Reviews for FIFA 13


If your looking for simulation, look elsewhere..

aitk3n | Aug. 18, 2013 | See all aitk3n's reviews »

It's well documented and covered that fifa sells millions upon millions of copies of fifa annually and i can understand why. This game is fun, arcadey, fast paced thrill. But what issue lays with fifa is that it is acradey and easy to pick up while that's a plus at the same time. It's good as mean's less time to learn the system but also it makes the game less authentic and challenging for it. The ability to quick fire passes without the ball or the player ever really responding in what a real life situation would happen. The game while is fun in bursts, if you already own 12, there's nothing to turn to 13.



ysk1985 | Aug. 3, 2013 | See all ysk1985's reviews »

If you've played FIFA2012 you'll know that it was completely different to 2011. The seasons are updated based on the current teams at the time. Well this is the same, that is to say that the teams are updated in this game. You manage your teams and you feel good when they win, the game is addictive. At the time of this review, 2014 is already out for prepurchase, but if you can get this game at a bargain price, you'll definitely get some enjoyment out of it.