Reviews for Inversion (NA)


A flawed game with a premise that could've beem great.

Shaheed_Jamal | Jan. 28, 2014 | See all Shaheed_Jamal's reviews »

I see glimpses of a great game here. But with the inclusion of a laughable story and a dull AI component, the game is destined for the bargain bin. Graphics: The graphics are okay for the most part, but it's obvious that it could have been better. The art design feels atrocious, despite the colour palette that should suggest otherwise. The Ui looks terrible and it feels badly ported on the PC. 7/10 Sound: The sound is the worst part of the game. The voice acting is wonky and the story is laughable. It's clearly a Gears of war clone minus the passable story, 1/10 Gameplay: It play like a GoW game. It also has a gravity mechanic which makes things interesting. 6/10 Lifespan: You will not want to play this game again, once you've finished it. It just doesn't hold up. 2/10


An amazing shooter game with gravity playing

MisterRay97 | Nov. 22, 2013 | See all MisterRay97's reviews »

Inversion is an amazing third-person shooter video game on the PC with a decent storyline. The game has a well written story, in my opinion. I felt the story a bit short, though. The game has really good graphics. The gameplay is fantastic. From destructive environment to the amazing gravity immersive elements, the gameplay elements, in my opinion, make it a really well made game that you can get. The multiplayer is interesting, not that interesting, but I like it. The game has a good storyline which immerses you as the character of David Russel and his partner, Leo. The varied enemies and the well made AI make it a really good game to kill time. There are various types of enemies you deal with, which does not make the game feel repetitive at all. The good gravity powers that you have are very interesting; you can blow up heavy blockage or throw your enemy onto another enemy using them. Amazingly, you can also engage shooting in air due to the unique usage of gravitational force in the game at many points in the single-player campaign. You'll really enjoy killing brutes, throwing bad guys into the air and getting together with your partner to defeat the boss. The game can be quite challenging at a few points, but it's wonderful. I really liked this game, one of the best games I've played since a long time. With it's destructive environments, amazing storyline and ground-breaking gameplay with good usage of gravity powers, Inversion is a well made and underrated game that will keep you remembering the beautiful experience for a long time to come.


fun fun FUN

Oblaque | July 3, 2013 | See all Oblaque's reviews »

Please do not go by the bad reviews that this game has gotten from all the media. They completely missed the point. It is absolute fun and the survival mode adds a lot of re-playability to this already great game. The only gripe I have is that there are not that many people playing this game online so you'll have to get some family and friends to play with. Overall I give this game a 85/100. Just pure fun and that is what games are meant to be.


Generic shooter

lok0812 | July 3, 2013 | See all lok0812's reviews »

The graphics look good and the gameplay can be fun at times but there are a few enemies here that can frustrate you and at times swarm you.One good thing about the game is the difficulty, some of the bosses later in the game will definitely require some skill to get through. In addition, ammo are scarce in the game so you might find yourselves out of ammo to continues. The gravity effects are great you get to float in some areas and stand on the side of a building or upside down. This is one of those generic shooters with the power to control gravity, should give it a try.


Wonderful concept but regurgitated gameplay

spycid | June 20, 2013 | See all spycid's reviews »

Inversion has a wonderful concept but the gameplay is same as Gears of War or Mass Effect. Despite having a brilliant and fresh concept, it failed to execute it properly due to poor gameplay. Story isn't bad either. The game is definitely worth a try for all cover based Third Person Shooter lovers


An underrated game

kalil | June 14, 2013 | See all kalil's reviews »

For my taste Inversion is a game that deserves to be highlighted and a sequel, a story not as intended but enough interesting gameplay comfortable but could have been more fluid, however the game is quite long, and it can be difficult , innovate not only in the use of gravity to use objects and killing enemies, but also focuses on what history and ways of fighting the bosses, which are quite difficult in some cases and require the interaction of objects in the environment to kill our opponent and also a constant tour of the stage. The sound is average, not amazing but good. The AI ​​is quite good even at times it becomes very complicated. The variety of weapons are good, and very funny mutlijugador. Your partner, Leo, not make useless things or anything like that, ie not hinder, as in other games style. The graphics are visually pleasing but not leave you open-mouthed. What can be improved is the movement when you're on the severity that should be more fluid and perhaps get more out of those "powers". In short, Inversion is a great shooter action game will not be disappointed, do not hesitate and Miserable staff 3DJuegos note. Ahh I forgot also the enemies are not as numerous and repeated at the time of the game, a con but still great game and especially addictive.


Ignore the bad press.

bradrg2 | June 7, 2013 | See all bradrg2's reviews »

I really enjoyed this title. It sticks closely to gears of war, throwing in pockets of Zero gravity just to mix things up a bit, even if it is way under utilized. Seeing as how we don't have gears on the PC, it's great to be able to play this. The biggest flaw with this game is that they throw waaaay to few bad guys at you. So you enter a room and may have two, sometimes three guys to kill and then you have to move on. With all the cut sequences it just breaks the momentum somewhat, so you never feel like you're ever in this grand scale war. If they brought out a patch that throws ten, fifteen, twenty guys at you in each room, I would give this another 20 points. Still it's good fun.


Very intriguing concept but does nothing to distinguish itself

Scorpy | Jan. 30, 2013 | See all Scorpy's reviews »

Inversion reminded me a lot of 2012's Spec Ops: The Line. It's an incredibly generic shooter with a slight twist. However, in Spec Ops, the twist made going through the generic shooting parts all worthwhile. All Inversion has to promise is its innovation, which is where the game falters. Its entire premise of 'inversion' isn't exactly as awe-inspiring or intriguing as the game leads you to believe. All qualms aside, Inversion is a pretty decent, if not painfully average cover-based shooter. You might not want to shell out $40 for this sucker and wait until it drops well under $20, because you've probably played this game before, and you've probably paid for it before as well.


Good game

Lekes | Jan. 9, 2013 | See all Lekes's reviews »

The press has been too rough on this game. If you enjoy the genre and give Inversion a chance, it will offer an entertaining experience. The setting is interesting, while the zero-g sections and vector shifts are fun and implemented well. Visually, Saber Interactive created a desolate world that suits the storyline and draws you in. I enjoyed using the Gravlink to manipulate objects and eliminate foes. However, the sound effects could have been better and most of the enemies are more comical than intimidating. Inversion has its flaws, but anyone who is fond of third person shooters should be relatively satisfied and I recommend trying it.


A Solid Cover Based Shooter. Nothing new but Worth Checking out

fable2 | Aug. 7, 2012 | See all fable2's reviews »

This game could have been better, there's lots of potential there for it to be better and there's a lot they could have done with it, but overall it cynically copies the formula of other Cover based Shooters and comes off as a fairly generic. The reaction to this game hasn't exactly been fair or balanced, instead of judging the game for what it is, a solid if generic cover based shooter like Gears of War, this game has been judged for what it isn't, innovative. Judging it as a cover based shooter, it provides a solid experience, the story is actually decent even though the acting is at times a little hammy, and the multiplayer is at least fun and rewarding. King of Gravity is intentionally imbalanced and fun, other multiplayer match modes are standard and exactly what you would expect from a cover based shooter. Covering the story, I won't spoil the twist but it explains how and why your planet is being invaded, and ties everything together fairly nicely. It isn't that strange a twist as far as sci-fi games go, this is after all an alternate universe, an alternate earth, judging it by how absurd it would be given our real world space program is missing the point. Is this game worth buying? That's debatable, it actually is a solid game with fun multiplayer and the price is likely to go down, at the very least this is definitely worth a rental. If you have nothing else to play, check it out.


Mediocre in every way, except controls.

WormholeWizard | July 29, 2012 | See all WormholeWizard's reviews »

I would give it a 50 if it weren't for the hard coded keybinds and useless control customization (from my experience). Everything else about this game is very generic and forgettable. The gravity mechanics are interesting for about 15 seconds when they are first introduced, but that's about it. E for aiming down sight? Seriously? A lesson in game development: without intuitive controls the rest of your game is irrelevant.


Great Game

Vunk | July 28, 2012 | See all Vunk's reviews »

It's a great under-rated game, it has very good performance, great graphics, fantastic gameplay and controls, history is good, and it has campaign coop ;D And it's cheap!! I say buy it, it's really a great game.