Reviews for Borderlands 2


Good, but not great

asm316 | Aug. 12, 2013 | See all asm316's reviews »

To be honest i never understood the hype surrounding this game, by no means is it a bad game though. My experience may differ as i mostly played this by myself, none the less gameplay wise this game is good. There is more items than i can count to customize your character including armour, grenades and perks. The weapon system is fantastic as all guns very and all have unique abilities. Howver in order to get items, you must kill enemies where they will drop items, or by "looting" all objects e.g. trash cans, storages and boxes. While this is addictive this is also a problem as towards the end of the game i got tired of searching and if you do not search/loot, it feels like your missing out. Graphics wise it is ok...its not bad but i think the cell-shaded cartoony graphics do not look great in any game. This game is no Crysis so it allows it to run on pretty much any machine. It does fit the games 'theme' though of being laid back and tries to be funny as people you meet are over the top and exaggerated. Overall this game is good..but sadly i found the looting system tedious after awhile which is its downfall. In the next game they should figure out a more fun way to loot to keep players entertained.


The first one was excellent - This is even better!

britishlad | May 30, 2013 | See all britishlad's reviews »

The first Borderlands was an excellent game and the sequel is even better! Borderlands 2 is very entertaining if with or without friends. It's humor and voice acting can cause you to believe anything. From taking pictures to inspire a "to die for" poem to solving murder cases, you'll have no problem laughing at the sick and twisted humor Borderlands brings. Now to fully enjoy Borderlands I'd advise you to play with friends. That could be on the couch with one or online with 3. Playing with others ramps up the difficulty of the enemies so it won't feel like your cheating. Borderlands also will increase the rarity of the loot found and dropped when playing with friends. After beating the game you are given the choice to start the game over with your character starting with all the items and experience you had before. This is an amazing way of keeping you from being bored, and I can almost guarantee you that you'll laugh at the same jokes even the second time. Borderlands also features a system properly called the Badass Rank. Completing small objectives can level you up. After you level up you are awarded a Badass Token. You use this token to permanently upgrade various things such as gun damage, grenade damage, fire rate, and other things. If you feel cheap playing with permanent boosts, you are given the choice to disable this. My only problem with Borderlands is sometimes guns do get repetitive and sometimes you gets guns that are very underpowered and though the game has an upgraded physics compared to the original Borderlands, sometimes I think that it still needs some tweaking. If you don't mind laughing uncontrollably with some good friends once in a while then I'm sure you would love to play Borderlands 2. Highly recommended