Reviews for Deponia [Legacy]


A modern day Lucas Art's adventure!

alphalegion | Feb. 2, 2013 | See all alphalegion's reviews »

Remember the old Lucas Art’s adventures, such as the monkey island series? - Well, if you liked those, you’ll love Deponia. Rufus is the modern day Guybrush Threepwood, with his bogus attitude, and hysterical one liners, it’s hard not to love this guy. It’s a typical romance story, of a girl that’s too good for our little hero, and he’s out to make her love him. The animations and art style in this game is truly brilliant, and is reminiscent of the old-school point-and-click adventure games. It’s an absolutely wonderful story, and I think my only complaints would be that it wasn’t clear to me that it was a multi-part series of games, and I was a little stumped at the end, when there was unanswered questions and plot holes, that would need to be filled in the next game, and also the fact the a few puzzles (not many though) are actually unable to be completed if not done in the correct order. I may be wrong, but when this happened, it seemed almost impossible. Needless to say though, this is a very good, and thrilling narrative driven, point-and-click adventure game, with old-school style and humour, with a modern take. Absolutely brilliant!


Great Game

edgeof101 | Jan. 30, 2013 | See all edgeof101's reviews »

Deponia is set in a beautifully Hand drawn Steampunk world Like many other Point-´n-Clickers theres bunch of puzzles and hilarious moments if your new aswell as a veteran at this genre, it wont disapoint at all Story: your a guy "RUFUS" who hates his home planet and want to doEVERYTHING to leave Deponia, For the Rich planet Elysium. Only problem is, Rufus isnt blessed with Luck, OR is he? as he meets a girl who could be "The One" so now, A Choice(s) have to be made. This is how I rate the categories: 1 to 10 Art-work: 10* (Cool Art Style, Smooth, Easy on the eyes) Story: 8* (Like a Flawless, Short-Novel) Voice Acting: 9* (Sounds Perfect, Not like they are reading or Forced) Difficulty: 8* (Mix of Normal and Hard, Can still Get Stuck) Length: 7* (Aprox: 6-8 Hours Total GAME-Time, First run) Enjoyment: 7* (Very funny once you figured out what you need) Music: 7* (A little Generic at times, Sounds good) Scenery: 8* (Steampunk, Nice environments that fits like a glove) Settings: 10* (Enough for these type of games, Voice Settings worth 3 points, Hehe) Overall: 10* (I really got what I payed for and it was better then I hoped it would ever be) Summery: 85!


Funny point and click

Jorgel | Jan. 29, 2013 | See all Jorgel's reviews »

I admit that I am not a genuine adventure game player, but Deponia attracted me by it's graphics and thematic. Gladly I was not disappointed. The two things that I was looking for didn't let me down. The cartooned graphics are beautiful and nice to see, bringing charismatic and appealing characters and locations. The theme, making a tribute to Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett parody worlds, is developed by a funny and interesting history with unexpected and a little mind blowing situations, along with good puzzle. Fans of adventures games may find Deponia a little boring or not innovative, but for casual games it is a very good game.


The game that returned me to point and click games

Stebsis | Jan. 25, 2013 | See all Stebsis's reviews »

I hadn't played point and click games in a loooong time before Deponia. I desided to give it a shot, and it payed off. Deponia is one of the best adventure games ever made and really funny too. You play as Rufus, egoistical jerk who lives on a garbage planet called Deponia, and wants to go to this place high above in the sky Elysium. Rufus always has some stupid plan to get to Elysium and of course he fails. On one of his "trips" to Elysium he comes across an Elysian pixie, Goal, the main heroine, who he tries to save and return to Elysium with. Story isn't anything that interesting except way in the end where it stops really suddenly. This is your standard point and click game, nothing really new to the tried and true formula. Graphical style is superb, the (I presume)hand painted backgrounds really bring the world of Deponia alive, everything is so detailed and beautiful. Humour is one of the best ever, Rufus is a bit sarcastic and I like sarcastical humour. Puzzles are pretty challenging at some points, but they're never frustrating. You just need to think, the puzzles are really logical... for the most part but never unfair. The ending is the only reason I can't give this game full 100, it just ends way too soon just as things start to get interesting, but gladly the sequel fixed that. A must own for p&c fans.


Great characters

Lekes | Jan. 4, 2013 | See all Lekes's reviews »

Well, that was hilarious. Incredible artwork and great characters. The puzzles make no sense at times but that only made them funnier, the bit with the post office cats (cats operating the postage system, you what?) and the bubble wrap was especially hilarious. The main character was interesting enough, the biggest egoist around but strangely likable and with the best stupid grin ever. Only downsides for me were a couple of strange bugs and a massive memory leak (experienced the same with Chains of Satinav) along with the music that felt a little generic, but that all wasn't very bothersome. I really hope to see a sequel as the ending was a little inconclusive. Great game, really enjoyed it.



Cavalieroscuro | Dec. 21, 2012 | See all Cavalieroscuro's reviews »

The first episode of Deponia is very good. Rufus is a nice character, the cutscene cartoon-style are insanely good and the game is very funny. It is "only" six hours long, but for an episodic series itìs not bad. Puzzles are all logic-based and there are a tons of reference.


The Point and Click Game That Gave Me Arthritis

WalrusKing171 | Aug. 23, 2012 | See all WalrusKing171's reviews »

This is a fun and quirky game. The setting takes place in a great steampunky trashland. The characters are written with great dialogues. I was drinking chocolate milk while playing and almost peed myself with laughter. The puzzles are challenging and interesting. Sometimes difficult to solve because I am awful at putting 2 and 2 together. You should buy this game if you like puzzles, laughs, and Arthritis.


Deponia looks great and created with lots of love

fable2 | Aug. 19, 2012 | See all fable2's reviews »

I am an adventure gamer, and always have been. A great point-n-click adventure is like a great novel -- can't wait to pick it up, hate to put it down. I wanted Deponia to be like that, but it wasn't quite for me. I think other folks may like this game, but it wasn't quite my cup of tea. Deponia is a straight, classic-style point and click adventure. The puzzles, character interaction, and overall look and feel are very traditional. That's not a bad thing -- there have been (and will continue to be) great games that follow the formula. Where it falls short for me is the writing -- the dialog and puzzles fell flat. Everything else is very well done, from the artwork to the music. (The voice overs can be cheesy, but that's also somewhat normal for this genre.) Without clever puzzling, clever dialog, or an interesting plot, there's just not enough there to keep me playing. But, these games are also like books in that what doesn't float my boat might be great for someone else -- it's all a matter of personal taste. The good: + Great looking, artful, colorful hand-drawn visuals! + Very good cinematic musical score. + Good length. + Solid game design -- interactions with objects and people is very fluid and easy, no major bugs or annoyances The not-so-good: - The audio quality of the voice overs was poor -- the sound was scratchy and low-bitrate - The pronunciations of the English translation can be a little weird (minor issue) - Bland puzzling -- I ripped through this game pretty quickly from a puzzle perspective - Bland dialog -- The humor felt very flat for me.


Surprisingly Good

mohawkg2 | Aug. 13, 2012 | See all mohawkg2's reviews »

Going into this, I didn't feel as if I would enjoy playing this game... but it was much MUCH better than I expected. I enjoyed it, and I think its worth the money


Grade A adventure game!

rstokes | Aug. 11, 2012 | See all rstokes's reviews »

Normally I detest adventure games but this German gem has made a believer out of me. Great mix of old school game play and hilarious over the top humor make for an amazing time. Truly worth the price tag



Zinzun | Aug. 10, 2012 | See all Zinzun's reviews »

If you love the adventure games,especially Secret of Monkey Island,you must buy Deponia.From Daedalic Entertainment (The Whispered World),the game is essentially a comedy,thanks to the main character,Rufus,and his gag.But the game suffers several problem:the first act is really slow,and sometimes make you desire to quit the game.Some puzzles,also,are very confusing,and you will use the technique "Use all items with all the background elements"; animations, at the end, are really poor. By the way,Deponia is a good game,and if you loved LucasGames,you should give it a try.


2012 Adventure hit!

rambell | Aug. 10, 2012 | See all rambell's reviews »

If I hasn't kept up with the new releases, I would so have missed this. On first look, the art style is gorgeous. No other words for it. The storyline is great too and it is hilarious indeed. Good for when you need a dose of humor. This game has it in spades. Also, don't forget to check out the devs other games like Edna & Harvey. It's another gem under your nose.


Awesome adventury fun.

jeyko | Aug. 8, 2012 | See all jeyko's reviews »

One of the best adventure games I have ever played. The graphics are gorgeus. The dialogue is hilarious. The puzzles are LucasArts-style of awesome and satisfying. The translation is a little bad in some parts, but understandable. Get it - it's amazing.



ruready12 | Aug. 7, 2012 | See all ruready12's reviews »

This game is, for a lack of better words, amazing. The designs for the levels and challenges and the art is fantastic and in full HD. The system requirements are fairly low so even old computers can enjoy this wonderful game. The story is long and suspensful and overall this game is a perfect example of an comedic action platformer. Buy this game.


Very well done!

DrHouse | Aug. 7, 2012 | See all DrHouse's reviews »

Seriously, it's very good. It's somewhat alike the Runaway serios or like Hollywood Monsters (1 or 2). It has a lot of humor, great dialogs, very good hand-made graphic style (in HD), and a good audio and soundtrack. The storyline is good too, somewhat below the said Runaway games orThe Longest Journey or Lucas Art's adventures, but still very good. If you love aventure games this game is for you. And if you don't then it's for you too, because it's very good indeed.


Another loveable point and click adventure from Daedalic

Cynaris | Aug. 7, 2012 | See all Cynaris's reviews »

From the makers of A New Beginning, and The Whispered World, comes another game with a great heart. While the game world is made from literally junk, the game hardly is. It's an interesting and somewhat wierd love story with plenty twists and turns, and ridiculous puzzle solutions as you can expect. You'll rarely find any real logic behind them, and they still feel satisfying when you nail them. The art is gorgeous, hand drawn graphics with tons of detail, and the music builds well on that. You love these sorts of games, it's worth the time.