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Great game but has some issues

britishlad | July 31, 2013 | See all britishlad's reviews »

As a very new guitar player, I put Rocksmith to the test. It was a bit intimidating at first but with plenty of patience I was able to learn the basics. In the journey mode, I felt that the game was pushing me through the songs very quickly instead of letting me master them first. I found this quite difficult since the songs are very different from one another. A better option would be to allow for me to choose a song I like and guide me through playing it perfectly instead of at Rocksmith's satisfaction. In addition to this, the automatic difficulty adjustment can throw me off my rhythm when it increases speed and notes in a completely new section of the song. Otherwise, it a fairly impressive introduction to what I hope is a long running series. I hope future editions are more beginner friendly without taking away from experienced players. Pros: - ability to take lessons learned away from the console - soundtrack - mini-games Cons: - no manual control of difficulty - journey pushes the beginner through many songs too fast - freezing issues with PS3. Common problems in forums. No correction/response by Ubisoft. - load times and frequent tuning can test the gamer's patience If you can get past these problems then you will love the game!