. Due the fact promoting someone as wroker is unrealistic this will obviously influence your involging in the historical simulation. To optimize production you have to split workers groups (again) in every province and for the whole game. Do you have to say every people where opportunities are? You can't be "mayor" in every province while wars run, or you can be it and the game will never end. If you conquered the whole enemy territory it probably will not accept the annexation, also if it is a nation far more weaker than your, so you'll have to conclued a peace and to start other wars to annex it all (uncivilized nations apart). Multiplay can run on internet only if you have the IP number from someone hosting a game (I think hamatchi or similar could help here, but the game isn't made for having an official dedicated server). The game hasn't a tutorial (which is really disappointing because it is a complicate one), but you can find a tutorial-mod from victoria fans. When you annex a nation you don't get their money or their tech, why? Do really all scientists do harakiri when you annex their nation?


Great strategy

keeveek | April 4, 2011 | See all keeveek's reviews »

Best simulators modern state. In fact, there is no other. I love playing this game, but I have to warn beginners - this is not a piece of cake. Long it takes to implement the game mechanics, but as soon as you succeed, you'll be delighted. Huge selection of diplomatic options, management, conduct of war and economic offers for hundreds of hours of gameplay - you can choose any country from that period, so you will not get bored.