Reviews for One Piece: Pirate Warriors


Good game but just for the fans

britishlad | Aug. 9, 2013 | See all britishlad's reviews »

I really like game however it's just like any other Dynasty warriors kind of game. Hundreds of enemies to take down in every zone/territory in each level with the freedom to choose which territory to attack next. This can get old quick because you can use the same move over and over and over etc. The trick is changing up how luffy and crew attacks the mops of enemies, that's the only way to keep the mid level battles interesting. But when it comes around to boss battles those can actually become a challenge later in the game for instance the fight Vs Buggy not that hard, but the fight Vs Lucchi a lil bit harder. Having the ability to play through each crew members part of the adventures is a fun alternate route of the game with each player having their own unique moves showing up on screen, Each player having their own specials that are used straight from the manga hit your screen is a highly addictive feature. The challenges' add a mix up of what ifs and make you think before jumping in to duke it out with many different bosses. So all in all this game is for those that are One piece fans, if you are then this is a must have, getting to use the crew and all the different boss battles they face is a lot of fun. And for the non One piece fans that happen to want to pick up the game I would recommend taking some time to read some of the manga or watch the anime to get a better understanding of the story line, and see how each other crew members develop on the journey. It's a great game for the fans but others may find the game a little tedious and very repetitive!