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Penumbra Black Plague - review

carlyle | Jan. 7, 2013 | See all carlyle's reviews »

Compared to the first chapter in Black Plague have lost many of the elements that characterize the style of horror: the enemy (like a zombie) will be shown in the early minutes of the game, taking away much of the anxiety caused by the feeling of fighting a "something" not defined, the puzzles proposed, except for a few, few, particularly pleasant, they are absolutely elementary to fix them and rarely require more than a few seconds to figure it out. The other element is left ruined the atmosphere, the main point of the first episode, anxiety plausible due venturing in a secret base in Greenland, with the anguish of what you might find around every corner, has failed with the introduction of a comic foil, disguised as a voice in your head that will ruin some of the most tense even with the jokes so funny. The gameplay, which did so much luck in the first, is proposed in this his successor, the distinction lies in the fact that for any action, such as opening a door, turning a lever, and so forth, you have to perform with the mouse gesture that is is in reality. A second chapter is more disappointing than the first episode: The past year was not used to make any aesthetic improvement and also the choices on how to develop the plot ended up in the usual cliché of the sect evergreen world versus the rest of the world.


Turn off the lights

Lekes | Jan. 5, 2013 | See all Lekes's reviews »

Black Plague is the second game in the Penumbra series. Admittedly I have not played the first game (Overture), but Black Plague picked up right away and did not leave me confused. The game's most notable feature perhaps is its incredibly effective spooky atmosphere and suspense. The dark, derelict areas, as well as the ambient music really do manage to absorb the player. Just as with one other game by this developer, Amnesia, there is no combat system, i.e. the player cannot attack the monsters in the game at all. The only means of survival are running and hiding. This greatly adds to the horror element and also makes it more realistic. The monsters themselves are somewhat scary-looking. To compensate for the lack of combat system, the interactivity with the items and environments is very good. The storyline is very interesting, and the main character's alter ego, Clarence, is in my opinion a very nice touch. I personally really enjoyed the puzzles too, in particular the final puzzle. Together with the philosophical message it tried to convey, it had a huge positive impression on me. Really well done. And the ending was simply amazing, perhaps even somewhat unexpected. Despite all these positive points, Black Plague's main con perhaps is that it is very short, and it's not like the game has much of a replay value either. This is pretty much the only reason that stops me from giving this game a 9. Otherwise I'd highly advise any horror fan to try it out, at least once.


Great Survival adventure game

Xibalba | Sept. 5, 2012 | See all Xibalba's reviews »

Penumbra black plague is a first person horror game, the sequel of Penumbra Overture, two greats survival horror for pc. Use an advanced physics engine for the resolution of riddles, you can interact with a lot of elements and objects. Must have for all lovecraftian fans and horror games in general


Scaring but fun game

panz3r88 | Aug. 2, 2012 | See all panz3r88's reviews »

Penumbra Black Plague is the sequel of Penumbra Overture and is an original first person survival horror. Every element in the game is allows to create a very realistic atmosphere. When you must interact with an object you must move the mouse in a realistic way: for example if you must open a door you don't have simply to click on the door like in other games, but you must simulate the movement you perform to open the door in reality with the mouse. In this game you're are not a cool superhero but a normal person like us:you must always avoid contact with the monster because you don't have weapons to kill them. You must always hide somewhere when a monster appear and you must also avoid to observe them for too long or the panic of the protagonist will grow. If you like survival horror games and you want to try something different from other games you must buy penumbra black plague


Atmospheric Survival Adventure

GMGReviewer | Aug. 26, 2011 | See all GMGReviewer's reviews »

Penumbra Black Plague is a sequel to Penumbra Requiem. It continues the story that most players didn't bother to pay attention to because the story is told through letters scattered throughout the game. The game itself is very immersive. The atmospheric immersiveness is the best thing about Penumbra Black Plague. The eerie sound effects and the spookiness of the environments make you feel like you're really in the game. Beside the bad story telling, the mechanic of the gameplay isn't all that fun nor scary. The gameplay itself isn't scary, but more puzzle solving, yes, puzzle solving! You enter a level and figure out how to exit it by exploring and solving the objects in the level. There is an enemy that will chase you and kill you if you get spotted, so it's also a stealth game. Penumbra Black Plague is an great game if you like engrossing adventure horror puzzle games. It doesn't get repetitive as you would think and it has variety.



hotmando1 | Aug. 15, 2011 | See all hotmando1's reviews »

Hardly a scare. I've played better horror games. The game has too many overdone attempts to scare players. This is so cryostasis i'm afraid. No gun? No action! The music wasn't that creepy, it was just weird. Monsters? Nah, just dogs. If you want a real scare, look somewhere else.


Put your diapers on

tangoak | Aug. 3, 2011 | See all tangoak's reviews »

Damn this game is scary! Penumbra Black Plague is survival horror and also physics based game so you will have use physics to solve problems. You don't basically have anything to fight scary monsters but you have to try to hide or run away. The game has innovative way to interact with the world. Atmosphere is scary and very intensive. Music supports gameplay greatly.


Great game

pk11 | July 29, 2011 | See all pk11's reviews »

Penumbra black plague is first person perspective horror game. Its a continuation of story from Penumbra overture. In game we play as a Phillip who is trapped in terrifying underground complex searches for information about his dead father. Surrounded by enemies, he must confront not only the dangers from them, but also prepared by the authors puzzle elements that reveal more and more pieces of the mystery. Black Plague uses a very advanced physics engine so that the player has full control over almost all occurring in the environment the game objects. It is not enough just click on any item to perform a specific action. If we want to move something, we need to catch an object and move the cursor in the appropriate manner. This applies to both searched drawers, cabinets or moving furniture. A very important part of the game is also mysterious atmosphere and music. Definitely must have game for all horror games fans.


An unequalled horror experience

Oscar | June 25, 2011 | See all Oscar's reviews »

Penumbra: Black Plague, the sequel to Penumbra: Overture, continues the story of Philip and the search for his lost father in the underground region of Greenland. In this second part, Philip discovers an abandoned research facility focusing on examining ancient knowledge. He also realizes he's been infected by the virus behind the facility's desolation. The gameplay of Black Plague has been taken up a notch in means of the combat: there is none. Although you're given the option to distract the enemies by throwing objects at them, you can't actually harm or kill them. This makes room for more puzzles and more hiding in the darkness. So if you think the horrors of Overture desensitized you, think again! Graphically the game may be a rough diamond as is its prequel, but it's not hard to see past that and marvel at the fact how well a team of half a dozen people manage to build a masterpiece that sends shivers down your spine. This owes thanks to the game's sound setup that is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, one of the most atmospheric I've heard to date. If you love horror and puzzles and haven't introduced yourself to the beauty of the Penumbra series, maybe it's about time. You won't regret it.


What survival horror should be...

mitzager | April 6, 2011 | See all mitzager's reviews »

I can't say anything about Black Plague without mentioning Overture, the first episode of this epic installment. I'm surprised I didn't find it on Green Man Gaming, because Black Plague continues the story from the cliff-hanger the first one let us. Anyway, Penumbra series (except Requiem, which was a disappointment) is one of my favorite survival-horror/adventure games. The unique thing about Penumbra is that even though the perspective is first-person, you don't have guns or any other weapons to defend yourself (there are some melee weapons if I remember correctly...but you have to be very patient with them). There are a lot of enemies in game, but the darkness is your best friend. This is what horror in games is all make you feel incapable of defeating your enemies, running and hiding are your only alternatives. The atmosphere of this game is great, I recommend playing with the lights off and headphones. The story has some elements of Lovecraft's work, which contributes in creating a horrific experience (in a good way, of course). The puzzles, an important part in every adventure game, have a medium difficulty, but more interesting and challenging than the latest game of Frictional Games, Amnesia - The Dark Descent, game that I recommend also. In conclusion, I have to say that both Penumbras are a must for every survival horror or adventure enthusiast.


i've really enjoyed while playing.

wahidasoldier | April 6, 2011 | See all wahidasoldier's reviews »

The atmosphere is great in the game. You can interact almost with everything in the game which makes the game better. Although there's nothing to kill, there are lots of puzzle-kind missions to do. Especially the sound are amazing (it's maybe the best part of the game). voices and musics are nicely fit to the game. The bad thing is it's really really short. I've managed to finish it in 5 hours 20 mins. It could be longer or harder. Yes the game is easy. The story might not be the best out there but they managed to merge it in to the game nicely. control system is a bit harder in the beginning but once you managed to do what you want, it's really fun to open the garbage bin and take the garbage outside. Or these kind of stuffs, that might not related with the story but fun to do. As i said this game is easy. If it wouldn't, it could be a classic If you are looking for a horror adventure and some adrenaline you should give a try. Worth to play !


Great example of how to make a true horror game

Jahman | April 5, 2011 | See all Jahman's reviews »

Penumbra as a series is a rare example of the fact that games can invoke a true feeling of horror in a player and don’t have to use “and then is suddenly jumps at you” mechanics to do it. The Black Plague, second of the three parts of Penumbra trilogy, is probably the best of the lot. While the storyline is a direct continuation of the first one, Overture, the areas the player visits are much more varied, ranging from abandoned labs to alien-looking corridors, and the tale of Phillip progresses by leap and bounds. The game, like its predecessor still offers a rather pleasant if straightforward puzzles, most of them physics-based, memorable moments and some nice plot twists. The best part of the game is, however, the constant feeling of danger, lurking just around the corner, and hopelessness in the face of the monsters and the unknown. It is truly amazing how the designers managed to use concepts, such as somewhat clumsy physics and the necessity to do even simple things, like opening doors, not by clicking a button but by performing life-like motions using a mouse, and the lack of proper weapons to force the player to rethink twice each move they take. After all, facing an “infected” head-on in Penumbra rarely ends with a player staying in one piece… While the game’s controls can cause some frustrating moments and learning to navigate the infected-filled corridors can be difficult, the atmosphere and the storyline more than make up for it. In short, Penumbra is hardly a game for the faint of heart, easily frustrated or those that simply can’t stand a game forcing them to sit still in a dark for a minute of two. On the other hand, if you love games with thick atmosphere, the jolt of adrenaline as you sprint down the corridor & bar the door behind you to escape the monster you can’t even look at or the felling of fright as it lurks just on the other side of the wall, looking for a way in… Penumbra Black Plague is the perfect game for you.


Most terrifying experience in my life!

keeveek | April 5, 2011 | See all keeveek's reviews »

I really love horror games. And i was never that scared in my entire life like playing black plague. You know why? Because you cannot kill enemies. This is the best idea ever thought and it's simplicity is amazing. When youll encounter a horrifying creature - you have to run like hell and barricade yourself. So you have to stay in dark, to avoid being seen. You can't even look directly at the monster, because your character will eventually panic and stand up to run! So, you're crawling in the dark corners and praying to not being seen. Beautiful experience. Except that, Penumbra: Black Plague offers nice brain training with physics. You stack up boxes, pipes etc to make yourself a way out or to fix some mechanism - every puzzle has its logical explanation and figuring that out is very satisfactory. If you're horror games fan - you can't avoid that flaweless gem. Story is interesting and absorbing, gameplay is scary, what else to say? Buy it!