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Mini Cute Ninja

Pumba398 | March 10, 2015 | See all Pumba398's reviews »

No, really, this game is sooo cute and funny. Not outdated at all i could say. Platformer about little ninja that can fight some dudes and jump very high. Ninja should exploring the surrounding areas to find all the items and having fun with animals. For a simplistic game, a lot of thought was put into the little things. You can control different characters and each has own skills and weapons. There is only one problem. The game is very easy even in hard mode. There isn't many challenging bosses. But oh well, why making all the games hard, right? I can recommend this game for children and for parents who tired of all the violent in this world and wanna to chillax on a sofa with their kids and play some game.


fun, cute, but easy

mirta000 | May 20, 2014 | See all mirta000's reviews »

This game is a fun little ninja game where you focus on collecting friends, abilities and beating bosses. A regular level will have collectibles in secret places, but very little exploration and be very much a corridor runner. The enemies in the game are not challenging. The only kind of challenge comes from the bosses. The game is very cute though and has a fun and innocent story. Even though the game is easy to beat, it never bored me. Overall consensus: very child friendly, good for adults to see if they want some harmless action game fun, though do not expect much difficulty out of this one :)


Such a cute game

arimajeen | Jan. 10, 2014 | See all arimajeen's reviews »

This is one FUN game. It looks beautiful and plays well. Although it's definitely more of a children's title, it's still a nice relaxing game for adults to enjoy as well. You can always turn up the difficulty.


Cute, fun game

Qwertyfour | Oct. 4, 2013 | See all Qwertyfour's reviews »

Mini Ninjas is very cute and very fun. The game play is quite refreshing from standard stealth games and has a very Zelda level appeal. It is kind of like an intro to the stealth genre for kids, kind of like Mark of the Ninja, because it's not graphically violent and the protagonist is quite humorous, along with the other characters. I was waiting for this game to be included in a bundle but the 3 for 8 USD deal is good enough for me. One thing to note is that it often has a problem in terms of frame rate stuttering which seems to be caused by certain USB devices. Read up on it if you plan on buying this game or try out the demo, but basically, you'll need to go to the device manager and disable certain components to make your game stop stuttering. A bit of a bother, but still well worth it. Definitely get this game if you love stealth games and want a less serious, cute game.


A nice, relaxing little game

Cooberstooge | Sept. 13, 2012 | See all Cooberstooge's reviews »

Mini Ninjas is just one of those games that, even in the midst of combat, I can still mellow out. The look, the sound, and the play all just "click" and work very well together. The game is challenging, but not so much so that you'll want to quit - new players will be able to get quite a ways into it before running into difficulty, and that only serves to keep one going through it. The game has a unique style and, while it can put decent demands on average-spec computers, turning down the settings will still result in a good experience. The sound is especially nice, with all this very calming, zen-like music quickly switching to a frantic war drum beat during combat. The enemies all have strange squeaky voices, much like the characters in Magicka, which only adds to the charm. The controls are well laid-out, and all combine to make exploring and combat a very enjoyable experience. The story is quite long, clocking in at roughly 15 hours for me, and is loaded with humour and funny scenes. Much of the story is told through cut scenes, and these are also where you learn more about the characters you are attempting to rescue. The one negative I have to mention about Mini Ninjas would be the strange every four to five second micro-stuttering I've always encountered. Apparently, the game doesn't like USB devices - usually it's a connected camera or something non-essential one can unplug and this goes away, but in my case it's the keyboard. Not something game-breaking really, but it is a little irritating at times. All things considered, I still must recommend this game. It's one of only a handful that is enjoyable for both the young and the old, and is something every gamer should have in their library.


Funny game

Zinzun | Sept. 12, 2012 | See all Zinzun's reviews »

Muini Ninja is nothing more then a little,funny game.It's a action,a platform,is colorfoul and with a lot of characters. If you have son,buy this for them (but play it you too)!


Easy but fun game

panz3r88 | Aug. 3, 2012 | See all panz3r88's reviews »

Mini Ninjas is a good action game where you can command various ninjas with different abilities. The game is linear: in each level you must go from point A to point b killing all the enemies. There are also interesting and original boss fights. Mini Ninjas is quite easy to finish but it's never boring and the presence of many different characters to command increase the variety of the game


Funny and interesting little ninja game.

Gh0st233 | July 4, 2012 | See all Gh0st233's reviews »

Mini Ninjas is a really, really refreshing, unique, and innovative game that has appeared in a long time. It's cartoony graphics and art style are just plain beautiful, and gameplay is very fast and fun. The characters in the game, especially the main protagonist, are very funny and interesting. The game has some decent length to it, as well. It can be completed in about 10-15 hours. There are lots of different levels, and each one is quite different than the others, and very fun. Oh, and, boss battles are fun. Take that, Deus Ex. Oh, also, you have an ability to posses animals...HOW COOL IS THAT? I'd recommend this game to anyone who wants a different game than others. It's great fun.