Reviews for Genesis Rising DNU


A little gene here, a little there, off you go new starfighter!

Guardian412 | Jan. 31, 2013 | See all Guardian412's reviews »

Genesis Rising is another prime example for what happens when you have great ideas and a story to tell, but you don't have the resources to polish the game to the maximum. This game is very unique in the genre. Unlike other space games where you build mechanical spaceships, here all your ships, be it starfighters or even your mothership, are living creatures that you can evolve with different genes that are giving different types of weapons and skills. As you eliminate your enemies, you may also acquire new weapons and skills by looting the dead shell of the destroyed enemy ships. The game is fast-paced and it is easy to learn and play. The storyline is interesting and very unique, and it would be even great, IF, and huge emphasis on if, if the voice acting wouldn't be terrible and if the dialogues wouldn't make a below average presentation of the otherwise good story. But Genesis Rising isn't a bad game, It was definitely made by love and it has a soul. I also spent hours with it and enjoyed it. It has plenty unique and great ideas, and maybe it would be even a classic if a studio with a greater budget and a bit more experienced people would have done it. However what I really loved, and this part of the game is really professional, is the design of the spaceships. Finally a game where the ships has not just a unique look, but they also have a graceful presentation. The overall look of the game is beautiful, even by today's standard. The other part what I also loved is the level design and the difficulty. This game is hard, even for veteran players. You can't save between missions which is also just raising the difficulty and this part while it's good, it's also a negative element as you must take sometimes an hour aside just to finish a level. The campaign is long, difficult and diverse. You may also trade and form strange alliances, while you're encountering with strange alien cultures. So if you're capable to forgive a weak presentation, while you want a challenging and unique real time strategy game playing in space, I bravely suggest Genesis Rising.


Strategy coming out of your ears

cristiano171 | July 30, 2012 | See all cristiano171's reviews »

Thankfully the user interface is extremely easy to use and producing ships, moving them around the galaxy and trading with friendly parties are all fairly simple processes and the AI of friendly ships respond well to path-finding, meaning that travelling through space is an intuitive and smooth experience. On the graphics front I have no complaints. The explosions, animations of the craft and the interactive cinematics in Genesis Rising look fantastic, and the feeling of travelling through space has been accurately captured. If it's strategy you're after then Genesis Rising has it in abundance. The irritations that I've experienced in the game may be seen as a decent challenge to other gamers and the story and the idea of gene manipulation and blood gathering is solid as well as fascinating. Genesis Rising was a strange game to review. I liked the new ideas in the game, the story, the cut-scenes and upgrading craft and watching them morph in real-time, but there was also times when I wanted to quit because of the frustrations of so much damn micro-management. As a result, I'd only recommend Genesis Rising to patient and experienced RTS gamers. Pros Interesting story-line Gene manipulation is fun Decent graphics Cons Too much micro-management Extremely difficult.


Surprisingly Good

Aldren | July 27, 2012 | See all Aldren's reviews »

This game already has some years from release, but still it isn't a very well known game. I must say that for an action-RTS, its quite action oriented, with some good graphics for its time, and gameplay features which make it something to notice. I didn't find the multiplayer very interesting, but still, only the single player is worth the cost. Overall I am positively surprised with this game and I must say that any RTS player would enjoy it.