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Good but not great

britishlad | July 3, 2013 | See all britishlad's reviews »

Nba 2k continues to put out quality games. This is no exception. The problem is that when you put out a new game every year it gets difficult to improve on certain aspects. While putting jay-z on was definitely a way to sell more units, gameplay is the foundation on which real gamers weigh whether a game is truly an improvement. The right stick seems rather cluttered now. This means theres so much going on with it many times you dont know what move you'll pull off. Also defense is virtually impossible. You'll notice that players with the ball on fast breaks are typically way faster than the defender. These are two glaring issues I have found. Hopefully a patch can correct certain aspects of these pitfalls. Outside of these issues the game is decent but because of these issues it feels somewhat arcardish and lacks realism - If you can get past these issues then you will enjoy this game