Reviews for Forza Horizon


Decent but not as good as other Forzas

wildster30 | June 9, 2013 | See all wildster30's reviews »

While there are parts of this that are very similar to the other Forza games, such as the actual racing itself, there are some aspects that I miss compared to the other games. For some reason they chose to remove the auction house from Horizon, so you can no longer sell or buy customized cars, instead there is the option to form a car club with your friends, where you can put your cars in there for all to use. While this feature is a nice variant, it sorta removes the need to make your own cars as good as they can be for races against your friends, as you can always just use a car someone else made for you. Overall it is still a good forza, and the free roam aspect is a great addition, just slightly disappointing when compared to other forza games.