Reviews for Krater - Collector's Edition


Time for Redemption

Xhialinnen | July 22, 2015 | See all Xhialinnen's reviews »

Reading all the bad reviews of Krater you have to bear in mind that the game has evolved since original release. I played for 20+ hours without problems and I think it's a fun game with a lot of humor. To see games like Torchlight or Diablo getting stellar reviews while Krater is getting a lot of flak is extremly unfair. So if you're up to the challenge buy it. Even at full price it's worth the money. For a few quid in a sale it's a steal.


Awesome Co Op Game

Xflasher | July 6, 2013 | See all Xflasher's reviews »

This game has a cool concept, decent gameplay although can get boring pretty fast unless played with a friend. Would only recommend if on a deal and if you have a friend to play with.


Diablo 3 comparison

wfosnot | June 1, 2013 | See all wfosnot's reviews »

Similar to Diablo 3 - game had potential but falls short. Instead of D3 type dungeons with wizards / warriors, you get the same isometric view in a steampunk type world (using guns etc). Graphics are very bright and colorful (oooh - shiny!) - but gameplay is frustrating with the leveling system. The game developers have added co-op to the game (and playing with friends is always better). They should add a fast travel option!


This had potential but...

Supraballs | May 25, 2013 | See all Supraballs's reviews »

It simply has way too many gamebreaking features. It's missing a lot of balance and honestly, controlling multiple characters in this game simply does not work. ARPGs are a blast to me, but this one misses on so many fronts. There are parts where it shows promise and the environments are cool at first, but then you realize later that it is completely the same throughout the entire game. If they had more variance in this game, I'd call it a sleeper hit, but for now, it's not working out for me. Proceed with caution.


Great Concept

Turambar29 | May 24, 2013 | See all Turambar29's reviews »

Krater has a lot going for it; it evokes some of the nostalgia for party-based isometric ARPGs, has an original art direction, and has a certain quirkiness to it that's really appealing. Even some of the initial criticisms have been answered in updates: the option to raise the level cap on individual party members allows you to keep progressing with a beloved mutant if you like (you'll still want to eventually replace it with something that has better base stats). However, I found that money was hard to come by, limiting the real source of progression (implants ans boosters). As a result, Krater feels very grindy, and took some effort on my part to keep going. Even so, I never did finish; the final boss fight is amazingly difficult, and that alone would have required 10s of hours of grinding just to be able to finish. A lot to love here, but it'll make you put in some real effort!



Lluvia4D | May 14, 2013 | See all Lluvia4D's reviews »

good game but somewhat undervalued, it is certainly good buy if you take advantage of a good deal


Really Isn't Worth It

ronburgundy | May 5, 2013 | See all ronburgundy's reviews »

This game seems like a cool concept, and a decent overall game from screenshots and gameplay videos. But when you really approach the game and play it for some hours, it becomes a boring left click fest. D2 was a left click fest a lot of the time, but it made left-clicking extremely fun and exhilarating. This game did neither of those things. It's environments are okay, I thought they would be more interesting based on the premise of the game, but again they were not what was expected. It has it's moments, but overall it just really isn't fun to have an ARPG with 3 characters to control.


Interesting take on the ARPG

TheWhiteRose | April 17, 2013 | See all TheWhiteRose's reviews »

There's been many ARPGs coming out lately with Diablo 3 chief among though. Unfortunately D3 was poorly made and thus, I found myself searching for something better. I found two great and unique title in Path of Exile and Torchlight 2. And I found a decent one in Krater. It's much more different than the style presented in the above ARPGs, but if you are looking for a unique game, this is right up your alley.



artropodo | Feb. 20, 2013 | See all artropodo's reviews »

For me this game look like a simple, modern Fallout. You control a party of 3, you can select them from different classes (Tank, DPS, Healer) as you progress you can upgrade them with implant that you found or create, this implant boost their status or their skill. You go around doing different quest, kill this, kill that, find this or that and so on. The quest's are a repetitive but the game still fun. If you like Fallout, and game of that type give a chance to Krater (try the Demo first).


A fun squad based ARPG with a lot to offer.

Crazee | Feb. 20, 2013 | See all Crazee's reviews »

Krater is one of my favourite games at the moment. It's a squad based isometric ARPG set in an apocalyptic Sweden. The graphics are pleasing and the dungeons are about the right size, encouraging exploration without them being too large. You can change up the members of your squad, and this being the Collectors Edition it comes with the super-awesome Dr. Cerebro. Dr. Cerebro is a mutant healer, who is far superior to the base healers in the game, and therefore a great asset on your adventures! The combat is great, the skills are fun to use. The game's simple to get into, and playable in short bursts or hours at a time depending on how you feel. The crafting is simple and the items variance is enough to make it fun without being overwhelming. So far the co-op capabilities of the game are just missions, hopefully in a future update the whole campaign will be available. If you enjoy ARPGs, and want something a little different then try this out. Bottom Line: My sleeper hit of the year.



lkRaven | Feb. 20, 2013 | See all lkRaven's reviews »

I got this game from recent GMG sale and was looking forward to playing it. I have never been a die hard RPG fan. But ever since I finished Dragon Age: Origins I have been trying RPGs. However the ARPG genre was a new one to me since I have never played any Diablo game. The only game I played before this was Torchlight which I did not finish (and hope to finish). All of a sudden I was playing Krater and Titan Quest both (Don't worry I am not going to compare them in this review). When you start Krater, it feels brilliant for the first few hours, because everything feels new. The post apocalyptic setting feels brilliant. I really love the party system and when you play a few hours it offers a quite a good challenge (perhaps because I am an ARPG noob). However, things become gradually repetitive and it soon put me off. Graphics wise, its just above average and the performance seems to take a hit from time to time but its not a big issue. (On a E6600 C2D proc and NVIDIA 275 GTX). Audio effects are not bad but not excellent either and honestly I don't expect much in this department for a low budge title.\ In my view, its a good time filler if you can grab it on Sale. For 19.99 I think there are better options.


intresting take on classic genre, nice look

yrts | Feb. 3, 2013 | See all yrts's reviews »

I got this on sale, after having a great time with torchlight 2 and Path of Exile. I had been looking at it since release but decided to wait because initially it didn't come with the advertised co op mode. I still have yet to try the co op, but I do have to say, it has a really nice look to it, great sound, and the level up system is a novel approach that has me engaged in finding upgrades and figuring out how I want to use them. I tentatively give it a 78 because it looks like a really great game but it's rocky start has hampered my attempts at doing a co op playthrough.


A different action rpg

Kushaja | Feb. 1, 2013 | See all Kushaja's reviews »

I played this gamebefore it received reviews of the new coop mode. Thats right this game didnt have a coop mode at release, which was a grave developer mistake. After the free update, with the coop, the game was much better, both in its execution and performance. In the game you control the party of 3, that have their own abilities which you use during combat. The combat in itself is really fun and gratifying, especially hen you manage to take down a boss. The story is lighthearted and fun, nothing complicated, but thats not the point of the game, the point of the game is the excellent combat system, great and witty graphics and overall fun. All in all, for the price on gmg, i definitely recommend this game.


Good game, but only good.

deathcross | Jan. 29, 2013 | See all deathcross's reviews »

Very nice graphics, music and amazing perfect post-apocalyptic atmosphere. Unfortunately, the game has flaws, for example, a small variety of enemies, repeatability of the game. Despite this, the game is fun and I recommend this game, especially if you hit on price promotions.


Not great, not bad

Mrrickniel | Jan. 27, 2013 | See all Mrrickniel's reviews »

I started playing this game and liked it. I liked the slashing in the apocalyptic world against some monsters. I liked the classes where you could choose between. Then after some time the game was boring, because you need to do the same thing and you see the classes aren't that good. Also the respawn gave some problems if you die you need to walk back without seeing any monsters for most of the time. My opnion on the game is not great because it gets boring after a while.


Krater - review

carlyle | Jan. 17, 2013 | See all carlyle's reviews »

Krater is proposed as an ARPG with isometric view, freely rotatable, we monitor a group of three characters, corresponding to different classes to choose from among four. The management of the three protagonists, then, would seem to provide some strategic depth view of the clear differentiation of roles they played. Indeed, we have the expert who is in close combat, more resistant to attack by other comrades, another specializing in inflicting massive damage from a distance as well as slow or paralyze the enemy up to the classic curator. However do not help to keep the interest monsters, dangerously little different and the lack of artificial intelligence, which manifests itself in the set of groups against which there is located in combat, seemingly random because they are not able to exploit the different skills to their advantage. The skill system implemented in Krater is quite simple and involves the installation of upgrades in slots, unlockable advancing rank. Upgrades can be found from monsters killed or even products through the primary crafting in the game. The result is a game that fails to involve as it should, yes proposing some fun for those not intimidated by grinding, but on balance severely limiting the offer playful.


Delivers some satisfaction for those who like the genre.

fable2 | Jan. 16, 2013 | See all fable2's reviews »

Krater is a dungeon crawler, similar to the mechanics of Diablo, Torchlight, (Of course they aren´t the same), but still the things that you do in these games are similar, (Explore the world, Kill monsters, Level Up), So...the necessary to the game be called a Dungeon Crawler and a Hack and Slash game. In Krater you start with three characters, you have a Melee Fighter Character, a Ranged Fighter Character and a Medic Character, and later you have the option to have a Rogue Type Character. Like Diablo and Torchlight you can create a Character, and level up like you want (having several abilities, evolving stats, etc…). This is one of the points where Krater fails to deliver to the gamer, because each character you control only has two abilities, sometimes differing of others, but still this is where Krater could deliver more to the player, but you can evolve each abilities with perk´s and boost each character with different boosts (like more stamina, more focus, etc…). About the exploration mode in Krater, it´s not that complicated you begin in a Small Town, and you begin to explore more places along doing and complete more quests, it´s just that simple. The battle mode in Krater, it´s not perfect but it isn´t horrible, the problem is, because of having only two abilities for each character, in battle you are constantly spamming always the same abilities, so at some point the battles become a little boring because it´s always the same thing. Overall, Krater isn´t the perfect game as we see it, still we are talking about an Indie game, made by an Independent company named Fatshark with a small budget, we aren´t talking about Blizzard, Electronic Arts, Square Enix, we are talking about a Indie Company that made a game as they could, like they wanted in their way in a world with a great competition in the gaming market, so I think this game deserves some credit rather being treated like trash, therefor I'm giving a score of 7.0.


A good rpg

Cavalieroscuro | Jan. 15, 2013 | See all Cavalieroscuro's reviews »

Krater is a very good rpg. It isn't much difficult, but later in the game will prove your skills for sure. The plot is good indeed, with a good use of dark humor. The dungeon are randomized, so you can play the game again and again, even with your friends on cooperative mode. For this price, Krater is a must-buy for sure.


An awesome post-apoc RPG

Cooberstooge | Sept. 13, 2012 | See all Cooberstooge's reviews »

Krater is everything the old Fallout games used to be, and that is sorely missing from the post-apocalyptic gaming world of today. Memorable characters, awesome environments, great gameplay, and a committed developer combine to make a game you must simply play to believe. The setting for the game, a post-apocalyptic Sweden, is really quite strange. Aside from the giant hole in the ground, one might easily be forgiven for wondering about the aforementioned apocalypse and if it actually happened. Lush greenery abounds, and bright colours are everywhere. The people you'll meet, whether they be traders or NPCs who join your party, all look unique and original - not just Character A with a different hat. Sounds are great, and you'll really feel a part of the game during combat, since it's always in the back of your mind that you and your people are on their own, with no backup - the soundtrack can sense this, I am certain. Krater is still in active development, though, so you might notice a few features or areas that seem a little light on detail. The developers are always around for answering questions or helping you get past a certain enemy. Because of this, there's always new things to see on trips back through discovered areas, and the game just seems bigger and better each time you play. Everybody needs to play Krater - it should really be a required thing for any fan of post-apocalyptic gaming, or anyone who likes characters with actual character.


My new Favorite

koenichstefan | July 4, 2012 | See all koenichstefan's reviews »

This game brings back memories from the good old Fallout games. It has a similar dark humor. The developers put a lot of detail into the unique world, a place that does not look like a apocalyptic world on its blooming green surface, but can turn into a dark and dangerous place in the next cellar. Missions contain references to pop culture and item descriptions are mostly hilarious. The four different classes, two different races, implants and boosters allow for a lot of different strategies to try out. But be careful, a weak team or a tough enemy can get your characters injured or killed. This happens seldom, as knocked out crews go back to the last safe place and can be healed cheaply. Then you have to get back to the dungeon, walk all the way back to the enemy who killed you, passing mostly empty space on the way. But maybe that will change some day. Krater is still under development, the people at Fatshark are in tight contact with the community in their forums and continue to fix bugs and add more content. Coop will come in a week and i'm already looking forward to the whole trilogy that is planned, even though i'm far from done with the first part.


huge possibilities

cristiano171 | June 30, 2012 | See all cristiano171's reviews »

Krater is an RPG. An RPG in my opinion, sensational. In it, we have the opportunity to roam a post-apocalyptic Sweden (very curious choice of birthplace of the studio as the setting for the game) and controlarmos while a team of three characters of different classes, which can progress quite independently .   which is a sort of mix between RTS and action RPG, there's a giant crater that was "born" after the "old world" to die, according to the story. A large explosion (or more?) Gave the crater and provided the premise for the strange situations that will experience this "new world". Several caves can be explored by the player are also part of the game, incidentally, and the vegetation with which ever come across in RPG is really beautiful. By the way, the different towns and environments in which we are not only very colorful, beautiful and full of strange characters using masks, monsters and other creatures. Vargs are already a "plague" in the beginning of the adventure, it is worth remembering.


Unique game.

aqnickdan3 | June 29, 2012 | See all aqnickdan3's reviews »

Krater is a really good game. It is a role playing game based on teams where you attack others and salvage items to use to conquer your way to the top. The game has great graphics, which shows detail in the environment in the smallest places. The game has great gameplay, where there are many items you can use to your advantage to beat the other teams playing. The game has a great progression, as it starts easy and gets very challenging as you get more experience.