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2012 GOTY

cavalcade | Dec. 13, 2012 | See all cavalcade's reviews »

Right. You've got this far. Sit there. Listen to me a moment. You're perhaps here by mistake. You think this is your standard off-the-shelf dudebro 3rd person shooter, right? Maybe you even played the demo and didn't think much of it. OK, but you're here now. You need to listen to what I'm going to say next because it's very important. THIS GAME IS THE BEST GAME OF 2012, AND ONE OF A HANDFUL OF TRULY MUST-PLAY TITLES RELEASED THIS YEAR. OK. Now let that absorb a moment. I can't tell you why, because you need to play this game blind. No spoilers, Youtube videos, hints, tips anything. I want you to play this game from start to end (it's about 5 hours long) and prepare to be absolutely blown away. Take a chance. Buy it, play it, and then come back and thank me by writing a review here saying ow bloody amazing it is. Also, once you've finished I want you to go online and read up on the stuff you missed. Because you will miss stuff. Clever stuff that will make you squeal like an overexcited baby seal in delight. Someone wrote a 50,000 word book on this game (not a joke) and I can quite see why. But you must play this. I don't care if you trust me or not. You just need to listen to me. Play this game. And once you've played it (like everyone who does play it to the end) make sure you get your friends to play it too. It's stunning. Really.