Reviews for Kings Bounty: The Legend


Classic and modern at the same time

V2lentin | Oct. 26, 2012 | See all V2lentin's reviews »

King's Bounty: The Legend was probably one of the best games of 2008, if not the best. I haven't played the older HoMM and KB games, but I will review this game from the perspective of a gamer at the first contact with the genre. The Legend is a mix of RPG and TBS that really manages to impress. Even though the fights are turn-based, roaming on the world map is made in real time, allowing the player to evade the fights that are too hard for the moment. The story revolves around a demon invasion on the land of humans, Endoria. You play the royal treasure seeker, tasked with finding the king's daugther and stopping the evil forces. Throughout the journey, you can get married, each wife coming with different helpful bonuses, and you can even have babies. The hero can equip items that will give bonuses to various abilities, like in any RPG. What sets KB apart from other games like it, is the fact that, in order to get new troops, you'll have to buy them from friendly castles and taverns instead of creating buildings to produce the troops. The graphics of the game are very beautiful, with amazingly rich detail and bright, vivid colours that give it an almost childish look. The sounds are alos pretty well done, with a fitting soundtrack and very carefully selected sound effects: clashing swords or the howling wolves. There are no vices in the game and all the text is written, but that's not a very big drawback, at least to me. To every fan of the genre, King's Bounty The Legend is a game that shouldn't be missed.


Best Turn Based Strategy since Heroes III

Cynaris | July 13, 2012 | See all Cynaris's reviews »

Which might sound surprising, since the original King's Bounty was the predecessor to the Heroes of Might and Magic series. While the fundamentals are very much alike however, King's Bounty has it's twists to the formula. For one, you aren't controlling a town, you aren't building anything, you have friendly little castles, with different type of troops, that provides you with a limited amount of units for your disposal. Managing said units, setting up an efficient army is core to this game, otherwise you'll be beaten over and over. King's Bounty: The Legend is hard, but rewarding. It's story might not be epic, but has it's charm, and the visuals are pretty and easy on the eyes. The game is lots of fun, and lasts a good 60 hours minimum. Only problem with the game? it doesn't support 16:9 aspect ratio.


Entertaining but Very Hard

ROKET | June 30, 2012 | See all ROKET's reviews »

I sucked at this game but loved it too. The game was very visually pleasing and a joy to explore. I loved discovering hidden loot, revealing the dark corners of the map and fighting my way to the next areas on the awesome hex turn based boards. My only problem with the game, however, was actually performance. It wouldnt run on Windows 7 and always gave me a hard time. Other than that, however, the game was great fun if not terribly challenging. There were times where I wondered how the hell I would get anywhere with the trashy army I had amassed. Overall if you are a fan of turn based rpgs - start here and move on down the series. I love the real time exploration and found the combat very satisfying when I wasnt getting smacked around.


While you wait for Heores VI

faraany3k | Aug. 18, 2011 | See all faraany3k's reviews »

Obviously the inspiration here is Heores of Might and Magic. Game's core gameplay borrows heavily from its well known big brother. But this fact by no means suggest that King Bounty is a cheap copy. Infact production values, graphics and sound design is in most cases are at par with Heroes. The game is a turn based strategy game where we move on the map in turns and then do our actions. During the course of single player camping known as Adventure mode we play as a part of fantasy hero who from humble beginnings become more powerful by acquiring lots of forces and magical abilities. Gameplay is divided into two parts. Firstly is the campaign map , where we journey in search for quests and objectives. The other portion is the more exciting one, where our forces are represented on a chess like battlefield. We move in a turn based fashion and the one with better forces and tactics win this chess like game. Many factors involve which determine win or a defeat. Mastering all these mechanics are a lot of fun and give a huge longevity to this wonderful game.I must point out that due to the nature of genre game might only interest players which have a history of turn based games like Heroes or Civilization Series. But if you like the genre, you will not be disappointed by this wonderful game.


Like Heroes with a twist, not better nor worse, great game

Woundead | Aug. 7, 2011 | See all Woundead's reviews »

This is a great game and a strategic one that is one of the most challenging I have played in recent times. I have played a lot of HoMM(Heroes of Might and Magic) and this game is very much alike. In short; "Keep your troops alive in fights, level up to be stronger and be able to use/train for troops" The major diffrences is that the map view is real time, and you can run past enemies some times to grab the treasure when they patrol and even lure them away to hunt you. Other difference is that you have no castle(there are castle though where you can visit and deposit troops) to build buildings and no restrictions what troops to use. Most troops you buy in 'dwellings' and this is radom generated when you start a new game. Highly recommended game if you like HoMM and/or a challange. (Personally 128 Hours played according to Steam)


Kings Bounty: The Legend, wonderful graphics and sounds

klaros | Aug. 2, 2011 | See all klaros's reviews »

Kings Bounty: The Legend has a wonderful graphic, good effects and really nice sounds, lots to explore, and a lot of options: you can both get equipment, quest objects, usable objects, have a wife and daugthers and sons (which will improve your stats like other objects), find 3 king crystals for improving 3 kind abilities (mind, might and agility) and you'll get a sort of pandora box that will add to you abilities and quests. So why only 75 as score if it is a wonderful game? For battles. The main part of the game is a bit repetetive: the magic you can cast are pretty much the same, most of them aren't worth to be casted due the poor effect on the enemy. Infact it is much better kill many troops you can before the starts the melee. This means you'll use similar magics and the gameplay will be always the same. I'll do a little paragon with Heroes of Might and Magic IV, which I consider the best HMM game (for the stories and graphics, in my opinion HMM V have both poor enough: too many polygons and poor textures, an uninteresting story) and KBTL. Mean while KBTL hardly beats HMM on graphics and on the customizable main character, it loses in strategic battles and lacks the economic management. In HMM you for example could hide your troops that you wanted preserve from a ranged attack, your heroes could fight in battles and have a great part there but more than anything the magic you casted were useful, you can change strategy from a race to another one, and they were all balanced. Last but not least HMM IV had great little stories, while KBTL let just you going around with just some main quest which don't engross you. If you want to see a beautiful graphics and a lot options, with some little nice quests you should buy it, you should buy it also if you don't want to spend too much, infact it is well worth to buy under 10 EU. I suggest you to look some videos about next chapters in this series because seemed King Bounty paid attention to these problems and tried to fix them.


Entertaining and reminiscent of HoMM series

Zenphic | July 31, 2011 | See all Zenphic's reviews »

For anyone that has already played a Heroes of Might and Magic game, they will definitely be familiar with King's Bounty. Overall, both a games are similar in that they are turn-based (in King's bounty, the exception is that moving around in the world does not require you to make a turn). You start off by choosing one of three Heroes: a warrior class, a wizard class or a paladin class. One is focused on combat, on magic or both. This adds a bit of diversity to the gameplay. In terms of graphics, they are bright and very pleasing to the eyes. The game loads quickly and I didn't have any problem there. Nevertheless, I did feel that the game was quite monotone. Although the world was large and the side quests were many, the premise was always the same: run here, run there, defeat this, defeat that. This game is fun at first, but to me it became boring after a while.


Great turn based game

ravenholt | June 28, 2011 | See all ravenholt's reviews »

Well, turn based game always had their own fans, that not needed a reason to play. this game has a very good graphic, good sound, and of course, turn based gameplay. As one of my favorite genre, i recommend this game for you who like this genre too. There's no more word for it except : play it.


An excellent turn-based RPG game

pngohuy | June 27, 2011 | See all pngohuy's reviews »

I have never played Heroes game series before. This King's Bounty : Legend game has same gameplay like Heroes. I bought this game about 4 months ago and it has still fun until now. Graphic is fantastic, sound is good, control is so easy, lots of troops to try and find out which are the best ones for me. I am saving money to purchase King's Bounty : Armored princess and its expansion.


Should not be missed by any HoMM fan

Zniper | June 23, 2011 | See all Zniper's reviews »

Oh, HoMM... Before playing this game, I had this urge to play the whole series again - just in time for King's Bounty to be released! And I said: why not? After all, looks like a good clone of the classics. But... surprise! King's Bounty - The Legend isn't just a clone of any HoMM game. No. Ok, it borrowed some mechanics and ideas, but the producers did an amazing job merging all these ideas together. And what a result! With douzens of hours of possible playtime and lots of content, if you liked the HoMM franchise, you can not dislike this game. What are you waiting for? Go and play it!


Good remake a classic game

doctor4500 | June 21, 2011 | See all doctor4500's reviews »

Game is very very long..You can play it more than 100 hours!. Very pretty graphic,amazing soundtrack and brilliant gameplay. King's bounty:The Legend is clone HOMM series but in this game you are travelling on the map in real time and battles are conducted in rounds Game has few little bugs .must have for evey true player:)


Not like H2 but give it a try

Arthan | June 21, 2011 | See all Arthan's reviews »

This game offers us a new formula for one of the best games ever existed, Heroes of Might & Magic 2. It's not as good as H2, but the original saga has lost his path so if you liked the first titles of Heroes of Might & Magic saga buy Kings Bounty: The Legend, you are going to love it.


Best HoMaM clone ever?

Aladar | May 24, 2011 | See all Aladar's reviews »

Remember the days when you used to spend most of the time in front of PC, playing Heroes of Might and Magic? Remember being disappointed once the fourth installment came and went? Remember playing this game? If not, now is the time. This game is a brilliant mix between some classic real-time RPGs and turn-based strategies such as HoMaM series. And to justify iself, it also has quite a few ideas of it's own. Unlike most of the other Homam clones, this game is heavily quest-based, and de-facto freeform. You can go whenever you want, as long as it won't kill you. Another notable difference is recruitment of an army - you don't get every available unit in your castle, but in their own respective recruitment places - plus, each map has it's own units, so there is plenty of way for tacticising - will you leave your half-dead army behind and recruit local creatures, or will you go back to your home town to recruit loyal soldiers? But beware, the number of recruits is limited! There is really a lot to the game, and the only downside is the weak story and pretty bad dialogues. It's clear they weren't to be taken seriously, but they are still pretty bland and uninteresting.. other than that, amazing game!


Amazing HoMM's spin-off (Only one technical problem)

ZippaLip | May 15, 2011 | See all ZippaLip's reviews »

King's Bounty The Legend use the turn-based combat system (a clone of Heroes of Might & Magic saga) with the exploration of the map in real time. It is oriented to GDR style because you had to do some quests and you can choose different path or bonuses. The world is fantastic, the hero can explore it on horseback or by boat, there are many location, in fact you can enter mines, caves, towers and so on... whit many units (whit 2 or 3 upgrades), races or characters and special features. The graphic is so amazing and detailed, very fit for this game, you can have a 3d vision without losing details. The atmosphere is so beautiful, so humorous and funny. The game is not for everyone because is hard (but whit the latest patch now you can choose the difficulty). There's one problem: the game crashes in some system whit 64bit and some types of video card. There's no fix for it, this problem is not solved after 3 years of the release. So if you have a modern OS version and Nvidia video card you may NOT run the game well. Very frustrating!


Certainly a twist to the franchise

Ichiro | May 10, 2011 | See all Ichiro's reviews »

I, being an extremely avid HoMM fan (primarily IV), wanted to try this one out since V sucked. It is certainly much more simplified, but also much more complicated on several other parts of the gameplay. I enjoyed playing this for the hours it gave out, but its just a bit different from HoMM IV, so I might end up sticking to that. It's totally worth the price if you're buying it on sale. These days it hits rock-bottom prices of under $5, so you can score it quite easily. I bought this along with the other ones in the King's Bounty series, just for collection. I haven't even played the others yet, haha.


True HoMaM is back!

Muzicjohn | April 20, 2011 | See all Muzicjohn's reviews »

This is what HoMaM IV should be. This game have same adorable battle system from HoMaM III and adds more RPG mechanics and less economical/strategic, so it's great for me ;]. Graphics are colorful and pretty, sounds and music are pretty nice. There are 3 characters to chose and a lot of units to buy. If you are HoMaM fan, you have to play this one, and even if you're not - you should try it, because this is just solid, good game.


There is new king in town

nurz | April 13, 2011 | See all nurz's reviews »

Came out of nowhere but won the competition. There are not many games like King's Bounty but this is one of the best not only in rpg genre. Finishing main campaign took me almost 80 hours and left me wanting more. Addictive gameplay, great music & good visuals makes it a must-have for all strategy & rpg fans.


Almost as good as Heroes III

kmpt | April 10, 2011 | See all kmpt's reviews »

King’s Bounty is a turn-based adventure RPG game, that reminds me the greatest turn-based adventure Heroes of Might and Magic III. Maby it's not as good as Heroes III, but it's still one of the best turn-based games that I've ever played. I must admit that 'just one more turn' syndrome is present here. The game looks really good and works perfectly on my old PC. The worst thing about this game is a lack of multiplayer. I can recommend this game for everyone who enjoys turn-based RPGs.


New hero

fearon | April 7, 2011 | See all fearon's reviews »

Kings Bounty is a remake of classic game - inspiration for Heroes series. Whit such roots comes great responsibility, but creators of KB don't dissapoint. Even more - this game is simply better and more addictive than famous Heroes series. If you want a RPG with lot of tactical fights, you must choose Kings Bounty


Great adventure

mikim | April 4, 2011 | See all mikim's reviews »

I remember playing the demo of King's Bounty: The Legend for the first time. It amazed me so much that I instantly ordered the full version. The atmosphere of fairy tale is unlike any other in the amazing world of fantasy. Story is fit in the atmosphere so that it is good aswell. Graphics - they're more than average, but it's not Crysis 2. I have played this game for like 100 hours and I'm going to get the addon. I really recommend it - much fun for not much money.