Reviews for Hearts of Iron II


A very instructional game

Mikagee | Jan. 19, 2013 | See all Mikagee's reviews »

This game may look very hard and manageable to play, but when you get a hand on it and start playing this game is a blast. This is a straight up strategy game with many people online still playing it. The music of the game fits right into the game and makes the atmosphere more dense as though the next move can cost your armies lives. The game is very realistic as you can manage fleets of ships, hundreds of warplanes and endless amount of men to fight for your country. Later on in the game the AI can be plain annoying as the game progressively gets harder and harder.


Almost a simulator of whole ww2

KingTigerLT | Nov. 7, 2011 | See all KingTigerLT's reviews »

I have been playing this game for 5 years. A wide range of decisions, that could be made during the game are really stunning, so every time you play even for the same country it still is interesting and involving, because those reasons the game never gets bored. Furthermore it is very important to mention that the HOI community is very active in creating different mod’s for this game. There are few whom aim are for example balance for multiplayer, historical accuracy or just changing graphics or just some game features. All those mod’s gives feeling like you can play totally different games on the same engine. I truly recommend this game for those who loves ww2 strategies or are very interested in ww2 history, because this game is very historically accurate so every time you play you have a chance to play the whole ww2 historical or ahistorical way on this wide scale map. But on the other hand this game has a lot of bugs is quite slow for multiplayer gaming and lacks balance in some features, but most mod’s fix those problems, making HOI my favorite game.


As hard as plain

fearon | April 7, 2011 | See all fearon's reviews »

Hearts of Iron II is one of the most intuicional games from Paradox. With plain interface goes a lot of fun and high strategy level. Like a typical Paradox game, HoI2 has giant campaings, including years before and after second World War. You can find also lots of scenarios, so you can play small games, that can easily relax in a brake from the complicated plans of domination. Summarazing - Hearts of Iron II is the best choice, if you want to test your strategy skills and have a lot of fun with it.