Reviews for Guild Wars 2



Simzy | Aug. 25, 2013 | See all Simzy's reviews »

I have been playing this since the first beta weekend, before that i played the original Guild Wars series and havent been disappointed by Arenanet, their latest living world update has been seriously fun to do and they are always looking out for the players, some people say there isnt much end game content but its all down to the player, there is so much you can explore and do that even a year later im still enjoying the game.


A Must Play!

gamerroverr | Aug. 17, 2013 | See all gamerroverr's reviews »

Before now, I have never really been a player of MMO games. I usually find them complex, tedious and overwhelming due to their 'In at the deep end' nature. However when playing Guild Wars 2 for the first time, I felt the complete opposite. Unlike usual MMOs where character stats matter more than anything, this game feels more skill based and natural. It was without doubt the best MMO on the market as of right now for casual players due to its easy to grasp nature. Most of the game's features are explained and demoed through instances in the game's main story quest, making them easy for the player to understand. On top of this, the game is built so that anyone can play. Despite being an MMO, it is easy for players to play through the game as though it was a single player RPG, as content is naturally scaled to a higher difficulty depending upon the size of the party which the player is in. Also, content also scales to the level of your character, meaning that missions will not become obsolete and stupidly easy should you find yourself surpassing the recommended level, before completing the content. This means that the game plays out much more like a single player RPG in terms of mechanics, compared to other games of the sort on the market. Also, the game features structured and World Vs World PvP. Structures PvP is great because you always play with people of a similar skill level, which means that you are never pitted against elite players who you will struggle to put up a fight against. Also, in World Vs World PvP, thousands of players compete in a team representing their server to build forts, capture enemy forts and rule the battleground. The gameplay is dynamic and challenging, which makes it great for players of all levels and gives it massive end game playability. Graphically, this game is stunning. The world is vibrant and graphically outstanding it the MMO genre, with only TERA being a worth opponent in terms of aesthetics. My only possible complaint is the server capacities. The areas feel very quiet as of late in all non level 80 areas. For this reason it is sometimes hard to feel like you have a group to play with. However this is easily solved by joining one of the many thousands of guilds in the game. Each of which makes the game a more fun and social experience.


Pretty great

Edlennion | Aug. 9, 2013 | See all Edlennion's reviews »

It is innovative for an MMO, but it's much more evolution than revolution. Gameplay still feels like an MMO, but with sensible, user-freindly tweaks. Tying skills to weapons is also a brilliant idea. The best thing is that there's an upfront price and no subscription, so you don't feel like the game is trying to waste time to drag out the fun. Also, as it's not F2P, there's less grind (that in other games would help persuade you to pay to skip it).


Fun for your first playthrough

captainstark | June 9, 2013 | See all captainstark's reviews »

The game has beautiful graphics and the gameplay and lore is fun the first time you playthrough the game, the PVP is fun for a while before it gets repetitive. There is not mich end game content.


A must play, seriously!

becky_matthew | Aug. 28, 2012 | See all becky_matthew's reviews »

I've always been into mmos but this game has seriously revolutionized the genre. GMG do it for the cheapest price i've seen at this moment in time so you should grab it whilst you can!